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  1. Cheers Scott, this helps loads! Fontaine
  2. Thanks a lot!! I never would have thought the shrimp was soft until you said it... thanks for getting the brain gears cranking! Cheer, Fontaine
  3. Hello, I would love it if you guys could give me some constructive criticism. Ive been taking UW pics for about two years and am a keen amateur/novice, and would love to hear some advice to get my brain thinking about improvement. Heres three semi random shots: This was taking snorkelling in the Galapaos, with an Olympus Stylus 700 point and shoot with an Inon WA fish eye lens 165. This was taken in Tobago, with the same point and shoot except with an inon macro lens, sea and sea ys-27 strobe, and a focus light. Taken in Galapagos, with the same set up as the second shot.
  4. Cheers Steve! Yeah as time has passed I have added bits and pieces like the S and S ys-27 strobe, inon macro lens, inon fish eye 165 WA, and a focus light. I can focus quite close with my olympus maybe three inches away in SM and 4 or 5 in regular macro, unfortunately the flash does not operate in SM mode so I cant use my strobe, i just try and light up the subject with the focus light. Sorry im not related to Gilmore. Thanks for the advice, I will put up some single shot posts in the photo critque section and hopefully get some more critique. Thanks Fontaine
  5. Please be gentle, I am a novice photographer. This is a link to my set in Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontainedento...57617838908772/ Keep in mind that some of these pics were taken on my first dive with a camera, and I know there are some obvious mistakes. Anyway I would really love to hear some constructive criticism to get my brain thinking about how I can improve my UW photography. Of course I would also love to hear what you like about the picture as well as what you dislike... Thanks very much for your advice! These pictures were taken from the New Zealand, Grenadines, Norway, Scotland, Tobago, Galapagos, and Virginia Beach. added... woops, i didnt see the photo critique section... will post this on the proper board sorry Cheers, Fontaine
  6. I just asked the same question more or les on the begginner forum and this link has some fantastic info on the 10-17. Heres MR. Mustards review http://www.amustard.com/?page=pro&ext=...news&size=s I found this very helpful...
  7. Wow, the lens of my dreams Thanks very much Steve, I found both the pictures and Mustards review exceptionally helpful! I have added it to my wish list and cant wait to get in the water. I guess its a no brainer but the ideal port for this lens would be a fish eye dome port, right? Cheers
  8. Hello, Ive been using a P and S and am going to be purchasing a Canon 500D soon (with a Sea and Sea housing), I am a bit confused with the sea of WA lenses available for purchase. With my P and S I use an Inon 165 degree "fish eye" wet mount lens and absolutely love it, basically I want to buy a lens and a port that will give me the same effect as this lens on my canon. Should i be looking to get a fixed focal length fish eye lens with fish eye dome port? or.. Should i be looking to get an ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle lens with normal dome port or fish eye dome port? or.. Can I just use the standard 18-55mm lens that comes with the camera and put it in a fish eye dome port and still get the fish eye effect? I dont need a full 180 degrees, i like the 165 because i think its maybe more versatile then a 180 degree fixed focal length lens (i could be dead wrong).... Anyway I am a beginner when it comes to DSLRs and need some advice, I have searched through the beginner forums and havnt found the info im looking for. I just want a good versatile lens and port which proves to be good for a variety of WA subjects and I love to have the rounded fish eye effect..... Thanks for any advice you have for me, I would love to hear what your favorite WA set up is for your Canon!!! Maybe I could twist your arm into showing me your wonderful pics to give me an example of what a fixed focal length fish eye lens gives you in comparison to some other WA lenses . Cheers!
