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  1. I think is a good idea to share for who using wing type bcd and how u keep your dome cover... :)
  2. I do it this way with my old ikelite 6" dome also, the different is ikelite cover is more eazy to remove but nauticam is hard to remove. This what i worry about " leak " will happen
  3. Just wonder do your guys will carry your dome neoprene cover along when diving? Or just dismantle it before you jump in to water? I just get my nauticam 8.5" dome with neoprene cover and find out it a bit difficult to dismantle and cover back. What in my mine is if I pull it hardly well it be leak? Any one can share your tips
  4. Just for idea. get ikelite D5000, d90 or d300s also some price. Why not get a better camera that can serve you better? Try to grip it try at any camera shop before you decide
  5. If you really think go for dslr next time, why not you buy a dslr set up now since your PnS set up is almost some price with dslr!!
  6. Try here: http://www.scubacam.com.sg/used/ http://www.uwpmag.com/Classifieds.html http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=pre_own http://www.backscatter.com/underwater/used...d%20photo.lasso
  7. Don't worry, at wetpIxel got alot pro to answer your question....
  8. What in my experience is Paypal currency convert always hieght that the bank. If i compare PayPal and TT, I need to pay about usd100 extra if i using PayPal.
  9. do i need 1.4 TC also? why everone using this with 10-17mm? what is the different with and without a TC. If i plan shoot with TC so what ext rig i need for 10-17mm and with my Macro Port N105 VR?
  10. Thanks everone for golden idea. Do I really need Ext rig for my 10-17mm if I go for nauticam 8.5"dome. Any one here use it without Ext rig before can give some commend? I have read some older post about the F/optical issue when connect to the housing with large dome, do this is a issue also by using sns f/optical cable with 110a strobe?
  11. this is my main issue....4" dome cost more the 70% more for 8.5" and only for 10-17mm lens.
  12. Hi, i plan to get a dome for my nauticam housing with 10-17mm FE. Since nauticam have a converter rig for different brand housing and i would like to know what is the best combo for the housing and lens. Very appericate if u can give some idea.
  13. If you thinking not to speed a flat port, For your 6" dome port, you only have one choice to go. 60mm(afs) or lower. 100 or 105 and 60mm are very good lens
  14. i'm interested, where are you located...how to i make payment
  15. cangrat......i'm in waiting for my Nauticam D90 Housing also and dream ever night with the housing....hahahahaha
  16. I have try format at my camera and still the some. I have check at Internet, there are no new firmware for d90 yet or any one here know what is the latest vision? Btw my 8gb is scadisk 8gb2
  17. Yes the 8gb work with my old d80 and canon compact camera but not with d90.....
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