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  1. Selling my Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM APO Macro Lens (For Canon). Please note that this is the newer OS / Image Stablized version with the smooth finish. Excellent condition - no scratches, marks, or otherwise to glass or body. Sale includes lens, tripod mount (not shown in pictures), lens hoods for both FF and Crop cameras, carrying case and strap. I'm willing to trade for a Canon 100mm IS in same condition. Will only ship to North America. Price: $900 shipped via US to CONUS.
  2. Here's hoping that Aquatica (or possibly other manufacturer's, but since I use Aquatica.... ) will have an option to purchase a new backplate, instead of a whole new housing. I imagine that just the back plate will be $1000, but that'd be better than re-buying the entire housing to go from 5D2 to 5D3. Having said that, I'm not sure if the 5D3 will offer enough of an upgrade to be worthwhile. If they had updated the 1/200 sync speed, then it'd be a no brainer...
  3. Thanks. Absolutely. Just can't seem to find time these days. I'll be headed to the Solomons again this fall, but trying to get something/anything in before then!
  4. I've got some news about a new iPad app that I've been working on, and I'd like to post it somewhere here on the wetpixel community, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so without stepping on toes with a commercial post. It's of direct interest to people here (in fact, the idea for the app started while on a dive trip). How should I go about submitting a news article?
  5. Finally got everything working, and I have the same problem. I don't have a reference point of what it was doing before the 2.0.7 firmware, but I did find that to get proper exposure, I needed to set the exposure compensation on the HW converter board to +2.
  6. I will be in a few days when I get my housing back from Backscatter with new bulkheads. I'll report back here with what I find, although I've already upgraded to 2.0.7 myself. I'll be using Heinrich's OEM eTTL board, ordered just a month ago.
  7. This is the one that worked from me, from Reef Photo: ULCS AD-1420
  8. I always leave the neoprene on until I'm on my way down or on my way up. Except that the salt won't accumulate into "sandpaper" over time. Sure- you'll probably never get all the saltwater out of the neoprene with just rinsing, but you'll wash out the vast majority of the salt every time. Otherwise, putting on your your wetsuit would be horrific after several years... and when's the last time you saw any salt buildup on your wetsuit? An anecdotal story - I've been keeping saltwater reef tanks for more than 15 years now - mostly with acrylic tanks, and there's always the concern about scratching the acrylic. (Recent picture below of my current tank). In 15 years, I've never had any instances of salt causing scratches on acrylic. Sand and rocks, yes. Salt, no. Which leads me to believe that the hardness of salt is less than the hardness of acrylic. I'm not saying that it's not possible, but with as much as I deal with salt and acrylic, you would have think I'd have seen evidence of salt scratches by now... Either way, I think the risk of scratching by a boat operator or other divers is far greater than the possible salt buildup.
  9. FS: One barely used SeaTool Fisheye Port. SLDP-170WC Used on one dive trip (~30 dives). Glass is in perfect condition - no scratches or scuffs anywhere. Gear is fully operational. Extra O-ring included. $700 + shipping My parents own(ed) a SeaTool setup, and the housing was stolen by the airline handlers, so they're stuck with a couple odd parts. Feel free to contact me for questions, but I may need to relay the questions back to them if I can't answer them. Click for larger pictures: I also have two SeaTool zoom gears - one for Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm, and one for Canon 18-55mm kit lens: $50 ea + shipping I will ship internationally. Please contact me to arrange for shipping.
  10. Ouch - I didn't plan for weight requirements that low... Is that from the local carrier to Bali or the international airlines?
