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  1. Ive been reading that one, very informative... Ive just been to the camera store and they are telling me NO TC exists that fits onto the canon 60mm!!!! does anyone know if this is true, i cant believe it and think the guy must not know what hes talking about.
  2. Still havnt gotten around to buying the critter book, please help me ID this guy: Cheers Fontaine sorry- photo was taken in St. Vincent snorkelling at about 20 feet down, its a crustacean of some sort and im sure ive seen it in one of the caribbean creatures books, but havent been able to get my hands on the latest addition.
  3. Hello I recently purchased a Canon 500D w/ Sea and Sea RDX 450 housing, and the 60mm macro lens. having been shooting with a P&S for the past two years I am over the moon at the quality of some of the shots I have got from my new setup and would highly recommend it. i use a focus light and sea and sea YS-27 strobe which I had from my previous set up. I just took a trip to Bali and did some diving in Tulamben, if you want to see my pics you can check em out here http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontainedento...57620514074484/ Cheers Fontaine
  4. Thanks Bill, that was very helpful, I did try doing a search but did not find that debate. I think I need to get a 100mm lens before I think about doing super macro with a wet diopter, Im leaning towards just getting a 2x TC as from what I understand TCs do not effect focal length. Cheers Fontaine
  5. Right, so given the steep price I may as well just get a 2x TC.... would be nice to be able to switch between macro and super macro though i just checked the link out you sent and had never seen this company, its a significantly cheaper price then the macro mate, hmmmmmm
  6. Id be interested in the Tokina and the dome port for the Tokina, any chance on selling those seperate?
  7. We stayed at Scuba Seraya and had a great experience, my wife and I had our own personal dive guide even though there were other diving guests, free baby sitter for our nine month old on last minute demand whenever we wanted to dive, the macro life was pretty amazing and the dive guide was spot on. I saw that pic of the cuda in the POTW and was like damn why didnt i think of doing that, cant believe its actually the same bloody fish! Thanks for the comments! Tis a small world for us divers!
  8. Im reading backscatter and in its description of the macromate it only mentions that the macromate doubles the magnification with the canon and nikon 105mm lenses. What about the 60mm???? Surely it doubles the magnification of this lens as well, right? Does anyone have experience using the macromate with the 60mm lens, if so how did you like it? Thanks Fontaine
  9. Hello everyone, With a lot of good advice from people on this forum I purchased my first DSLR and housing a few weeks ago and have just done a weeks diving in Bali in Tulamben. Ive posted my best shots on Flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontainedento...57620514074484/. All shots taken with Canon 500D, 60mm lens, s and s ys-27 strobe. Here are a couple im most proud of: my favorite pic of the trip this guy was miniscule decorator hermit crabs eyes need to look at the ID book samurai nudi Let me know what you think, any constructive criticism or praise would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Fontaine
  10. ive made my mind up and am buying it in the UK, i will scope out singapore and see what i can get, i can always sell the original on ebay. once again thanks for the many replies and advice! Cheers Fontaine
  11. That is a hilarious shot, and yes it is common (but not in such a graphic manner usually its a dust cloud of poo and they suck it up)... I love it!! some sort of twisted fish life pornography....
  12. extremely nice pictures, especially the first one!
  13. which lens did you use for 1,2, 3 and 5????? Those are fantastic shots!!! I spent time in El Hierro and southern Gran Canaria working as a dive instructor and never saw any gorgonians (if thats what they are???) like those!!! or maybe my memory is just failing me... Fantastic pictures!!!!
