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  1. Hi Ryan, I just bought a 100mm L IS len and going to buy a 1.4 TC (w/ 5D M2) for the trip in Indonesia in early April. Do you mean there is problem for such combination? I don't have the manual focus but plan to use the AF-on to disable the AF so that I may move forward and backward slightly to get focus if needed. Woudl it work? Thanks for advice. Carl
  2. Hi Drew, Thanks for your advice. Having read thro' the forum for the past few days, I decide not to include eTTL converter for my new 5DM2 housing as it seems not too reliable and not cheap. I also worry about the handling of the PCB fitting into the camera flash shoe. Anyway, I'll try to see whether I can manage with the manual control. Carl
  3. Hi, all I'm new to UW photo. I'd like to know whether Subal housing need a converter to work with the Inon Z240 to get the eTTL? If it does, which one is more reliable & accurate? Can I just use the manual control and skip the eTTL? Thanks for advice. Carl
  4. Though I don't fully understand what you have been discussing, I still learn something on how to better control the quality of the video. Can anyone suggest a compact and reasonable good video light for 5dm2 UW usage. Thanks a lot.
  5. Amazing. Having seen such great photos, I decide to spend my every pennies to buy a new DSLR housing for my 5dm2.
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