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  1. Hi - We're looking for a supplier or consultant. We used the WHOI folks last year to provide the ROV, but will be working with the ROPOS crew this year. -Ed
  2. Hi all - I have a client with a unique 3D underwater need. I am looking for an expert in this field. The project involves sending 3D video from depths in excess of one mile using fibre. We are currently doing this with 1920x1080 cameras but are now investigating 3D. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. Kind Regards, Ed McNichol 425-239-4414 ed@mcnichol.com EDcetera, a division of Mumbian Enterprises, Inc., provides post-production editing, training and workflow consulting based on 29 years of global video expertise, combining technical proficiency with strong storytelling and great customer service. Ed McNichol is also a SCUBA Divemaster, certified in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Boat Diver, Enriched Air Diver, CPR+AED, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, HSA and Rescue Diver. He is also a NOAA Observer Diver and underwater videographer.
  3. I recommend one instance for each pair of cores. If you have 12 cores, then 6 instances should maximize your results.
  4. Nice video - I really like the close work. What are you using for camera support? I caught a glimpse of it in one shot but couldn't tell what it was. Does it allow for camera movement or just lockdown shots? And that wolfie has been there for some time now, but I've never seen him come out. He's generally in the pipe on the upslope center portion of the Geodome.
  5. Hi Steve - If you're working in a shared storage facility, the AE Render Engine helps greatly. It's also not too bad if you're not using a ton of heavy (1080 10 bit) footage - it has to kick out the clips as well as the comps to the nodes. -Ed
  6. Hi There - Yes, file based formats record each start/stop as a single clip. There are workflow solutions to group clips together, depending on your editing solution.
  7. Hi - It looks like a good start. I don't know how much feedback you're looking for - let me know if you want a list of suggestions...
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