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  1. i recently get FIT +5 and +8...is it super.....very nice
  2. get this book, all you want to know you can found here (From PnS to DSLR): http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/review-the-...by-martin-edge/
  3. Btw d7000 is fantastic... More housing is coming out soon like subal, nexus and seacam too.
  4. Better hold and play around this 2 housing before u buy it. I have own ikelite d80 and change it to nauticam D90 and never look back. you need to consider TTL or menu issue too. Like many aluminum housing come with F/optic cable flexibility which is more save form float and cheaper. Ikelite housing and strobe are almost havy then others.... What can i say is make up a list... all port, dome, housing, strobe and accessories may need in a list. Compare the pricing how much to top up of u want go for aluminum housing.... U will see the difference
  5. Nope.....the base port screw is different......
  6. i agree with "iondonsean69", technology will never end is very depend on what u want. 70-200mm VR is very Good Lens but u can't use it for UW or shoot macro that's simple.
  7. Some UW Photo My 1st pygmy _DSC3699 by ckchong79, on Flickr Manta _DSC3683 by ckchong79, on Flickr Sweetlip _DSC3670 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3663 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3561 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3504 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3352 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3576 by ckchong79, on Flickr Others in my flick http://www.flickr.com/photos/ckchong79/set...ith/5473579226/
  8. Hi, Just back from RAJA AMPAT LOB. Have some photo to share.... Nauticam Lover 172818_10150102497104479_750519478_6153719_8261177_o by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3303 copy by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3827 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC3816 by ckchong79, on Flickr
  9. Love your "Split shot at sunset" so much
  10. For land shoot yes, for UW not much if u don't shoot Video. Nauticam have adapter for SnS port......
  11. You must find out is your D90 not fire or you SnS strobe not fire.... camera not fire u need to check with your setting, use "Auto mode" and shoot on dark area and see the flash will pop up and fire or not. if the flash is fire, try in "M mode" and see, if not fire this may be your manual flash control setting is wrong. normally in manual i will set to 1/128 and if u accidentally set to "commander mode" (Built in flash --, Group A -- and Group B --) your camera flash also not firing however your camera flash is pop up. If is your strobe not fire, it can be 2 thing. Cable (F/optic or sny Cable) and button over twis to "Manual 1 to manual 2 or TTL mode". It happen to me before... Hope This help....
  12. Im interested in dual syn cord, If willing ship to Malaysia I will paypal u know
  13. If willing ship to Malaysia I will paypal u know
  14. For Marco 60mm + Port + Focus Gear (if need) 1 strobe + FO/Syn Cable 2 x 5" arm wet diopter +4/+5/+6/+8 (may be)-67mm will be cheaper choice Focus Light (Optional) Fro WA 10-17mm + Zoom Gear + Dome (4"/8") + Ext Ring (some of the dome need it) 2 x strobe + FO/Syn Cable 2 x 5" and 2 x 8" arm 1.4 TC (Optional) Will be perfect....
  15. get a ThinkTank Airport TakeOff™ Rolling Camera Bag, I fit all my gear in the pack. http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/air...camera-bag.aspx Nauticam D90 Housing with hander 105 VR port 8.5" Dome+ Extension ring 2 x 5" and 2 x 8" arm 6 x clam 2 x SnS 110a FO Cable Focus Gear Inon 45 VF and ect.... You even can put in 14.5" Laptop.....
  16. I get from here http://www.fun-in.com.tw/catalog/index.php?cPath=33_219 It is using 67mm screw in.......
  17. Thanks derway, So For Aquatica is out....how about Nauticam or others brand housing....????
  18. Hi i'm trying to find a topic about putting the D7000 to D90 Housing but can't manages to get it..Do Anyone try it before or point me the right way?
  19. i get it from my local car wheel shop, they using it for balance the wheel.....
  20. Here what i done for my camera and dome...... photo by ckchong79, on Flickr My Underwater Set by ckchong79, on Flickr
  21. Wow very nice... i like this one " So Many nipples...so little time..."
  22. congrats bro...nice shot
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