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  1. Hello, I'm selling my Ikelite D300 digital camera housing. The housing is in great condition except for a few minor scratches. It has never leaked or flooded and will be ready to dive out of the box. All you need to provide is a domeport. I'm asking 700 which will include shipping. I'm attaching some photos.
  2. Hello, I'm selling my ikelite housing for my nikon d300 digital camera. I sold the camera so I don't need the housing anymore. It will not include a dome port. I'm asking $700. You can email me at sharkdiver289@yahoo.com if you're interested I don't make it on here to much anymore
  3. Hello, I'm selling a gently used and greatly loved housing for a Nikon D300 camera. The housing is made by Ikelite and has one trip to Guadalupe on it. The rest of the set has been parted out already. All that is left is the housing. It has been kept in a cool environment in an adult non-smoking home. I paid 1500 for it. I'll be asking 925 for it plus reasonable shipping of your choice. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at sharkdiver289@yahoo.com. Good luck and dive safe.
  4. I will part the system out I'll let the housing go for 1200 the dome port for 150 and the strobes arm and synch cord go for 1150 The camera body with charger and two batteries for 900
  5. Hello, I'm selling a gently used Patima Housing as well as the the 1080p hd Sanyo Xacti camera. Included in the sale is: Sanyo HD2000 digital video camera Above water wide angle lens adapter and lens 2 batteries Docking port with wires Remote Control Patima Housing---2 piece solid aluminum housing with controls on the rear. You have complete control of the camera's functions including the manual white balance via the remote control whic is placed in the housing. I paid $1200 for the housing, $600 for the camera, battery, and wide angle lens. I am looking to get $1500 for the lot and I will include free shipping to the US. If you are interested email me here or at sharkdiver289@yahoo.com Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. Homepage
  6. Hello, It's time to calm down a bit with the photography collection! I'm selling the body of my Nikon D300 digital camera, spare batteries, and charging and the accompanying housing, strobes, sync cord and standard lens port. The only thing that will not be included is the CF card. There are about 30 dives on the camera and it has been loved. The sale will include: Nikon D300 body Ikelite Housing for Nikon D300 Wide Angle Dome port(not the ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel)) Ttl dual synch cord Two Ds125 strobes One Strobe Charger Nikon Battery Charger All in all I have around 4700 invested in this setup. I Will be looking to get around 3200 or best reasonable offer with shipping included. Thank you and feel free to contact me here or at sharkdiver289@yahoo.com Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. Homepage
  7. Hello, I thought I would try it here first before i put it on ebay friday. I'm selling my olympus SW 790 shock and waterproof camera along with the olympus pt041 housing. The camera is green and is one year old. I am the original owner. The only issues with the camera are two small cosmetic. The first being some wear on the front chrome, the second being some where on the command dial. The housing has been used on two dives. The rear of the camera has been covered with a screen protector since the day I bought it. I'm asking 300 for the camera, charger, two batteries and 2gb xd card. I will cover the shipping costs. I am selling it because I have bought a dslr. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL ME AT sharkdiver289@yahoo.com so we can expedite the transaction.
  8. I'm thinking about a patima housing for a sanyo camera...anyone have any experience with this company/housing?
  9. Anyone here anything about Canon's new underwater housing for the hf20 and hf200? How are the cameras. Apparently canon is releasing their first housing the WP-V1. The housing says it will have a great white balance capability for one of the scene modes. Anyone have more info besides the press release which is as follows: February 18, 2009 – Canon U.S.A., Inc, a leader in digital imaging technology, announces an exciting first with its new WP-V1 Waterproof Case for the VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 Flash Memory Camcorders. Consumers can now dive up to depths of 130 feet and still be able to capture exciting underwater adventures. The ultimate accessory for divers who want to shoot video and photos while underwater, this compact and light-weight housing hugs the camcorder like a wet suit, enabling easy on-camera operation and control. Whether filming sharks off the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling in the warm waters of the Caribbean or simply wading in the water at your local beach, the Canon WP-VI Waterproof Case and corresponding VIXIA camcorders are ideal devices for capturing both video and photos. As an added plus, once enabled in the Special Scene mode, the white balance is controlled in a way which is ideally suited to an underwater environment. “Canon is excited to offer consumers a go-anywhere option in the camcorder market,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “By broadening our accessory offerings, Canon can now service an expanded audience of those who need water-resistant products for their work or recreational use.” About the Canon VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 Flash Memory Camcorders Canon’s most compact high-definition Flash Memory camcorders, the VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 are powerhouse options for anyone looking to take their HD camcorder with them wherever they go. The VIXIA HF20 offers the option of recording to a 32GB internal Flash drive or SDHC card slot and the VIXIA HF200 records to a SDHC memory card only. Additional features include a 3.89 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor, newly designed Genuine Canon 15x HD Video Lens, Genuine Canon Face Detection, Video Snapshot and Dual Shot Modes, and an Advanced Auto Exposure system. The WP-V1 Waterproof Case for the VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 Flash Memory Camcorders is scheduled to be available in May for an estimated retail price of $599.
  10. Anyone know anything about the reef rider housing line, they look interesting enough www.reef-rider.de it's in german
  11. i know you can add a tray to the bottom of the epoque with lights, i don't know about the patima
  12. Thanks for the response...have you personally used either of the setups?
  13. Hello, I've read several posts from people who have had problems with the Epoque housing and I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has had a good experience with the housing. The sanyo hd2000 has received great reviews from all the reporting sites. Manual ISO, WB, low lux etc. The problem is with the housing...I haven't seen any positive posts, several negative, but no positive. I spoke with the US distributor today and he said that he sells quite a few of them and they do not receive complaints...i'd like to hear from the people who are happy with their purchase. I'm trying to figure out a new housing purchase for a guadalupe trip. I have a sony hc7 but i'm looking for a compact housing. It may be easier to get the sanyo and a small housing. Also...anyone have any experience with patima housings?
  14. ikelite housings have a manual white balance function that works well with touch screen cameras like the sony hc hdv line
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