  11. Well, I'm stuck on land for the next 6 weeks with my shiny new Aquatica housing setup, so I thought I might as well figure out how I can best travel with it. I have Pelican 1514 with padding dividers that worked well for my previous housing, but my new setup seems to just be a little bit bigger, and adding an 8" dome port made the pelican almost worthless. After reading several threads about the dangers of pelican cases (being stolen or a target for theft if checked), I decided to check out ThinkTank's rolling bags. If I must check it, at least it won't look like a Pelican. The Airport International v2.0 fits in all international overhead compartments, the same as the Pelican. But it's much better made and has more room in the interior (and double the price tag). The ThinkTank is also 6lbs lighter (empty) than the pelican - not insignificant when you're trying to stay under 40lbs! As for the Think Tank bag itself- I can't speak highly enough about it - it's top notch quality. It looks smaller than the pelican, unless you place them side-by-side. It has three different TSA-compatible locks built into it (including one for the main zipper). I know everything mostly fit if I just threw it in there and hoped for the best. But the OCD in me always wins out, and I prefer to compartmentalize everything. So... I spent about two hours playing with velcro adapters. Here's what I was able to fit inside: Aquatica 5D2 housing 8" dome port + shade Flat port Port extension Two Inon strobes Fisheye FIX focus light + charger Two Arms + clamps Other accessories This covers my complete setup, from macro to wide angle, and everything except actual camera body and lenses. A couple of pictures (click for larger): (My other Inon strobe + arms hasn't arrive yet, so isn't in these pictures- it will sit on top of the existing Inon in the pictures). All equipment is snug, but in no danger of being crushed or broken. The dome port is in place with the protective shade, placed upside down, so that the shade rests on the bottom of the case. Port extension is attached and under the flat port. I decided to try fitting my camera gear in as well, and was astonished to get in the following as well: Canon 5D MkII body 15mm Sigma Fisheye Canon 17-40mm Canon 100mm L macro This takes a bit of work, and means that a couple non-critical items needs to be moved into check-in luggage (mainly, the second set of arms). The camera goes inside the housing for travel; not ideal (don't want the buttons pressing into the camera!), but I can't see where the camera would be damaged. I also had to wrap up a lens in a small towel and put it inside the flat port. I doubt I'll actually travel with the camera gear stuffed inside, but at least it's an option (particularly if I'm only allowed one carry on). I'll take some more pictures and do a final weighing (last I weighed it, it was 32 lbs) when I get all my new gear in. Hope this can help someone...
  12. Looking for an Inon Z-240 strobe. Type 3 or 4 preferred, but will take a type 2. PM me with any offers.
  13. Autofocusing while taking video isn't really feasible. You can, however, use the properties of the optics so that you have a large range in focus. For example, if you were to shoot video using a 5D MkII camera with a 17-40mm lens @ 17mm, you could use an aperture of f/8, and everything from 2.84 feet and further would be in focus. This means you could effectively focus before you start recording and almost everything would stay in focus. Depth of field calculator: http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html Also have a look at this article: http://www.backscatter.com/5D2
  14. James and Scubysnaps- Thanks for the replies - it looks like the 8" dome is it. I'm not sure all this will stuff into my Pelican case, but I guess I can move strobe arms or something into my checked luggage. Since we're on the topic... Do most people shoot wide angle with something like the 17-40 or with a fisheye? As I said in my original post, I used a 10-22mm on my crop factor camera (16-35 equiv), and felt it was wide, but not REALLY wide. I don't like the fisheye effect on land... will that be less noticeable underwater?
  15. I've sold my Hugyfot housing to a gentleman in Germany, so I'm about to purchase an Aquatica housing for my 5D mark II. One of my big complaints with the Hugyfot was edge sharpness when using my 10-22mm with their 4"(?) mini-dome, even with every combination of diopter I tried. So... I'd rather not repeat the same mistake again. Aquatica sells three dome ports - 6", 8", and 9". The 9" is out of my budget, which leaves the 6" and 8" domes. I don't want the same sharpness problems I had with my Hugyfot's 4" dome, but I still need to transport the new package around. Specifically, I really want all my UW camera gear to fit in my Pelican 1514, as it did before. If that won't be possible, then so be it, but the requirement is high on my list. So... what are the advantages of one size over the other? I don't do over/under shots (at least not on a regular basis), but are the other advantages of the larger dome? The price difference really isn't an issue at this point. Are there any limitations to the 6" dome that I'll run into? I'm looking at using the Canon 17-40mm and Canon 15mm fisheye lenses. Also, for size reference, what dome port is pictured in this gallery? The 6"?
  16. Price drop again - $2000 for housing, ports and accessories. Shipping to continental US is included. Will consider shipping internationally - PM me.
  17. Hopefully a new Hugyfot for the 5D MkII. It'd be nice to just upgrade the housing body alone, but that'd be a tough sell. I was planning on sticking with the XTi for everything, but carrying duplicate equipment (EF-S lenses and bodies, plus FF equivalents) for diving and land shots just isn't fun... I'm still considering the Aquatica, but the Hugyfot worked so well for me that I'll probably go with that one again. Good to hear from you again - I hope you can make it to Atlanta again to give another talk at some point. Thanks for the props!