  14. Cheers guys! I wish I was going to the states first but dont have enough time, I think I may just get it in London, 599 pounds for the body doesnt seem like a bad deal to me, and I am itching to get my hands on it and test out the new housing in the pool before I get to Bali, add in the hassle factor and I think that may be the best option. Ive never been to Singapore before and am not a big fan of negotiating/bargaining so I think I will leave it for next time and maybe just get an Ipod this time. Thanks Fontaine
  15. Hello, Im looking to buy a canon 500d. I am based in the UK but am traveling to Bali with a day in Singapore as my layover, I keep hearing that Singapore has cheap electronics. Can anyone here confirm this???? Is it that much cheaper? Cheers, Fontaine
  16. I lived in Roatan for nearly two years, i started diving there, its given me the best experience of my life, my wife, my daughter, my job, and wonderful memories. The diving certainly is good but cant be compared to the Indo-Pacific, however the people (expats, backpackers, tourists and locals), the nightlife, the restaurants, and the natural beauty of the place make it a very desirable and special destination. I have travelled the world and Roatan will always be my favorite place, however it has changed since i was there and has become more developed and a lot of good people have moved on but I still have loads of friends there and cant wait to go back for a visit. Not to mention I stayed at seagrapes for the majority of those two years but it has changed a lot as well...
  17. Dont be sorry Jeff, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt doing something wrong... I guess the question now is, is optical glass really that much better then acrylic? I have a inon glass 165 degree port lens on my p and s and love it!!!, but i was caught in a hairy situation in the galapagos with an extremely strong current and a reef hook and managed to scratch my lens and it now shows up in close up shots and also in some other shots that are far off... Im not sold yet on acrylic but it seems to me that it would be hugely beneficial to be able to repair any scratches rather then replace a whole lens that costs over 1 grand (although to replace just the lens on my inon only costs about 130 bucks, do you know what it would cost to replace just the dome lens on the seatool?). what are your thoughts????? Cheers!
  18. So are you saying that with the seatool all the accessories like tray handles, adaptor rings etc... turns out to be only 4 or 500 more then the sea and sea with the equivalent setup? Cheers, Fontaine ADDED: Ok so i just did some calculations and to get the Sea and Sea set up with all accessories for the tokina and 60mm is roughly $2954 and seatool $4468. The seatool housing alone costs only 300 less then the entire sea and sea set up, i can get the standard port with the Sea and sea which supposedly fits the 60mm in it... Also seatool only seems to have optical glass ports which are far more expensive then s and s acrylic (i would rather have acrylic as i can fix the scratches)... Anyway I dont know if im missing something in my calculations or you are but 4 or 500 dollars more for the seatool set up sounds great but from my calculations seems highly incorrect. Pease let me know if i am doing something very wrong...
  19. hes in a moody mood, how couldnt you tell??
  20. Cheers guys, this histogram and shooting in RAW is foreign to me, I have heard of it but dont know how to go about it???? I wish i was closer to the shrimp as well, i just spotted this tiny popcorn shrimp hidden in a sponge and got a lucky shot off as the strobe was just showing through the cracks of the sponge and luckily lit the shrimp up (my lens and strobe was as close as they could get, without damaging any marine life).. i call it moody because of the colors and the fact that hes on his own... Mike, Im half norwegian thats why i was in Norway (to see family) but yes im now in the oil business as a commercial inspection diver in Nigeria, cant wait to get my time off so I can get my SLR set up and go diving!!! Diverdon, Maybe you could point me to a link that explains shooting in RAW and explains looking at histograms as I am a bit clueless (FYI i am getting a canon 500d, maybe that will help you explain the RAW shooting)... thanks in advanced for any effort you put forth Cheers, Fontaine
  21. Hey guys, heres a couple I would love your opinions on... MOODY SHRIMP, Tobago - olympus stylus 700 p and s, inon macro lens, s and s ys 27 strobe... I really like this shot but was wondering what other people thought. anemone in Lofoten, Norway. same set up as above. Cheers!
  22. I have researched this a lot on this forum and the set up im going for is the sea and sea rdx 450 (i would rather have seatool but its twice the price), 60mm macro lens, and the tokina 10-17mm. Cheers
  23. good question!!!!! i cant wait to see your results Lauri!! please dont forget... which housing are you using for the test Lauri???
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