  9. Thanks Peter and everyone else for the great advice! After taking everyones opinions and advice into careful consideration I THINK I am set on getting the 500D. Ive just found that ive got a friend who can get me a great deal on Canons as well so that has kind of sealed the deal, my wife also has the 450D so we could share lenses and make investments together, and I really like the look (and price) of the Sea and Sea RDX450, lets just hope the 500D actually fits into it .... I have moved away from having to have quality LV AF, but think Peter is spot on in his recommendation for when LV is a great thing to use, hopefully it will be more advanced and widely available in a few years... Cheers, Fontaine
  10. Ive been eyeing up the Tamron macro lenses as well, my question is if the lens is 6.5 inches long (tamron 180mm) and ikelite has a port for lenses "less then 6.5 inches" does that mean I have to go to the next port up at 7.1 inches? or can i get the 6.5 incher? Would the excess port interfere in the shot? Also have you looked at the Tamron 180mm, it has a weird grip handle thing at the bottom and doesnt look to me like it would even fit in a housing or port, do you know anything about this, maybe I could just chop it off with a hack saw. hehe Thanks for the info as I have just sent a long list of questions to BS Kinectics and my main question was about TTL, good to know, I guess Ikelite is the way forward... shame only two companies make housings for this camera Cheers!
  11. Yeah my wife has the 450 D, so if I get the 500D and a housing that would mean I would have to share the housing with her.... Dont know if thats a good thing hahaha... She doesnt have the lenses that I want but if she did the deal would be sealed and I would go for the 500D as Sea and Sea have a nice cheap housing out for the 450 D (side by side the dimensions and controls appear to be identical as shown on DPreview). I think ive made my mind up on the Sony a350 though, I really want LV AF and its cheaper, plus it will be all mine hahahaha ...
  12. I would love to hear about anyone who has an UW macro set up for the Sony a350... What housing you use? Which macro lenses and which ports? Any suggestions you may have, and your general feeling about the set up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. I have been doing my research but as a first time SLR purchaser this stuff gets pretty complicated and it would be really nice to hear what has worked for you! Cheers, Fontaine
  13. Thanks Jim that helps big time... Also ive figured that the LV AF is not an option for either of these cameras underwater, I guess I will be going for the 500D or a Sony instead. Thanks everyone for the advice!
  14. Yeah the Sony 350 was my original choice then these two came out, is it not possible that Canon and Nikon have improved their live view AF features????? (as far as I could tell on the 450D it was not even possible to have AF on live view) Im working in Africa for the next few months and dont have access to camera shops to test these cameras out, thats why I have to wait a few months to make my purchase, and why I have to ask questions like this, hopefully somebody will be able to test them out for me in the meantime...
  15. what other forums would you suggest? i have a couple months before im making the purchase so hopefully the housings will be out and I can get some good feedback. I dont want to sound like an idiot but what do you mean by mileage? Are you saying that Nikons last longer then Canons, or vice-versa? Cheers for the info!
  16. So I have been waiting to buy a DSLR for a while now and feel that im entering the market at a great time with the release of the Canon 500D and the Nikon D-5000. What I like the best about them is the fact that they have live view auto focus as I am used to looking at the live view with my point and shoot. I am a novice photographer and have been using a point and shoot so I know I will be very happy with either of these set ups, my question is which would you prefer (ignoring which lenses you own etc..)??? I was just reading the Nikon vs. Canon thread under the "Best of DSLR" forum and my understanding is that Canon does not make 180 degree fish eye lenses for anything other then the 5D, if this is the case then Nikon will be my easy choice as I love shooting very wide angle, can anyone confirm this? Just from reading the descriptions of these two cameras it seems the Nikon has neater live view autofocus features, but less mega pixels, and is fifty bucks cheaper. So I guess what im really asking is: Nikon or Canon, which should I go for??????
  17. Im in the same boat as you and ive got an olympus stylus with inon WA and macro wet lenses and love to be able to change between the two underwater, but at the same time it is a pain in the ass and i think my photography would be better off if i just dedicated the dive to one or the other... Anyway my point is that you could just put your P and S in your BCD pocket and when a big ol whale shark or manta comes by you can get the shot if your quick enough to pull it out in time...
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