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  1. thank Alex, they will use fibre optics.
  2. Thank you guys, in Internet I found this http://www.menci.com/zscan/index.php?optio...7&Itemid=31. Also I talked to an electronic engineer who is also a diver and he offered me a infrared solution. He has to work on it. About subal hosuings, do these housings (d300s) have an external conection for 10 pin conection of remote control?
  3. Hello, I need to know if it's possible to shoot three or four cameras underwater at the same time. Is there a remote device to do this. What housings allow to do this? I have ikelite housings, but I'don't know if it's possible. Thanks
  4. I talked to ryan of reefphoto, and he said that at the beggining of november there will be a 100mm dome for tokina 10-17mm.
  5. Thanks Gudge, I have the sigma sigma 17-70 non HSM version, like you, is it possible to use this lens with subal 6" dome?. About the tokina I don't know what to do, I like the 6" dome.
  6. HI, I WANT TO BUY A SUBAL HOUSING FOR MY D300, AND I ASKED TO SUBAL IF IT'S POSSIBLE TO USE TOKINA 10-17MM BEHIND A 6" DOME AND THEY ANSWER THAT THEY RECOMMEND 8" DOMEPORT. I LIKE BOTH DOMEPORTS (I HAVE THEM IN IKELITE) BUT I PREFER 6". In subal they told me that they have not tested tokina 10-17 in 6" dome. Can you help me with this?? Is it possible to use Subal 6" with tokina 10-17?? and whta EXR do I need?? I dive in Chile with lot of current waters, and rocks, so this way i prefer 6" domeports.
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