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  1. Ive got the cables already, so if i can manage to get the retaining rings i should be good to go. Thanks for the help!
  2. I am confused because ive called reef photo twice about this, the first time the lady said Sea and Sea have some sort of adapter but dont sell them anymore... today i called a second time, before realizing they had the retaining rings on their website and the guy didnt even mention these things, he just said i wouldnt be able to use the FOC with that strobe, uggghh. now today (after reading the manual) ive gone onto the reef photo website and see that they do in fact sell the the retaining rings arrgggh!!!! This is all probably due to bad communication on my part im sure, but geez talk about being confused!!! Anyway Ive just sent them a long email and hopefully all the confusion will be sorted, and I will be the proud new owner of two Sea and Sea FOC retaining rings and all will be well! I am in Umalas (in between Canguu and Seminyak) and can not wait to get back to test out my new WA set up! My work takes me away from Bali too much!
  3. Please I urgently need two s&s YS90 fiber optic retaining rings, i will gladly pay $50 bucks each plus shipping! Thanks Peter
  4. looks like i need to get my hands on two sea and sea fiber optic retaining rings, which of course nobody sells (actually reef and photo have them on their website) and which did not come with my strobes. I can only use the sync cord if i have a nikonos adapter which needs to be installed by the guys at reef photo who need to pressure test the rig before it can be used, i live in indonesia so this option is out of the question. Does anybody have two sea and sea fiber optic retaining rings I can buy please?!?!?
  5. I recently bought two Sea and Sea YS-90DX strobes off of the wetpixel classifieds site. To my dismay they are the type of strobes that are triggered wirelessly with no FO cable, I have a sea and sea RDX housing that completely encloses the flash so these new strobes are of no use unless I can get creative. I am toying with the idea of putting my old strobe where my focus light goes to act as the strobe trigger (this would be no good for night diving or macro as i need a focus light), but ideally I would like to be able to get a Sea and Sea adapter that converts my wireless strobes into wired ones. Please forgive my lack of correct terminology as I am a beginner. My other option is to only use one of the new strobes and my old YS 27 which would be hard wired in and trigger the new one but I dont want to do this as I need a more powerful strobe for WA. The last and most expensive option is to just buy new strobes. If you have any other suggestions I would be hugely grateful. Please has anyone had this problem, what is the best way to overcome it??? I called reef photo and video and they said an adapter does exist but is no longer sold, I cant find any for sale on the web, so it looks like I will need to get creative. Thanks for any help/suggestions! Peter
  6. I would be interested if they are still for sale, please let me know. Thanks Fontaine
  7. Do you have two YS-110a? or just one of each? Thanks, Fontaine
  8. Hello, Im trying to figure out what strobe to purchase for my current set up. I use a canon 500D with a s&s ys-27 strobe for my macro set up and am perfectly happy with it. However now I have purchased a WA setup (Tokina 10-17 and fish eye port). In my mind what i would like to do is buy a mid ranged WA strobe like the YS-110a and use it with my YS-27 while shooting with my WA setup. My logic is that if you can get good shots with just one strobe then surely having two different strobes shouldn't be an issue. Is there something i'm missing??? Which strobe set up would you recommend I get that will shoot wide enough for the Tokina 10-17mm? Thanks for any advice! Fontaine
  9. The issue is now officially resolved! I have had to abandon trying to purchase the sigma 10mm and instead got the Tokina 10-17mm with a Nauticam 8.5 inch dome port. Big thanks to the guys at reef photo for helping me!!
  10. Thanks guys. Does anyone out there have experience using a 6" dome with the Sigma 10mm?? In general, are over-unders achievable with a 6" dome?
  11. Hello, So I am pretty much set on getting the Sigma 10mm for my canon 500D Sea and Sea RDX housing, but I have just discovered that I can only use the CX Compact Dome Port with this lens, so now I am wondering if I should go for the Tokina 10-17mm which allows me to use the large radius fisheye dome port.... My question is this, is there much difference in image quality (i.e. wideness, fisheye effect) if you are using a compact port with a fisheye lens as opposed to the larger fisheye dome ports?? I would assume that if there was Sea and Sea would get their act together and make bigger ports available to people like me who want to use the Sigma 10mm.... I see that Chromatic aberration is less of an issue with the CX port and sigma 10mm, then it is with the Tokina but other then that are there any obvious performance drawbacks if I were to buy the CX compact port with Sigma 10mm, versus the Tokina 10-17mm with the large fisheye port? Thanks for your help!!!
  12. just sold one on ebay! i have the AD mount for sale its for the olympus pt-032, let me know if your interested fontainedenton@yahoo.com
  13. thats most definitly correct I have another picture which is almost identical to that one, so much so that I thought they had stolen it from me. Thanks Fontaine
  14. I always love your pictures! I am trying to figure out what SM setup I am going to get for my canon, I have the 60mm and after doing my homework came to the conclusion that I will just invest in WA at the moment and then get a 100mm later down the road with a TC, im glad you have come to the same conclusion. I would love to see your shots with the new 100mm set up. As for your pics I think they are fantastic, I like #1 and #3 best. Cheers Fontaine
  15. Hello, I found this guy at about 80 feet at the bow of the Liberty wreck in Tulamben, Bali in the early afternoon. I cant find anything in the Nudi book and am going to send the pics off to seaslugforum.net if no one here can ID it. I suspect its a member of the Tritoniidae family. None of the Nudis in my book have the same type of rhinophores or the same type of cirri around the rhinophores. Cheers Fontaine
  16. I saw one of these in the St. Vincent Grenadines and in Bocas Del Toro Panama, they were both about 8 inches in length, so most likely they can get to 10 inches. Fontaine
  17. The Sorido resort in Raja Ampat is supposedly one of the best in the world, this is the site where the record number of fish species was recorded on one single dive, 256 I think. My good friend has dived here and just said it is the best, as far as reefs are concerned it does not get any better. Cheers Fontaine
  18. you guys should put out a fish ID app for iphones, theres a gap in the market.
  19. you can get the inon viewfinders which are fantastic but cost about $1000
  20. I asked this exact question a few months ago. Do a search with "Live View" and you will find some good stuff. Basically the only DSLR that has usable live view for UW photos is the Sony 350, Sony has just come out with some upgraded versions of this camera so they may have it as well. I think that the next big thing for SLRs (behind HD video) will be LV which doesnt sacrifice focus speed, however in the meantime unless you want the same focus speed as your P&S you may as well get the Sony or forget about LV. Personally I ended up getting the Canon 500D and am over the moon with it, yes jamming my face into the camera to look through the view finder took some getting used to but you do get used to it quickly and may end up preferring it. Hope that helps. Fontaine
  21. Right so the 100mm must be an EF lens right? I think im going to forget about super macro for the moment and just concentrate on getting a WA setup and come back to SM when I can afford to get a 100mm lens.
  22. My wife and I would love to come and work for you guys just let us know!!
  23. WICKED!!!! I hope to see lots of new Nudis!! When and where can I purchase this publication?????
  24. I suspected urchin shrimp, i find the latin name much more exciting. Where did you find the ID, if not from an ID book????? Thank you!!!!
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