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  1. Hi Chris, that's exactly what i'm after, thanks. Yes the 240 dome does seem to have the same recommendations as the NX compact dome port, which all in all is handy for me and my current collection of port extensions. Cheers Dan
  2. I'd like a bit of advice from any Sea&sea rig owners who either have an old port chart (or better still experience) of the Sea&Sea Dome port 240 please. I'm looking to upgrade my trusty NX compact dome port to claim back a bit of corner sharpness when i'm using my Canon 8-15 and 16-35 f4 lenses. Sea&Sea only show their current models on their website port chart so I can't get a grip on which extension rings i'd need and other issues like using the focus ring as a zoom knob etc. I appreciate the company is going through some changes right now so my emails aren't going to be their highest priority. If anyone has any advice on this it would be gratefully received (and so would a second hand universal dome port AR come to think of it...) Cheers Dan
  3. Shout if you still need the lens - London based dan@submergination.com
  4. Hi there, Is the large dome port a 'fisheye dome port 240'? If so, I'm interested in that and the extension ring 20 if they're still available? thanks Dan
  5. Interested in the 45 degree viewfinder if it’s still available?
  6. Sobering, especially given implications to air safety. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Sorry I don’t have experience with that specific diopter but I can highly recommend the Nauticam SMC for optical quality. It’s stronger than +5 so depth of field can be hilariously thin! Hope that helps. Dan
  8. For a two layer piece of mind I suggest an insurance policy that covers you for accidental loss or unexplained flooding as these are quite common yet don’t always appear in the schedule. I also suggest getting a vacuum leak detection system for extra piece of mind. Personally I use divemaster Insurance. Hope that helps. Dan
  9. Hi there, How much would you charge to ship to the UK please?
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