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    Olympus C-5050Z + Canon 40D
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    Ikelite DS-125 +DS-50
  1. Hi, i don't know if you are open to other brands but I have found an Ikelite WA on eBay # 120409065249 Best regards
  2. Finally bought a DS-200 ! and will see if the DS-200 + DS-125 will give good results... THANKS to the people that have contacted. ---- SUBJECT OUT OF ORDER ;-) -------
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for your message but unfortunately I just won an eBay auction last night for a DS-200. So now I have to try a set with DS-125 and DS-200 hope it will give good results with fisheye shoots... just an upgrade compared to my previous set DS-50 and DS-125 ! so I never had a balanced dual strobe system! the difference is that now I have move from compact to canon 40D SLR system, so all will be new on my next dives except my DS-125!! You offer was very interesting too because almost new, but it will be for another guy... sorry Thanks again Best regards Guillaume
  4. I have found this item on eBay for you #140313691722 http://cgi.ebay.fr/Ikelite-Ni-Cad-Smart-Ch...alenotsupported
  5. Hi, I am looking for a DS-125 Ikelite strobe with serial number over #5000 to be compatible with digital TTL and NiMh battery. Let me know... Kind regards Guillaume
  6. Hi, I am interested by the Ultralight arms and the 2 DS-125. I suppose the DS-125 are eTTL compatible with serial number over #5000 ? Are they still available ? thanks and Happy Easter Guillaume
  7. Thanks, But its is only for people living in UK... Guillaume
  8. Hi, I am selling the following underwater gears : Please contact me for pictures and more information if needed. Price don't include shipment 1. Ikelite C-5050Z set for 400€ Olympus C-5050Z offering 5Mp; F/1.8; super macro up to 1cm, RAW mode (used but still in good condition) with box, user guide, USB and video cable, charger and original AA batteries. Ikelite Housing #6130.51 (1st released) new O-ring since may 2008, normal used with soft damage on the handle fixation but no risk of flood, the port is in very good condition internal strobe diffuser and reflector. Orange filter for best warm color when shutting in daylight Sea&Sea wide angle #58070 offering 100° of field angle (lense in very good condition, screw has been rectified for better fixing). Optional for free : Olympus C-5050Z with dead lense (kept for electronic backup) user guide, USB cable, charger and box if needed. terrestrial wide-angle 0.45x with the adaptation ring for the C-5050Z (equivalent to 16mm) and a small camera bag. ------------------------------------------------ 2. Ikelite DS-50 strobe deluxe kit for 300€ Ikelite DS-50 strobe Deluxe Ball arm EV manual controller on 10 step diffuser I offer the Mini-C lite with it arm support Cord can be supplied on request, price to be discuss ------------------------------------------------ 3. Olympus Macro conversion lens PTMC-01 for 75€ in very good condition
  9. Hi, I have bought a micro mesh kit on eBay from a seller in UK. Price was cheap. I used it on a used 8" dome I bought for a resonable price but had some little scraches. Using the micro mesh it was like new. It takes some time but it is very exciting to see a new dome coming up. Very simple to use. The polish cream is also good to renew the rings... good for womens ;-)
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