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  1. Due to system upgrade I'm selling this brute!... You know the brand - built like a tank - vacuum system faultless - simplicity and quality over finnicky plastic controls! Heinrich Weinkamp TTL converter (never used) and 2 nikonos bulkheads. Ports and house shows marks of wear (from about 400 dives) but no visible scratches on acryllic (Macro port has only 20 dives since last polish - Wide angle about the same). Minor post-production modification to vacuum indicator - makes it MUCH easier to see diodes. No defects to electronics or hardware. Reach out for more detailed pictures. Complete package 950 EUR plus postage - Paypal accepted.
  2. I can't count the times I've used MicroMesh and the result is always outstanding. For scratches on my macro port I've created a velcropad for my Dremel and cut small round pieces to fit - that makes scratch removal SOOO much faster :-D
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Mikkel from Denmark. I've been diving for 12 years - photographing underwater for 12 years. I use a Canon 5D mkIV in a Hugyfot house and have won the Danish National Championsship a couple of times. I'm also World Ambassador for Hugyfot. Love to be here!
  4. I normally use white vinegar and water 1:50(ish) and then wipe the housing in an silicone oiled cloth - that keeps stains away!
  5. I have a problem and unfortunately I have only myself to blaim, but I hope that one of You could offer some advice :-) I have JUST recieved my beautiful Hugyfot for the Canon 5dmkII that i bought through Fotografit/Lars Kirkegaard here in Denmark. In my ignorance when ordering the housing I took a short look at my Ikelite strobes and my Y-sync cable and identified their ends as S-6 pin Subtronic connections (could i be more wrong?)... Now I can see, that I was quite mistaken (picture me banging my head against the wall!...) - Aaaargh! As I understand the Ikelite connectors are quite proprietary - right? I also got the Heinrich Weinkamp ttl converter for the Canon and Ikelites - that should still be ok, if I can find a way to connect my strobes, although I'm not sure how the TTL converter is connected to the bulkhead - the S-6 has 6 pins and I only need 5 on the Ikelite ICS. What's the best route from here? - Replace the bulkhead (I'm not sure Hugy provides Ikelite bulkheads - I haven't seen any...) - Get an Ikelite bulkhead and install it in the Hugy (BIG operation = not wanted) - Find (if possible) a S-6 to two Ikelite ICS strobes cable (highly unlikely that anyone makes this) - Buy a Subtronic sync cable and walk the DYI way and split my existing cable together with this on - Some completely different way Pleeease advice... Kindest Regards Mikkel Noe
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