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  1. Hi i'm ck, NEED SOME PRO TO ADVICE I'm new in DSLR u/w photo shooting. i'm using Nikon D80 with ikelite housing and i getting to get a strobe soon.........but don't know what strobe is more suitable, i'm thinking off z240 but DS serial can provide TTL??? i'm not too sure what is that..... anyone here using ikelite housing with TTL/i-TTL function before???????? is it really help???? Here with few question -what is i-TTL/TTL? -What so great about i-TTL/TTL? -why i need it for u/w shooting? -How i-TTL/TTL work with my ikelite d80 housing -when we need to use it or what i-TTL/TTL provide? why a lot of photographer like using manual setting...why?????
  2. may i know what is yr series number no.????? what included???
  3. Hi, your D80 Housing Still available.....pls reply me at ckchong79@hotmail.com . Tqs
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