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  1. Hi i'm thinking to buy Kenco 1.4 TC use with my tokina 10-17mm FE, wandering what focus gear do i need? or any one has DIY the 10-17mm focus gear to use in 10-17mm+TC this combo? BTW i'm Nikon User....
  2. Me too vote for #2 and #3....awesome........great job with single strobe
  3. Emnmm....."I'm upgrading from a D300 to D7000 " it is consider "UPGRADE"!!!!!!!!! :P
  4. WA_#73734_Reef7_P.Tioman_07 by ckchong79, on Flickr My 1st try For FE and Love it so much.........
  5. "Some people say once u look through one, u wont want to dive without one, so my bank balance told me "dont look through!" It true....don't look for it. Once u try... u can't stop your hand to pull up your Credit card ...hehehehehe (just receive my inon 45 FV) love it but pain toooooooooo...........
  6. some like ikelite strobe.........hehehehe that's why i'm changes to sea n sea
  7. Hi all, just wanted to share my recently trip to bali for my 1st mola-mola and Manta trip. We are lucky enough still can see mola-mola as DM tell us it not a Good session, only 30% luck for us. 1st day we have disappointed with 1st dive and second dive at crystal bay. Nothing happen.... 2nd day Manta Point...yes.... A D**M big manta swimming not more then 3ft from me...OMG this is what i dream for long time. not only 1, in 50min dive we meet about 4 manta in different time...... 2nd Dive we still decide back to crystal bay to try our luck. This is fun for me. i'm not a 1st person jump in to water but i'm the 1st person swim to Mola-Mola. When the 1st diver jump in to water and he notice a dark shadow and giving us a signal "Ho......Got Mola-Mola down there". my bcd not even in proper wear i already jump to water. Is fun... this mola only stay at 20-23m for cleaning and stay about 15min with us. My 1st Manta _DSC2231 by ckchong79, on Flickr _DSC2234 by ckchong79, on Flickr My Mola-Mola _DSC2247 by ckchong79, on Flickr And this from my friends "canon S90" IMG_0805 by ckchong79, on Flickr
  8. your zoom gear is different from my....nikon and canon is different. my one don't have hole at all, it cover full the button.....i think there must have some way to release the lens if nauticam can slove this problem it will be a big misstake on design
  9. Hi, we have some discussion about Nauticam D90 flash and lens release issue at this post and we have some good tips to off the flash, see here http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37968. I'm still have " lens release " issue to slove....ok lest start again the story. Normally i can't release the 10-17mm FE lens without open the housing and dome when i using zoom ring. Do u have this problem? I notice the new 550D housing have some new feature like lens release button which is very use full. What is your opinion? do Nauticam can do some modification or have any add on tools (may be)....... or.....Let's talk about your problem your have !!!!!! Thanks
  10. This is very use full and i was looking to solve this long time, Thanks segon..... So......how about lens release option, any idea guys, nauticam owner!!!!!! any one here have any solution. I believe D90 nauticam user having the same problem.....
  11. I having this problem also and one more problem is using tokina FE lens, u can't dismantle the lens without open the housing, take out the camera when you using focus ring ( i mean just open the dome u can't release the lens ). Do Nauticam can do some modification on the housing? (like D300s flash on/off and 550D lens release button)
  12. Hahahaha good idea. So dome can be soup bowl also.
  13. Thanks ever one here to give a "bright day" i can see what i need now....having some thing better then nothing....RIGHT.....Both are good VF.
  14. Hi Simon, Thanks a lot for info, i though inon 45 is good for marco???? using nauticam VF will be easy when shooting marco at sandy bottom too? i heard inon 180 VF is not that good... the images will dispaly in smaller or something like that.... when compare with inon 45, it is true
  15. Sorry for spelling mistake.. Hi, i can't manage to find how to custom my white balance when shooting video....normally how u set the WB when shooting video?? Set before swith to LV mode or set like shooting picture appreciate if some one here can help up....
  16. Hi I'm Currently own a nauticam D90 with 8.5" dome c/w 20mm Ext with locking system for my tokina 10-17mm FE and thnking to get a sigma 17-70 Lens (new /old). So what is the best way to save a cost.... can i use back my 20mm and add extra 30mm or get a new 50mm?? Do any one here using inon 45 VF for nauticam D90? i'm thinking betwen Nauticam 180 and inon 45 FV, i understand that a lot of good review for nauticam 180 VF but i like the 45 type and can 360 rotate...the pricing make so much different. appreciate if can give some commend...
  17. Check this out http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/09/14/is-th...d7000/#comments
  18. Me too....do u know what is the price range?
  19. Hi, i can manage to find how to set the white balance when shooting video....normally what is your setting Mode....M, Auto or ??????
  20. AF PORT = you only can use Af mode or move your camera front and back to focus in half press mode. MF port = you can use both mf or af, u no need move your camera front or back to adjust your focus
  21. i won't check it my housing.....i always pack my camera and lens in my shoulder camera bag (BagMan) which's i will use it along my trip. Camera housing, strobe, dome and port are in my ThinkTank Roller backpack and carry on with me.
  22. u need to remove the camera LCD prodector also.....
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