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  1. The CB70 is a great bag. I've been using one for the past 4-5 years in both fresh and saltwater and I've not had any trouble with the zipper. I use it to carry an Oly 4/3 system and I can get the set up camera and strobes, 3 ports, a couple of lenses and the CB76 toolkit, which is very handy, in the bag. It also folds flat for travel, I flatten it and put it in the checked bag with the rest of the dive kit, photo kit gets carried on. Bryce
  2. Josh, Not at, the lens focuses just out side the dome at the narrow end of the zoom and on it at the wide. This has been my go to lens since I got it, I only put on the 60mm unless I feel that I need the magnification. I'm on Instagram as brycegibsonuwp if you look through my gallery and find the first bright blue fish, male Spotfin Shiner, was taken with the 12-40 at 12 or close to it and the next one probably close to 40 and all of the following to the fiddlehead fern were taken with the 12-40.
  3. I've been using using the 12-40 for freshwater subjects such as darters, shiners, chubs, etc. Just take your time, approach your subject slowly, then get a little closer. Don't discount the 40mm end of this lens either, it's great when the visibility isn't so great. Bryce
  4. The first image is an Echinoderm of some sort, maybe an urchin, the second maybe an isopod.
  5. I'm considering changing systems, does anyone have any underwater experience or reviews of the A9? Is Nauticam the only housing manufacturer with a Nikonos adapter? I mostly shoot macro and cfwa, what lenses would be recommended for those applications? Thanks, Bryce
  6. Canthigaster rostrata, Caribbean Sharpnose Puffer
  7. Mostly Southeastern U.S. freshwater images https://www.instagram.com/brycegibsonuwp/ I hope you like them.
  8. Nikon 12-24mm f4.0, great lens $450 or best offer, I'll pay shipping in CONUS.
  9. I'm away from my reference books right now so I can't be positive, but you should check out the dragonets.
  10. It's been a great lens, but I've changed to an EM-5 system and no longer need this lens. $550.00 and I'll pay shipping in CONUS. Bryce
  11. Housing #6812 for Nikon D70s 6” dome port #5503.50 Flat port #5502.41 Zoom gears #9059.8 for lenses 71.12mm or less and #5509.28 for lenses 71.12-76-21mm Single sync cord #4103.51 Dual sync cord #4103.52 1-cold shoe ball mount, 2-balls mounts for the handle Micro-Mesh acrylic restorer kit Nikon D70s body in box with cables, charger and documentation 3-EN-EL3 Nikon battery packs 1-EN-EL3 Targus battery pack $1,200.00 Also for sale: Nikkor 12-24mm AF-S f/4G IF-ED lens $750.00 Bryce
  12. At first glance, and with no reference material available, I'd say a species of Murex. Where are you?
  13. I captured this little guy, about 2.5 cm or a little less, in about 30' of water at Panama City Beach, Florida. I think it might be a juvi goldspot goby, Gnatholepis thompsoni, before the pectoral spot forms. The rest of the coloration fits. Any thoughts?
  14. I'm sorry, but it isn't a fluke. It is a flounder of the genus Paralichthys, one of the sand flounders. My money is that it's a P. albigutta, gulf flounder, but I would need to see more of its visible side to be sure. Google also P. dentatus, summer flounder and P. lethostigma, southern flounder. All three have very similar faces, but a positive diagnosis can be made by observing the arrangement and types of spots that are on the visible side. BHB = Blue Heron Bridge. Bryce
  15. The cirri, those protrusions from his head between his eyes. Almost all blennies have them, gobies don't. Although they are not visible in you image a blennies pelvic fin are seperated whereas most gobies pelvis fins are fused together. Bryce
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