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  1. Forgive my ignorance but considering the amount of flights per day and the thousands and thousands of people on them at all times it would seem to me that the actual odds of suffering from DVT or some embolism from flying is about the same as getting struck by lightening. I fly a lot for my job, often half way around the world, so i would be interested to see some hard statistics on how many serious cases happen per year and also how many of these people are generally unhealthy, smokers, elderly or over weight... Just curious. Fontaine
  2. KLM, Korean Air, and Air France are part of Delta miles, that should get you around the world a few times.
  3. Hi guys, I saw an old thread for this rebreather and was just wondering if anybody has actually used one of these? How was it? Were you taking photos? I am keen to get one but would love to hear some personal experience/opinions before making my mind up. Regards, Fontaine
  4. Here are the other pics I got of this one, think the first one is the best back picture I managed to get. Thanks Leslie!
  5. ridiculously awesome!! keep them coming, top one is my favorite
  6. Thanks guys, really do appreciate the feedback. Tim you hit the nail on the head, I pretty much always had the strobes at full power for all my WA and macro, i figured i must of been doing something wrong, I will try and work on adjusting my settings and using less strobe power. My poor wife is also constantly being directed by me to look here and look there and stop looking into the lens and for god sakes stop blowing bubbles, hopefully ill have her properly trained soon One thing I really noticed trumping around with two strobes and big arms and constantly trying to think about manual settings etc.. was that my air consumption went way up, so much so that I am interested in getting a rebreather now, my wife would have over half a tank and i would be in need of a safety stop! Fontaine
  7. I just found this exact topic in the critter ID section, duh!
  8. I know most of you agree with me but this topic made me want to rant. Personally if my guide starting feeding a frogfish I would be furious, as divers we have a responsibility to try and be as unobtrusive as possible and try to not effect the natural order of things in anyway, why people think its ok to feed fish I will never understand. Is it normal to go on a safari in Africa and feed the lions? so then why is it OK to start a feeding frenzy with sharks? If you have ever been diving in Guam then you will see how horribly fish feeding affects the natural behavior of fish, they stop eating their natural prey and rely completely on the dive guides and tourists, which in turn has all sorts of negative impacts on the local eco system, its so bad in some spots that on your dive or snorkel you start getting attacked by harmless chubs and blue tangs if you dont have food for them because they have become so reliant on the japanese tourists and dive guides that like to feed the fish, I am not a scientist but you do not need to be one to see that it is negatively affecting the natural behavior of these animals. Obviously Guam is an extreme case but my point is that all fish feeding is unacceptable and we should tell our dive guides and operators how we feel. One dive guide in Guam had his finger bitten of by a Moray when he was feeding it a hot dog, i really don't feel sorry for him! If there is enough diving happening in Lembeh that the guides feel they are starving the poor frogfish to death by constantly invading their space then maybe the marine park should be enforcing some limit of how many times a certain site can be dived a day, the answer is not to start feeding them. Fontaine
  9. Hello, I am trying to figure out which is the best Marine Invertebrate ID book for the Indo-Pacific region (actually all I really want is Indonesia, the term Indo-Pacific is pretty freaking huge!!), which led me to think that this may be a useful topic. Often these books are only available online, its not like I can go to the library and skim through them all. So, if you could please help me decide which ID books are the best that would be great! I own the classic fish ID for the Indo Pacific and the Nudi and sea slug books which are fantastic, but am keen to acquire the latest invertebrate and coral ID books, any suggestions would be appreciated! All the best, Fontaine
  10. Hello, I found this guy in Gili Trawangan and was not sure which species it was, my best guess was Tritonopsilla alba but am definitely not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated as seaslugforum.net is inactive at the moment. Heres the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontainedenton/6397573335/ It was found at 5 meters on a night dive. Thanks, Fontaine
  11. Hello, Heres a link to my better shots taken during a recent trip to Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontainedento...57628137689257/ This was my first dives with my WA set up and I would love to hear any constructive criticism or comments you may have. Thanks, Fontaine
  12. Very nice shots! Good to know there are other land based options!!!
  13. Sheesh! If that happened to me I would be furious!!! Think a mutiny would be in order! I take it the boat did not turn around....
