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  1. When fitting the gopro 5 into the official dive housing the video shows the front lens being removed. What purpose does this serve? Will it not fit in the official housing without it being removed? I have bought two different manufactures housings and the camera fits without removing the said lens. I would have thought that the camera would be a lot safer, just in case the housing floods with the lens in place. Any comments. Thanks.
  2. anybody know of an adaptor to attach three quarter loc line to a 1 inch standard ball? Thanks.
  3. I've just bought a gopro hero 5 black and two underwater jackets from different manufactures. I see with the official jacket, the front lens is removed before fitting in the housing. The camera fits in the two "copies" without removing the said lens. Is there a disadvantage to not removing the lens? I would have thought it would make better sense to keep it attached to maintain the cameras waterproof credentials. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Tim. I'll give it a try. Alan.
  5. I have a Light and Motion bluefin housing. After several years of light use, it is showing signs of salt marks on its surface. Can anyone suggest a good and safe way to clean it. Thanks.
  6. Which wide angle lens is included gp34a ? Would you include postage to UK? Thanks. Alan.
  7. Thanks Peter. Yes that was my idea but instead of tying the line to the loop, I was thinking of using a very small carabina as a quick release. As yet I've had no luck in finding anything suitable. Alan.
  8. anybody got any recommendations for a carabina type clip, either plastic or stainless, as means to secure the light heads to the housing via the locoline arms? Thanks Alan
  9. Hi, I've just been trying out my new L & M Bluefin Pro/Canon HF G10 at the swiming pool. When using my HID Sunray lights, I've noticed Whites, and skin tones look a little overexposed. Is there a cure for this without underexposing the rest of the scene? Thanks Alan.
  10. The company has agreed to a refund. Now I wait with baited breath for it to materialize. Thanks all for your help. Alan.
  11. The camera is not switchable. I did intend to use the camera for underwater use in my L&M housing, and use my sony hd camera ( PAL ) for surface shots. Edit with Avid studio and output to DVD and blueray. Alan
  12. Hi, I have just bought a Canon HF G10. When I opened it I found it is a NTSC model With an American power supply. The shop said it will work fine here in the UK. I know I can get a adaptor for the power supply and it is multi voltage, but what about frame rates etc. of the camcorder? Any problems expected? Should I try and get my money back? Any advice please. Alan
  13. Any recommendations for copyright free music sites for video. Thanks Alan.
  14. Hi Peter, are the solas dimmable from the handle of your housing? Thanks Alan.
  15. Were they too bright when dropped to a third power via the pods?
  16. On my older L & M sunray light pods there is a circular switch surrounding the push button. Make sure this is turned to P and not E. Hope this helps. Alan
  17. According to L & M's updated website, anything on the monitor can be transfered to the handles. [ infra red ] I have just bought this camera and am now saving to buy the new housing.
  18. The housing looks great, but can anyone confirm that the CX520 does not have an external microphone socket. If not, how does the housings microphone work? Alan
  19. As new member to this forum,I am looking to replace a blown lamp for my light and motion hid sunrays. I think they use a M21N 002 Welch Allyn. I've seen them for sale for £300.00 + Surely this can't be correct. I think the last time I replaced them they were around £100.00.
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