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  1. I'd have to go with this assumption too, but I'm not going to appologise afterwards.

    Boxer crabs are almost always found singularly and the dive guides go collect them and arrange them for the photographers on that sponge.

    To state that they were pointed out by the diveguides as is, would be grossly misleading. To say there are witnesses too, frankly I'd rather believe the second coming was yesterday.

    Manipulating wildlife is a big no-no supposingly in competitions and if this image is allowed to take the prize (in the wrong category) it shows that it's all lip service and really anything goes.

    It just shows how inexperienced judges can be with regard to the natural habits of creatures. Just one of these latest phase creatures wit a cute persona.

    So if you want your witnesses to purger themselves too, post their comments here.


    Realizing this is an open forum, and people can lower themselves to the slime on the bottom of the barrel, a commit like the one above shouldn't surprise me, but it does.

    That said......the above commit has to be one of the most rude and ignorant post I have ever read. This falls under a troll post in my opinion, as they have attacked everyone they can, from the photographer, the dive-guides, the competition, the judges, and then to scrape the bottom of the barrel, you out and out start calling any witnesses lier's also. :)


    Simply amazing the level some folks will lower themselves to! :o

  2. IMHO, You might want to consider the Oly C-50 (5.0mp) or C-60(6.0mp) with an Oly. housing. I've taken alot of UW pics with my C-50. The c-50 does have a weak flash compared to the C-5050 but the C-60 has a better flash I've been told. Has full manual modes, with a full range of F-stops and shutter speeds, and ISO's needed for underwater. I have an adapter ring which allows the use of my C-5050 UW lenses to be used with it also.


    They are very small, even in a housing. I clip one to my bc when I'm shooting video. It also, is my wife's preferred camera for tourist pics on a vacation, or around the house. If external flash is desired, the D-180 or the new D-2000 Inon strobes work well with it, and is still a very small setup.

  3. You plan a family trip months in advance, 21 hours before your plane leaves, Apple tells you the place you are staying has changed. They lie, as to why then you catch them in the lie, not once, but twice!! They won't respond to your, or your travel Agent's calls until their offices are closed even though you wait by the phone all day al they pormise they will be calling with in the hour.


    Instead of the Iberostar, your staying at the shitty Feasta Americana, but the other six in your group are still at the Iberostar. No compensation will be granted! No help with transportation, even though a taxi cab ride is around $20.00 each way. They did offer to move the whole group to the shitty place they stuck me at! Yea, lets ruin six others vacation also.


    Apple Vacations Suxs!!! :x

  4. Ike will know for sure, but I don't believe it will.


    I had a PC-110, and now have a PC-330. Sony did change location of the ONOFF switch slightly, it is also a different type of switch. Alot of the other controls have been moved. You MAY be able to use the record, zoom, and photo controls as they appear to be the same or very close, however most others have changed. Most electronic control manufactures only need a new rear door(to control the new ONoff switch) as they use the Lanc connection to control the other basic operations of the camera.


    Hope this helps until Ike gives us a definitive answer. :)

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