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  1. We used Mermaid II, they were excellent but our Indonesian guide was a bit strange, most of the time he wasnt leading the dive and he didnt point much out, and then on night dives would go ballistic about a decorator crab.... At one point he had a big piece of loose coral in his hands the size of a bowling ball that he picked up and just dropped for some reason, then managed to get a fish and pierce it onto his pointer like he was skewering it for a BBQ, he then swam off with it for no apparent reason whatsoever, it was unfortunate because the other guides were excellent. Other then our strange guide, everything was great, we had our two kids with us and they were looked after very well and enjoyed themselves, food was excellent, boat was clean, and everything ran smoothly and safely. Also there was only 10 diving guests which made it nice and roomy.
  2. Hello, just had an amzing trip in Komodo, some of my top dives for sure and got lots of WA practice which was nice, heres some of my best shots, the rest can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontainedento...57628907375437/ This last one looks better in its large size, you can clearly see a Sea Hare with its two eyes in focus on the mouth of the big Nudi!
  3. At the end of the day its like Naomi says, its not about reducing our carbon footprint or changing governments, its about completely revolutionizing the basis of our civilization, our kids are going to be living in a very different world then us, and it could be scary... I just think some common sense is in order, ie localizing food production and using more sustainable energy and consuming less would be a good step forward, change is possible, its just a matter of how shitty the world is going to get in the meantime... Unfortunately for China and India theres not enough room in the world for them to achieve the western standard of living, sad but true... Free market capitalism IMHO is a myth, and america needs to get over the fact that big corporate interest are not steering our world in the right direction.
  4. Woops, I got my brands mixed up, it was the Aquatica I was referring to not Nauticam, I havent looked into Nauticam housings...
  5. Thanks very much for the comments Pam, really appreciate it!!! And thanks for the advice on the cropping!
  6. Am I correct in thinking that if you add an extension tube they will autofocus with the new 60mm AF-S?
  7. Im a newbie to UW photography and have just started shooting in manual and have ben trying to learn the basics this year, I have finally got my set up geared for WA and macro, I am really loving it and very addicted, im looking forward to many more years of UW photography to come! Heres my favorite, for the year, its probably the best shot I have ever taken, the composition seems good, its pleasing to the eye, the exposure was right, and the photo didnt need much editing at all, not to mention the subject was a fast moving fish, add to that it was my first dive shooting in manual so I was pleased! I know its not much but for me its a good start!
  8. Heres a good and long article by Naomi Klein about why right wing idealists are so adamant that climate change is a myth and what it means for our economic ideologies if we want to get serious about slowing global warming. Its a good read. http://www.thenation.com/article/164497/ca...limate?page=0,0
  9. Scary indeed!! And I mostly agree with everything you said. People need to think for themselves too and not just blindly trust certifying agencies to do the right thing, and to not scrape by on the bare minimum b/c thats what their budget allows, the only problem with that is your trusting people to be rational. I think PADIs intentions are good, and the OW course is more suitable for warm water, clear viz, low current type diving, and that if as an individual you want to start doing cold water, heavy current, low viz or deeper (who wants to do that anyway hehehe) type diving then you should definitely be required to do the specialties, advanced course, and rescue course as standard, i feel that all of my students by the time they have done the rescue course are able, well prepared divers. But again that goes back to the whole bad instructor thing and PADIs poor QA/QC management. Thanks for the informative reply!
  10. 1- yes it was a hypothetical letter when i wrote it 6 years ago, but after I read it yesterday i decided to actually send it, looking forward to see if they reply 2- i would never expect PADI to revoke a license over fish feeding, but blatantly breaking safety standards at least deserves a warning letter, or some in person QC... 3- thanks for your analysis Ive done maybe 1000 dives where Chubs were present at some point and never witnessed any sort of aggressive behavior except for the one dive when they had been fed recently, damsel fish and triggers are another story... I didnt ascribe any emotion with the chubs nibbling at me so I dont really understand your last comment... If PADI did hypothetically yank GTDS credentials then yes I do think they would change their ways, everybody wants their "PADI" not their Open Scuba Cert, its a brand people have come to know and recognize and that has value. Its just ridiculous to me that a dive center that pumps out hundreds of instructors a year is allowed to be so lax in its safety standards and environmental ethics , and when you go diving with the American residents on Guam (who were mostly trained in Guam by GTDS) you quickly see that the whole diving culture there is completely screwed up, one of the favorite activities by the "experienced locals" is taking plastic ziplock bags in their BCD pockets, which they then fill with slow moving invertebrates for their personal saltwater aquariums at home, for some reason that doesnt seem quite right!!! I am not a dive nazi and this does not keep me awake at night, I just thought it would be nice to share my "crazy" experiences in Guam with the online community.
  11. I think that the instructors who taught them to dive are also largely to blame, when I used to teach diving I always made a big effort to educate my students about the UW world and why touching, feeding etc was bad, and I always put a huge emphasis on proper weighting and buoyancy. If divers are exposed to feeding, bad buoyancy, etc from the get go then they probably have no idea that this kind of behavior is unacceptable to begin with. But yes I certainly dont think its the guides fault (obviously thats circumstantial), many dive destinations are in the third world and its often times every man women and child for themselves, if they see an opportunity to make a bigger tip then I certainly dont blame them for trying to take advantage, it certainly is up to us as divers not to put up with it, its also up to us to tip guides who do a good job!!! and the dive shops need to get together, establish a marine park in the area and create ground rules, this approach works very well and with a few motivated individuals can be done (im not trying to imply that this has not been done in Lembeh, but if it hasnt it should be). Roatan is an extremely good example of how the local dive shops and individuals can get together and make a big difference.
  12. I have a Sea and Sea RDX for my 500D and personally I wish I would have gone with nauticam, although I dont think the housing was available when I made my purchase. Why? Because it comes with handles and a leak detector standard, just the handles for my RDX housing cost 300 bucks, also the Nauticam is a smaller aluminum housing which is more ergonomic and its a whole lot easier to buy ports for various lenses with nauticam then it is Sea and sea. The Tokina 10-17mm is the most popular UW lens and just trying to figure out which port to get for my RDX was like doing chinese algebra, youd think theyd make it easier for you... Anyway I ended up having to get a Nauticam port to use on my RDX housing for the 10-17. Now im looking at getting a super macro option using a TC 1.4x on my 60mm and it is a nightmare with sea and sea....
  13. Heres a helpful link. Basically yes the Canon is definitely better if you can afford it. http://www.reefphoto.com/kb.php?id=30
  14. You most definitely want to take a liveaboard in Palau, the dive sites are far (an hour at least) and Peleliu is not accesible by "mainland" land based shops, and to beat the crowds and dive the best conditions you need to be on a LA. OR an even better option is to stay on Peleliu and use Peleliu divers as your land based option, Peleleiu has without a doubt some of the best diving in the world and is the top spot in Palau IMHO, even the LAs cant access Peleliu on every trip. post edit: its been awhile since i was in palau so my memories may not be totally correct and I never dived with any landbased option in Peleleiu, just something worth looking into.
  15. I just posted a rant I wrote a few years ago in "Crazy Dive Stories" titled "Dear PADI", it talks about my fish feeding experiences in Guam in detail and the other ridiculous antics which happen on a daily basis, check it out!
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