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  1. Now that you speak about bright and yellow ...and going behind yellow gloves ..... my buddy was with his brand new shinny twin tanks ... that's a new prespective I had always thought seals bite yellow fins thinking they're fish ... it seems they come to swimmers for our gleaming skin ... good to know it
  2. Wear ND Jet Fins, they love play and bite them In Dublin bay, seal are very shy; don't like fast movements and noise fast boats In Dun Laoghaire swimmers, seals and scuba divers share the sea They normally avoid scuba divers but they come if you're swimming or doing skinny diving I've learnt about seals behaviour more from swimmers than scuba divers so it might be good idea ask to regular swimmers in the area If an area shared with swimmers, definitely, feeding seals isn't a great idea and if there's children around is .... incredible irresponsable! Anyway, from my experience they might go to you if you're doing snorkel or free diving. If you meet one during a dive ... slow down, pretend that you're ignoring it ... small seals like the Jet fins (I think because they looks like mum or dad fins) so, in your case, it might be a good idea that your buddy wears it and you don't ... even though the seal is behind the fins of your buddy it keeps an eye on you ... like small children when they know there're doing something wrong!! so keep the game of pretending that you're ignoring it I know it's sound complicate. It isn't and is a good fun Maria
  3. Great report! I'm really enjoy it!! But I felt a bit sorry for the bird. You’re very lucky that the bird were good hunter and caught your tank and no where it ends Maybe you've got the honor of a rule with your name. Anyway, I'm glad you're well and delight us with this post. It’s awesome the seeking food and fish robbery shoots.
  4. Hi there! This week was found over a beach in Sligo thousands of starfishes. They speak about a mini tsunami that pulled out them. starfish news Does anybody know something more about it? And does anybody know why there are so many starfishes in Ireland water? (population and different species) Who are they predators? Thanks! Maria
  5. I agree Leslie I love meet babies diving and watch them here
  6. Hi there! No wind!!! It's time of "Las Clamas" in Canary Islands. So shore dive will be very easy get in and out. Long 5mm, it's enough and without hood About centres, I'm sorry I'm from other island. But could help if you say where you'll be in Fuerteventura, Corralejo? Jandia? Hope you have fun with your family Cheers Maria
  7. Cpix, thanks a million for centres link and for told me that worth dive it It's a kind of dive that really need be done with a professional dive centre. I know ocean divers, a good PADI centre with a reliable rental gear. About join clubs … I think that I need to find out more about it… Anyway Aengus, thanks very much for your recommendation, you should keep very good memories of them PD I just back for a whole bankholiday diving at Donnegal.....Malinmore...amazing!
  8. Hi guys! I move to live to Dublin from The Canary Islands and as an addict diver that I am, I'm diving over here...and at last! finish to learn to compass dive navigation I'm planning to go down to dive around U-260 U-260 is a second world war submarine sank in Baltimore, Cork (Ireland) Somebody knows : When is it the best times of the year for diving in Baltimore or west Cork? Any recommendation about dive centres over there? Which dive sites do you think should been done? I hope do a couple of dive over there And if any of you has dived the U-260 at Baltimore, is it worthy of being dive? Thanks a million! Maria
  9. Thanks a million!!! Hope they could help me if I've troubles to do it on links (some of its I didn't know it ) And hope could do it watching a very blur and dirty snaps
  10. Hey there! I was wonder where could I ask about some unknown sea life (Ireland). I look around scientific section and looks very academic And newie section looks like just photo improvement queries So….any suggestion? Thanks! Maria
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