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  1. Check this out http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/thoughts-on-mini-domes/
  2. Hi just wanna to share my 1st... My 1st WA My 1st Tokina 10-17mm ( thans to mshohman ) My 1st Nauticam housing and 8.5" dome ( thanks MikeL ) My 1st 2 strobe set up (SnS 110a ) However can't manage to take more but, here with my best shoot ( for me of couse...hehehehehe) hope you all like it. Any cc...pls welcome Others in my flick http://www.flickr.com/photos/ckchong79/set...57624200661352/
  3. what happen to you my friends! look like you are giving up diving..........
  4. if the camera can fit to D90 housing will be great.........
  5. To sell inon view finder only if yes pls email me ckchong1979@gmail.com
  6. contact mikehohman@yahoo.com i know he still have this up for sale http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=36001
  7. Great for CFWA too....
  8. what u mean?.... settings can be very objective to what u going to shoot and personal preferece....
  9. Try contact The Diver's Den AB Lee at ddenmsia@gmail.com
  10. Before I get my d90 housing, I have consider nexus, aquatica and nauticam lately and I go with nauticam with few reson over came others. Nauticam have more choice choosing a port and dome with adapter kit available.
  11. Actually add 20mm ext rig with focus rig is good enough to block the light....i have no problem a the moment may be i'm diving in the clear water?
  12. check this out http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=pre_own&cpID=6
  13. I have using same set up like you, but without any problem a all....the only thing is i have a 20mm ext rig do you use 20mm ext rig..
  14. try this link... http://scubasymphony.com/shop/ i have visit the shop at malaysia before (i'm malaysian) it should not be a problem, he ship a lot goods to overs sea. this what i know...
  15. <br /><br /><br /> good choice... i'm using D90 too.. I have some situation like you before...What i do is get a use set frist "save money", try out and see i'm comfortable with u/w DSLR or not. If u really like it, love it and only get your dream set like what i'm now Nauticam housing, 8.5" dome (Zen 4" dome may be soon), Flat port, 2 SnS 110a strobe, Stix Floats with UCLS 8" x 2pcs and 5" x 2pcs ams, focus light, thinkTank and ect... D90 camera, tokina 10-17, 105mmVR + (67mm +6 close up lens)
  16. Max, Simple way if money not a issue......DSLR, if very tight.....stay whatever u have. Think twins man, what you going to use this photo? your camera can make money for you? or just hobby.....specially you still in college.
  17. 3200 readlly can use, on my sns menu just recomend 2700 only. It is save to use?
  18. Can't wait to see how is the effect it is......very fine job
  19. May be u can think like this: As simple as how u pursue a girl..... 1. Observe her 2. Understand her 3. Find your opportunity to get close.....and 4. Say hi 5. Ask for H/p no, email, msn or take some photo together... may be hahahahahahahaha..... But not every fish/girl u can do that.... pls read the book "beware off this marine Life"............or "beware off this woman" if you manage to find this book let me know, i need one also.....
  20. One more thing...menu flash will help to this white sand situation
  21. Yes ... you need to dia up the shutterspeed will help to darker the back and use maybe 8/f or lower to blue up the background. Are you using F/O for TTL? The bast lens to shoot ribbon eel is using 105mm lens and i guess you are not close enough to get rich coluor. Try not putting your strobe close to your port and try different angle will be help. Just my personal opinion
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