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  1. Boneo Diver, SWV, Smart and Sea Venture.....This a the most higher chance resort...... Boneo diver 4 dive a day, SWV 3dive a day, Sea Venture 4dive a day and SMART unknow... day request 4day 3night is confirm 1 day permit, if u can stay longer time will be better, the best time is unpeak session so that you got higher chance to go in but better check with the operator. SWV and SMART is Water Village, Boneo on main island(mabul island)
  2. Hey Sorry....If i post to wrong place... Find This video at youtube by AnimalPalnet. http://youtu.be/0piC75vbKgk It look like Mermaid is Exist..... Sardine Run, Dolphin hunting ect.... Beware diver .....we have new target to shoot...
  3. get 7D....there have some 2nd hand housing on sale too
  4. basically inon and nauticam VF is more popular in the market and it u can easily find the adapter for your housing....i believe have adapter for others housing too.... my choice if got budget "NAUTICAM" low budget "INON"...bothe are very got VF
  5. My dream destination.....BTW very nice shot
  6. congrats....welcome to dslr word...enjoy your new toys...and your photo look a bit over explore for me.. BTW keep shooting...
  7. you still need arm and clam ( 5" + 8" ) will be perfect for WA. i'm not sure aquatica mini dome need any extension use with 10-17mm FE lens or not....
  8. Ya. Me too, i heard tokina stop the production ready ;-)
  9. Love the review so much. Just wonder where can I download this review so i still can read it when i in travel specially when no internet conectiivity
  10. Hi, i'm getting confused with kenko TC 1.4 "DG" and "DGX". What is the different between DGX and DG????? i heard DG won't work with tokina 10-17mm in D90. it is true???? So on D7000 which one to go, can i use "DG",
  11. i'm replace it with scotch tape and it work great......no problem at all
  12. Class 4 /6 is save....friends Of my using class 10 and having problem.....
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