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  1. Hi Pavel... That's very good to hear as I already ordered one through Sven van Langenhove from Hugy :-D
  2. I re-read the manual for the UWT and it seems like it is completely controlled through the camera (a decade ago I had the old Henrich Weinkamp that most definitely wasn't)... So I settled for UWT (as I got a little discount through the nice Hugy people! :-D)
  3. I only shoot manual, so TTL is not really important but I would DEFINITELY need the support for HSS :-D It's going to be fit inside a Hugyfot housing (yes I know: Canon AND Hugy - I'm a rare breed! ) My understanding from what I've read is that both Turtle and UWT would support my needs. The main difference is setup of trigger (software vs switch type) and battery type (Rechargeable vs CRsomething). And both Balasz and Pavel seems like nice guys My questions are: Does anyone have experience with the user experience underwater on the Canon? Is everything just controlled through camera menus (flash control and exposure (over and under 1/200s) or is there something that needs to be setup on the trigger for switching between HSS and 'normal' operation? Are both triggers smart enough to just switch to HSS operation without user interference? (I would prefer to manually setup power output on the strobe in any case) What would YOU recommend? It's apparently only the Manual version of the Turtle trigger that supports HSS on Canon which actually makes it a bit cheaper than the UWT option. /Mikkel
  4. Due to system upgrade I'm selling this brute!... You know the brand - built like a tank - vacuum system faultless - simplicity and quality over finnicky plastic controls! Heinrich Weinkamp TTL converter (never used) and 2 nikonos bulkheads. Ports and house shows marks of wear (from about 400 dives) but no visible scratches on acryllic (Macro port has only 20 dives since last polish - Wide angle about the same). Minor post-production modification to vacuum indicator - makes it MUCH easier to see diodes. No defects to electronics or hardware. Reach out for more detailed pictures. Complete package 950 EUR plus postage - Paypal accepted.
  5. I can't count the times I've used MicroMesh and the result is always outstanding. For scratches on my macro port I've created a velcropad for my Dremel and cut small round pieces to fit - that makes scratch removal SOOO much faster :-D
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Mikkel from Denmark. I've been diving for 12 years - photographing underwater for 12 years. I use a Canon 5D mkIV in a Hugyfot house and have won the Danish National Championsship a couple of times. I'm also World Ambassador for Hugyfot. Love to be here!
  7. I normally use white vinegar and water 1:50(ish) and then wipe the housing in an silicone oiled cloth - that keeps stains away!
  8. I have a problem and unfortunately I have only myself to blaim, but I hope that one of You could offer some advice :-) I have JUST recieved my beautiful Hugyfot for the Canon 5dmkII that i bought through Fotografit/Lars Kirkegaard here in Denmark. In my ignorance when ordering the housing I took a short look at my Ikelite strobes and my Y-sync cable and identified their ends as S-6 pin Subtronic connections (could i be more wrong?)... Now I can see, that I was quite mistaken (picture me banging my head against the wall!...) - Aaaargh! As I understand the Ikelite connectors are quite proprietary - right? I also got the Heinrich Weinkamp ttl converter for the Canon and Ikelites - that should still be ok, if I can find a way to connect my strobes, although I'm not sure how the TTL converter is connected to the bulkhead - the S-6 has 6 pins and I only need 5 on the Ikelite ICS. What's the best route from here? - Replace the bulkhead (I'm not sure Hugy provides Ikelite bulkheads - I haven't seen any...) - Get an Ikelite bulkhead and install it in the Hugy (BIG operation = not wanted) - Find (if possible) a S-6 to two Ikelite ICS strobes cable (highly unlikely that anyone makes this) - Buy a Subtronic sync cable and walk the DYI way and split my existing cable together with this on - Some completely different way Pleeease advice... Kindest Regards Mikkel Noe
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