  18. Still available. Price for housing and ports lowered to $2200 shipped.
  19. If I can find a buyer for the housing itself, then sure. Otherwise, I need to keep it together as a package - I'm guessing that not too many people would be interested in the housing without the ports...
  20. Well, I finally just caved - the ability to play with live preview and video underwater pushed me over the edge. I listed it here on wetpixel: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33189 If I don't get any bites, I might try eBay... I'd rather see it go to someone who will actually use it. I did a good bit of reading here last night on different housings for the 5D MkII... it looks like it comes down to Aquatica or Hugyfot for me. Unfortunately, I don't know of anyplace in Atlanta that carries Aquatica, so I can't easily get my hands on one to try it out. If I had my choice, it'd be Hugyfot, but the cost difference and availability of parts has me considering Aquatica....
  21. Adding picture of my complete setup, to see how strobes and modeling light attaches to the housing. This setup is neutrally buoyant underwater. Picture is for reference only - I'm not interested in selling the strobe, arms, or modeling light. Hugyfot does sell an optional arm that connects to the right side of the camera, allowing for additional arm mounting points.
  22. I'm changing up some of my gear, so need to sell my current housing. Housing: Hugyfot for Canon XTi / 400D Ports: -Flat Port (FLP-6.100) -Mini Domeport (WAP-6.290) -35mm extension tube (EXT 6.116) Housing is in near perfect condition. Always babied. No scratches on wide angle port. Very small, almost imperceptible, scratches on flat port, and not in macro lens's field of vision. Never flooded or otherwise had water inside housing. Housing equipped with Hugyfot's Leakage warning detector and Hugyfot's TTL-adaptor system to a Nikonos 5-pin connector. I used this with my Inon strobe (not included). Also included: -Side handle -Extra port and housing O-rings -Neoprene covers for both ports The ports I have allow for several different lenses to be used- I've used the 60mm macro, 100mm macro, 10-22mm, 18-55mm, and 17-40mm lenses with good success. See below for images of the housing. Please click for larger versions, or click here for more images. Yes, the images are mine - I've been playing around with a lightbox setup. I can confirm legitimacy if needed. See sample pictures taken with this setup here. This setup sells for $3550 new - the housing is $2550 and the ports are $1000 total. (See H2OPhotoPros or ScubaCam). I'm selling the combination for $2500. I'll also be selling off my camera gear that I've used with this housing: Canon XTi - silver body EF 100mm macro EF-S 60mm macro EF-S 10-22mm EF-S 18-55mm $1750 for all the above. I'll only sell the camera if the housing sells. $4000 for housing, ports, camera, and all lenses. Please contact me for more information or additional pictures. I'm considering upgrading buying a different Hugyfot housing, so if you're interested but don't need certain items, just contact me. I live in Atlanta and would be more than happy to meet in person if convenient. Lastly, since I don't post much here, I can provide references. I've also met James at a aquarium conference my Atlanta club held a couple years ago, but not sure if he'd remember me....
  23. I'm in a bit of a dilemma, and I'd like to get some feedback from others here. I currently have a Hugyfot housing for my Canon XTi (10-22mm, 100mm macro, 60mm macro lenses). I love my Hugyfot - I'm a small guy and have small hands, so the size of the housing fits well. I feel very comfortable with the unit underwater, and know the housing very well at this point. However... I bought a Canon 5D MkII a couple months back, and am blown away by the new camera. I went Bonaire recently, and had to bring my current XTi + Hugyfot setup, plus my new camera and a couple lenses for it (17-40mm doesn't make much sense on a crop factor body. For that matter, my 24-105 doesn't, etiher). So... I started looking at replacing my Hugyfot housing with the 5D MkII model. Ouch - $3700 + ports. That's a chunk of change, but I hate carrying around two cameras when I go diving somewhere - my land camera and my diving camera. Nor do I like having two sets of lenses. For that matter, I'm only keeping a couple of lenses (EFS 10-22mm and EFS 60mm) because of the XTi and that housing. I considered Ikelite, which is a much cheaper option, but after having used my Hugyfot for 2-3 years, I just don't think I could get used to it. Any suggestions? Should I try to sell off the current housing and upgrade to a 5D2 housing? Are there benefits to hanging on to my old camera gear, even if I only use the lenses for underwater stuff? Is there even a market for my XTi + housing? Is it worth upgrading - ie- will it show in my pictures? Any other comments?
  24. Just a bump with some pictures taken with this setup.
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