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  1. Air Nuigini flies SIN-POM 4 days a week (and $$$). Not SQ.
  2. Put in my vote for Puerta Galera -- but stay at El Galleon.
  3. Is there a direct flight to POM from SIN now???
  4. Lembeh Resort is absolutely beautiful, but you have to know there is NOTHING to do around the resort except diving. There is a very small spa and yes, there is an excursion to go see those big-eyed monkeys (Tasiers?), but you can't even walk to anything -- it's surrounded by jungle. There is a nice pool but no beach. It seems to me if you want to make it to year eleven (wink), you should find someplace with more activities for your wife. Bali would be IDEAL. Beaches, shopping galore, temples...and fantastic diving, muck and all. Or if you want a more secluded romantic resort, how about Wakatobi? At least there is a beach, and you can do shore diving or snorkeling with your wife. Best way to Manado, Bali, the Maldives or anywhere in that part of the world from IAH is with United via NRT to Bangkok or Singapore, then connect thru there. (there is no more Continental) Are you using an agent? You may want to give Reef and Rainforest a call. The can answer all your questions and probably come up with something perfect.
  5. we just got back from curacao (in fact typing from MIA as i chg planes). its out of the hurricane belt and we didnt see a drop of rain. i've always poo-poo'd caribbean diving but i have to say i was super impressed. lots of amazing shore dives. let me know if yiu need resort recommends, we explored the island .
  6. i agree a non photographer would be bored to tears in lembeh. but i think the maldives is ideal for an anniversary trip. i stayed at bandos many years ago when i had under 50 dives and i felt very comfortable. the took the newbies to the easy sites. my husband and i are going back next month for our first anniversary and doing it right this time; a week on the aggressor and a week in an overwater villa at the new hyatt. i cant imagine a more perfect trip.
  7. Thanks Luka, that scuba board review is wonderful -- looking forward to reading your others. I'll look more closely at Maluku -- I always wanted to go there,. Do you know who flies to Ambon from DPS? I've been checking but I don't see anything. Probably have to change in UPG? I have terrible luck with Indo airlines including missed connections, 7 hour delays and near-death experiences! and Thanks Saga -- Mermaid was my first choice as the dates are perfect. Unfortunely they, along with every other liveaboard during my dates in Indonesia, are sold out : ( I think right now my first choice is Alor divers. If they would only answer my email (sigh). I'm worried all the great stuff is no longer available. Maybe WWDS will come up with an alternate boat. I just don't see how they can possible find something of equal quality in such a short time period.
  8. Hey Nautilus, I heard that's what WWDS is trying to do that and I'm crossing my fingers. But I still want a back-up plan. All the liveaboards to Alor/Komodo are already sold out during our time-frame. I'll PM you our dates -- wonder if we're on the same sailing?
  9. Thanks Chris, I'll do that! I see Dive Timor Lorosae has some rooms which look really nice, as well as "The Castaway bar", which looks great. I sent them an email yesterday. It says on their web page they can get a boat out with a minimum of 6.
  10. thx mike! i knew it wouldn't be long before you came up with something. i'll check it out.
  11. yes i KNOW! We were booked on it! (rolling eyes)That is why I'm asking about info for dive resorts in TL. The country is slill there, isnt it?
  12. I thought i'd give this ancient thread a bump. We were booked on the Oriental Siren so are holding tickets to Dili already. We'd still like to go. A friend of mine was there a couple years ago and said it was all shore diving and accomodations were pretty much a couple of business hotels in downtown Dili. Has anything changed since then? Are there any small dive resorts or boats yet? I'm not finding alot of info.
  13. We were booked on the Oriental Siren to Timor Leste in September -- I think everyone's heard by now it's floating out to sea in Malaysia. I'm hoping for the best, but we need a back-up plan. We have Intl flight to Bali in September giving us 15 days, but want some time in Bali at beginning and end. Been to RA (3x) and Lembeh and done Bali to death. Looking for a somewhat remote resort with a great house reef where we can do our own thing (without a DM following us around) -- Unlimited shore diving. Wakitobi is PERFECT, but the flights don't fit with ours. Heard great things about Alor Divers, but don't relish the o/n in Kupang in both directions. Maluku in Ambon? My husband is not a photographer so there has to be more than muck. (Me, I could live in the muck). Maratua in Kalimantan? (Really a pain to get to) Derawan? We don't need luxury, just great diving and cold beer. But I would rather not fly all over Indo on puddle-jumpers and o/n on the way, but we'll do it if its worth it. Anyplace with a direct flight from DPS? I wish I could see a domestic route map with all the airlines.
  14. Thanks Drew. I have no problem bringing only one bottle of wine each into the country. And even if I pick some up in Jakarta, I imagine it will still be much cheaper than paying boat prices. But my question is can you get it through the domestic terminal? I know some places don't follow the carry-on liquid ban, (Trinidad to Tobago or Tahiti to Rangiroa for instance), but I would be shocked if Indo was so flexible. Do you put it in your checked luggage? Since I'm only allowed 20k, I'll be carrying a soft bag and that will be maxed out with dive gear etc. We're on The Seahorse. I've read the price of wine is ridiculously expensive, like 70usd for a cheap bottle of Aussi red. I've been on boats that throw in wine for free, but I've never heard of anyone charging a corkage fee. That's pretty nervy.
  15. you can't beat Wakatobi. That house reef just blew my mind.
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