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  1. For me, As long as you rinse with fresh water and clearn it properly, battery and memory is still available to use for next trip and i will leave it just like that. Make sure before you jump to in to water rinse it in rinse tang to check agian. Pls correct me if i doing wrong ways.........
  2. Hi, thinking to buy a Rechargeable Battery use on my SnS 110a strobe. Any recomend?
  3. wow, it look 3D, very pop up from my screen......
  4. you may consider D300s replacement unit soon....
  5. hi, this is my 1st time using d90 for u/w shooting. When I shoot at u/w every thing is look ok from my LCD screen " as what I want " but when I down load to my computer my jpg totally look different "under explore" and I open my raw file even worse? Do I need to set any time from my camera?
  6. Hey guys, normally how you keep your o-ring? I belive all of you will remove the housing o-ring when you not in diving but how about your Ext ring, port or dome and strobe o-ring! Do you remove it also? Do You apply a lubricant after cleaning the o-ring before you keep it or just clean and store it. if need to apply lubricant, Can I keep a different brand o-ring together?
  7. I have the some issue like u with my nauticam housing. Like Steve say.... After I romove eyepiece and LCD protector it work great. Try it out
  8. For me both a very good choice for uw and land shoot. Is it depend what u want and feel when u grip it on your hand. Some canon better and some nikon is better. my choice: campact set up: canon DSLR: Nikon (already own the lens won't changes the system)
  9. I'm using D80 and change to D90 .......Just for info, at malaysia canon 2nd hand camera and lens is alway more then nikon. Some people think that i like canon so i have more choice to buy 2nd hand camera or lens. For me is " why so much canon user sell off they camera????!!!!!???? " hahahaha is up to you to decide the answer
  10. good idea.... Is better go with a photograher group and stay the last. What Normally happen to me is I always is the last person to go up and Some time They have to wait me to go back.
  11. Hi, may be is not a right place to post here but I can find where should i post. Ok here is my question. Normally how you manage your buddy and trip? I find out I always Lost with my group. As a photographer we alway spend more time with our object, some time more than 15-20min just for one shot. I have 3 choice: 1. Look for group that no photographer. So that I can enjoy the object with my own for long long time. Hehehehehe but always get lost 2. Look for a photographer group. So that I'm always with they area but some time need to take 15min to Q-up. 3. Get a dive guide with you and u got more time more safe more enjoy but need to pay extra hehehehehe
  12. Hi, just wanna get some idea how you arrange your arm. I have 2pcs 5" and 2pcs 8" arm. 5" come 1st or 8" come 1st?
  13. I'm thinking to get one too. Just wonder why no one use the newer vision?
  14. Hi jack, You are right, i need to remove my LCD protector and eyepeice also. Know it work normallyand perfect ... (i hope not just a moment only.) This will be help for who using Nauticam housing...... Many thanks
  15. I bring up my old post here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35946&hl= Bad day.... I thought my problem was solve (remove the camera LCD protector). Help help help. Do your guys have any solution. The housing button just slightly touch the camera button. Look like my camera is not big enought to fix into housing
  16. Bad day.... the problem still not yet slove....how ever remove the LCD protector, some time work but some time no. Some time work and lose contact agian. Help help. Do your guys have any solution. The housing button just slightly touch the camera button. Look like my camera is not big enought to fix into housing
  17. Cool man ... You should bring 2 cover, one on left one on right and look more gorgeous. Hahahahahahahahah
  18. This is very fine build housing. Just little unbalance level ( block by my LCD protector ) and this problem happen. As what I say: JUST REMOVE YOUR LCD PROTECTOR WILL DO hope this help
  19. Hahhaha just find out the answer. Is becouse off my camera LCD protector panel. Just remove the panel and it work great
  20. I have try to adjust the tray but what happen is when the tray all the way in all the control in front of housing work prefectlly. Only the two dial at the back not working. I has try to adjust it slightly out to touch the main commend dail but front button not working....
  21. Hi, I just receive my housing to day and it look fantastic. I find out my camera main command dial and mode dial do not function normally. The housing button just slightly touch the camera button only. Do you have this problem? Any solution...
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