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  1. tentatively sold to Alex, as he wants to first run a few test against the Nikon 16mm first. I'll know in a week or so, if not.... Chris has first shot after that. Thanks, Brant
  2. I'm selling my Sigma 15mm D EX (NIKON mount) lens. This is a very bright 1:2.8 lens. I've owned it for less than 2 years. Comes with front and rear lens caps, sun shade, and Sigma padded carrying case. I've used it on.... maybe 20 dives. Glass is perfect, you may find a small (dust size) nick or two on the shade, but NOTHING which stands out. I'm selling it and getting a Tokina 10-17 fisheye. I HOPE it is worth getting the zoom.. though giving up F2.8 for F3.5-4.5, and paying almost twice the money!! Most of you who have been on DD.net trips, know how well I take care of my equipment so I thought I would post it here before going to E-bay. Checking E-bay past sells, they seem to go for as much as $420 to, as little as $285, most around the $350 range... plus shipping. I'll sell it for $300 plus shipping. I'd be glad to post or send pics if you wish.
  3. to farther explain..........This allows the choice of using optic cables, or hard wired cables for external flash sync. Many folks are switching from hard wired to optic cables as a way of eliminating water entry points. You don't have to worry about flooded bulkheads on housing, strobes, or flooded sync cords. A big plus in my book. I believe you will see alot more housing manufactures giving us the option of either in their new housings, as Seatool has done here by offering BOTH with their D-300 housing. JMHO....your mileage my vary!
  4. I have two ULCS 8" buoyancy arms for sale. They are like new.........less than two years old! I will include an extra O-ring for each, simply as a spare, as the originals are still in perfect shape. $40. each (only sold as a pair). Shipping can be any way you wish........you will pay for only the shipping charge. No handling or packing fees. If not completely satisfied upon receipt, I will gladly refund your money! I can be contacted at: dbd123 at aol.com Pics if you wish!
  5. Thanks Jim.......I was wondering why your setup of the Inon Viewfinder didn't come right off like the setup I bought from Reef Photo. FYI, Ryan bought a new clear Veiwfinder plate from S&S and had it drilled to accept the Inon viewfinder as it comes from Inon. It makes it much easier if you want the Inon viewfinder removeable, IMHO.
  6. I can't speak for backscatter's..........but the one I bought from Ryan (Reef Photo), I can easily remove from my S&S housing. Takes about 30 seconds. I transport the housing with it off. However, if you want to take it diving without the Inon viewfinder, it is alittle more work. You have to take the five screws out of the clear plastic, which incorporates the viewfinder, and the LCD screen. Ryan sent me the original plastic, a seal, and the OEM .66 viewfinder so I could take the Inon viewfinder off and replace it with the OEM viewfinder,... if I wished. I haven't done it, but my guess would be.... less than 5 min. as it would only require five screws to be taken out......grease the o-ring, and 5 screws back in. Brant
  7. With all the talk about the S&S TTL II converter, thought I would give you my first impressions. I received mine yesterday along with the S&S D200 housing from Reef Photo and Video. I attached my Inon Z-220 strobes, and took 70 + shots last night. Everything seemed to be spot on, with only one exception, a highly reflective aluminum can, it was alittle bright. I tried the converter with the Nikon 60mm, the 105VR, and my Sigma 15FE. So far, I beleive, the Inon Z-220 will give the same great results as dbh's test with his Inon Z-240 which he has shared here before. I'll give it a full work out U\W in Bonaire week after next, but so far, I am VERY pleased! PS The Inon Viewfinder installed on the S&S housing by Reef Photo, is pretty cool too!
  8. I have a spare D-180 I would sell. I would guarantee to work perfect! DBD123 at aol.com
  9. Do you have a S&S "SX" extention ring, gears for the Sigma 17-70 lens, or Teleconverter 1.4X or 2X? If so I would be interested.
  10. Julian, I'll be looking for that post!
  11. Sam, I thought the problem you were having (electrolysis) was based on your housing's mounts (as you have stated above in (1), not the strobes as stated above in (2). Bottom line, I have watched this thread with great interest. I am getting a S&S D-200 housing, and have 2 Inon Z220 strobes. From the previous post, I didn't think I had anything to worry about. Now.......you've got me re thinking. Hopefully, I'm just misunderstanding. Should this system work for me?
  12. Jim, I'll hold off buying a new one for a while, so let me know when you decide. I agree, I think they are fine with a S&S housing. It was one of the decideing factors for the housing. Wish now they would come out with a better view finder! Brant
  13. If anyone is giving up on the S&S i-ttl converter, decides to make a paperweight out of it, or just wants to sell one. Drop me a line, as I will soon be adding one to my new S&S, D-200 set-up. thanks! Brant DBD123 at aol.com
  14. Another option is the Sigma 15 FE 2.8 D EX, Great W|A lens! It was refered to me by Ryan and Richard at Reep Photo Video. I shot this in a S&S housing for the D200. Fits in the large dome with no ext. rings. Price is right too! Add the 60mm (my starter lens for underwater), and he has W\A and macro covered. IF he is into the REALLY small stuff, add a 105VR, I believe that shall me my next lens I just got a Sigma 17-70 for a zoom also, doubles as my "walking around" above water, lens for now, Price is right on it also.
  15. FYI, Several of us have sent him PM's, with no response......atleast I haven't received one. He also hasn't responded here either.
  16. Thanks Luiz for your response.......glad to see I'm not totally loosing my mind, or if I am.....at least I'm in good company!
  17. I've been studying the port charts for the Sea & Sea housing. My question, am I reading this chart (see below link) correctly? Do you have to have a NX Standard Flat Port for the Nikon 60mm 2.8? I was under the assumption that the NX Custom Flat Port could be used with this lens. I thought that the difference was only the Custom Flat Port gave you the ability to use MF if you so desired, and the Standard Flat Port didn't, but either would work, so no reason to buy both. This is the only case I have found where the charts say one will work for the D200, D70,D50 but not the other. (Obviously, I am concerned with only the D200). Was this an over-sight in the charts?.....or am I drinking my bath water..... AGAIN? Here is a link to the S&S chart: http://seaandsea.jp/products/chart_macro.html Thanks in advance!! Brant
  18. Anyone looking for a C5050 or a backup for your current C-5050 set-up? Check it out here: http://www.digitaldiver.net/wantads.php?adID=388 Contact: DBD123 at Aol.com
  19. Hope I didn't offend you Spazm, I just remember seeing the original post and thinking "Damn that is cheap!" When you start adding all the extras, it really adds up really fast!!
  20. It also includes ALOT of other stuff now.....ALOT!! Just the three macro lenses are worth $400. You obviously aren't aware of what this cost. Disclaimer: I am not the seller, nor do I own, or am I selling any of this, or any like products. Just think Spazm needs to maybe look at what was for sell.......and what is now for sale. JMHO!!
  21. I have a few months before having to decide on a housing for my D-200, so if any used housing come available for any reason, I would be interested. Please contact me at: DBD123 at aol.com. Thanks! Brant
  22. If any interest in parting it out.....please e-mail me at DBD123 at aol.com
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