  14. Looks like the Pindito also has family trips, but for 5 grand a pop i think id rather leave them with grandparents and milk every dive i can possibly get out of the trip. Having said that if I paid 10 grand for me and my wife to have a nice relaxing diving holiday with a bit of peace and quiet between dives and found out that a bunch of kids were going to be running around raising hell I would most likely not be very impressed. I have phoned up LA ops and asked this question and they usually have told me that all the other passengers need to approve first, sounds like Drews suggestion of doing a private charter would be the way forward. My kids are 9 months and 3 years old, so unless we wanted to pay for an extra bed for a nanny to come along a LA is out of the question (and it would be pretty boring for our 3 year old). My problem is that the grandparents are at nearest a 14 hour flight away... Having said all that if my children were of diving age and they were into it (which they will be hahaha) I would have no problem whatsoever about taking them along, except for the cost... Wakatobi, here I come
  15. Just wondering if anybody out there has done a live aboard trip with their children. How was the experience? Do you regret it? I reaaaalllly want to do a Raja Ampat LA but am thinking land based wakatobi is probably a better option, gotta love the free babysitter service! Thanks Fontaine
  16. Thanks for the replies Mike and Drew, im not in Bali at the moment, I work offshore and tend to be away a little more then id like to be, but ive got to make a living somehow... I should be back in a couple weeks, would be sweet to go diving or drinking!
  17. She helped him set the business up and would do free lance work for him but unfortunately it looks like DIB will be shutting down because they didnt have the correct "papers". Another victim of corrupt Indonesian bureaucracy. Its definitely a shame, hopefully he can work it out. Is On On a dive shop or a bar??
  18. Thanks Alistair! Appreciate the info, I can not wait to get back to Bali and get some more practice, and test out my new WA setup
  19. Heres a couple images i thought could have been better, am looking for any constructive criticism. This was my first or second dive where im shooting in manual mode and I am just wrapping my head around shooting at smaller apertures and quicker shutter speeds to get better quality macro shots. I am only using one strobe and a useless focus light, I have now purchased 2 better strobes and a SOLA 600 so that should help me improve. All images taken on the Tulamben, Liberty wreck in Bali. All photos taken at F9, 1/100, ISO 400, 0 EV, pattern metering, AWB, using a canon 500D, sea and sea RDX 450 housing, canon 60mm with a standard flat dome port for the RDX housing and one sea and sea YS-27 strobe. I was wondering if shooting at a higher F stop and or quicker shutter speed would have made all the fin tips more crisp? I did crop this image and clean up some particles. It was not an easy shot to get as I was inside a wreck hovering, shooting through a sea fan, so overall I am happy with it but would have liked to have gotten all the fins in perfect focus. What effect would adjusting the ISO down to 100 or 200 have on this image? I was also wondering if using my macro 60mm in my dome port would have made this easier to get, in order to get the full length of the pipefish in frame I had to be pretty far away, or would I be better of using the CFWA method with my tokina 10-17mm? Again I think I should have shot at a higher F stop and or shutter speed to get a darker background and better colors out of this somewhat bland subject, what do you think? I did slightly crop this one. Im not very happy with my composition in this one, but the eyes is in sharp focus (at least on my computer it appears to be) and im happy with the exposure, should I be, or is it too dark? This image was not edited in anyway. Thanks for any tips! Fontaine
  20. Hey guys, Im just wondering if any of you UW photo enthusiasts are living in Bali. Would be nice to have someone to go on dives with, talk photography, have a few beers etc... My wife and I both love diving, we have two small kids and would love to meet up with some other like minded people. Anyways give me a buzz if your interested!! We have lots of friends in Bali but not many that share our passion for diving quite on the same level. We also love going to Ocean View resort in Tulamben and would love to do some more exploring. Cheers Fontaine
  21. Hi guys, Just wondering if somebody could help me out. Ive printed a few pictures using a company that specializes in High quality high definition aluminum prints and usually they are fantastic, but sometimes they are very much underexposed compared to what the image looks like on my computer, this also happens when I use my canon printer at home to print off A4 size photos. Can anybody give me some troubleshooting advice on why this may be happening, is it something to do with TIFF vs. JPEG??? Any advice would be appreciated. Best Regards, Fontaine
  22. The good people at Reef Phote have sorted the confusion out, I can use synch cables with my RDX housing so thats what im going to do, the retaining rings are no longer sold so they are not an option. I am very happy that its all sorted!
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