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  1. I try to buy my equipment from my local camera store, but must confess that I have often used online purchasing. When I purhcased online, I trust both B&H and Helix Camera (albeit a little more expensive). In over 5 years, I have never had problems with either of these companies. Luigi
  2. ahhh ...yes ... digital Nikonos ... if only. I still shoot with my trusty Nikonos V and love it. But back to the story at hand. I am also antsy to upgrade from my D100 to something (ie: D80 or D200). The "weather proofing" sounds like a great idea - but thats 3 stories I've heard where the D100/D200s are flooded and Nikon replies with an "unrepairable" ... my story included. Last fall, I flooded my D100 housing. Nikon were able to repair my 17-35mm f/2.8 lens but the estimate for the D100 was "Uneconomical to Repair" (Nikon words!!!). Fortunately I had a backup D100 so my topside photo taking wasnt a total loss. But I wonder (outloud) whether the weather proofing on the D200 actually add any value to a flooded camera?. Anyone have stories where a flooded D100/D200 was repaired by Nikon? Luigi
  3. I've shot a number of wrecks in the great lakes over the past few years using the Ilford 3200 film and absolutely love the results. Like elbuzo said - the grain gives it a very moody picture. If you are not after that type of mood - I would try the Ilford Delta 400. Luigi
  4. Hi Andy I cant speak for the Dryzone Rover, but I have been using the Dryzone 200 for about 2 years now and really enjoy it for scuba trips. I also have several other Lowepro bags which I use for other occasions. Just recently, I took the Dryzone 200 to Truk with no complications. I had the thing stuffed with almost 50lbs of camera equipment and it worked like a charm. Good Luck with the Rover. Luigi
  5. Hi James The photos are awesome. Can you please provide details of the shoot (ie: strobes, camera setup, camera settings, etc). I assume that you were on scuba but the model was breadth holding ... am I right? I am very interested in doing something similar but its still in the planning phase. Thanks in Advance Luigi
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