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  1. it'll be 100% artificial lighting with a black blackdrop behind the model to kill any left over ambient. I think I might just make a new thread to see if everything will work.
  2. That's what I figured. It's going to be a head shot, lit with 2 studio strobes pointing down at the water. one in Rembrandt and another behind to illuminate her hair. the 50 can can get me a headshot about 3 feet away and the 18-135 can get the same shot at about 1.7 feet. Is 3 feet of water in between the subject and I in a pool enough to affect resolution?
  3. BUMP I think I'll just be renting a housing a port from PPR. Just curious I've done a fair amount of research but can't seem to find why a 50mm lens wouldn't be good underwater. Anyone got tutorials or anything on underwater portraiture?
  4. I need a cheap, reliable housing for a Nikon d80. I don't plan to go shoot any sharks anytime soon but I have an underwater fashion shoot coming up in a pool. About 6 feet deep, the camera will be about 3 feet deep. I'll be using a prime lens (50mm f/1.8) and everything will be lit with strobes above the water. What's the cheapest, housing/bag (doesn't matter [as long as it works[) I could get in the United States. for around $100 ish...
  5. looks like a new d40 successor is coming http://nikonrumors.com/2009/04/06/more-spy-shots.aspx
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