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  1. Jeff, I really like your work! My 5D II and 100 Macro arrive tomorrow. Still figuring out the housing, ports, strobes etc. Will probably go with Ikelite housing and 160's. I'll be in Newport Beach over the Thanksgiving week this year, so would love some tips on S. Cal diving, never been. Best, Ransome
  2. Damien, I've never been to S. Cal for diving, but Monterey is not to be missed. Yes, it's cold, but a 7mil suit rental cost $15 for the weekend. For an experienced diver, I recommend Monastery Beach. The East entry point (closer to Monterey) had great rock formations and the bottom life is crammed into every inch of space. The rock falls off dramatically a short swim out, so it's easy to get deep if you want. The West entry is more open with a short swim to the sandy bottom in the center of the bay. I've had some of my best diving experiences at this location. It is only for experienced divers.
  3. Thanks Steve, I'm a Williams too, so we must be related. Yes, my dive shop doesn't have demo equipment out for DSLR's, so I hear what you are saying. They are dealers for both Ikelite and Sea & Sea. This is Diver Dan's in San Jose, who I've been dealing with for over 20 years, so they do have some credibility with me. If anyone is aware of a shop that has demo equipment in the Bay Area, I'm glad to make the trip. There were two things that steered the conversation to Ikelite. I said I was interested in Ikelite and the guy I spoke with at the dive shop shoots with Ikelite. He is an instructor and teaches underwater photography. He said "the configuration I'm putting together for you is exactly what I bought" (for his 30D). He also offered to bring his rig in and let me try it in their pool, so that is a good first step. I will do more searching, I promise. Best, Ransome
  4. Hello, I'm just beginning to explore my options to house my new 5D II for underwater photography. I've been diving since '75 and become a serious amateur digital photographer over the last six years. I've decided to marry my two hobbies to what I feel will become a true passion. (Please forgive the melodramatics, I turn 50 next month.) I'm starting to formulate my thought around the system I should buy. I'm asking a lot of questions, so don't feel like you have to answer them all, just the one's you want. Current lenses I own and will buy ports for, both Canon: 35 1.4 L and 100 2.8 macro. Wide angle suggestions: I would have purchased a Canon 15 2.8 fisheye but everyone is out of stock right now. Other thoughts for wide angle are welcome. Is anyone using the 14 2.8 L? Looks like a great lens, but out of my price range at the moment. I own a 16-35 2.8, but it's too big for the Ikelite system. The 17-40 4.0 is an option, but I like the DOF options that 2.8 gives you. My key objectives are: 1) higher keeper rate, 2) high quality image, 3) reasonable cost, 4) system reliability. 1. Housing brand: I am predisposed to Ikelite at this point: 1) right price range, 2) I like the idea of see through, 3) positive feedback from my dive store (they are a dealer). It seems from a reliability standpoint, this is a good choice. - What are your thoughts on Ike vs. the other brands, plastic vs. aluminum housing, glass vs. plastic ports? 2. Strobes (assuming an Ikelite decision): My current thinking is to purchase 2 DS 160s vs the high end 200. This newer model has 20% less power, but slightly faster recycle times, 30% more flashes per full charge, minimally less angle of coverage (which with two strobes shouldn't be a big deal) and LED modeling light vs. halogen. - Do you need to go with the Ikelite strobe to get TTL support? - Will two strobes help me meet my objectives over one? Is the weight balance of two over one really that big of a deal? - Anyone using the 160, feedback would be appreciated. 3. Arm supports: my dive shop is recommending the Ultralight brand for three main reasons: 1) flexibility in light positioning, 2) buoyancy arm parts for added buoyancy of the system, 3) support strength. Lot's to consider, so any input will be appreciated. Ransome
  5. I was told that if you want to rely on TTL, you have to go with the Ikelite strobe, is that true?
  6. Sorry I missed the first event. What time is the event this Thursday, April 9th?
  7. Thanks for sharing. My first couple of times here, looks like I'll be enjoying this site a lot.
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