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  1. ISO (In Search Of) a Type 2 rear ring for the original Inon UW-100 lens. This is the first generation made to work with 35mm focal length of compact cameras. I've been advised the Type 2 rear ring for he Inon UWL-H100 28M67 lens designed for 28mm focal length is different. Anyone having one laying about please email: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
  2. dhaas

    Inon S2000 strobe

    No longer available.
  3. * Used Inon S2000 Strobe Head with diffuser, spare battery door o-ring $260.00 includes domestic USA shipping Compact Camera Package with lightweight tray, YS Mount and Flex Arm, Cord - $360.00 includes domestic US shipping. Confirmed PayPal payment gets shipping in 2 business days. No returns. PM or email questions: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
  4. As Okuma, Angus Parker and Ian Marsh related my advice also is keep it simple. I've been using the Suunto ZOOP computer for years, owning 4 (one is the wife's) and have picked them up used for barely $100 USD. I wear one on each wrist loosely. They're light and I want my computers on me versus a camera I may ditch in an emergency to to help my buddy. Diving NITROX 32 in sport diving depths even if doing 5 one hour dives daily in Philippines I've not run out of bottom time. After an hour or so I'm ready to come up for a coffee anyway I see lots of gear on trips I organize. Most sport divers (and UW hobby photographers) dive above 100' / 30M to enjoy themselves. If you're in this group a simpler user changeable battery Suunto should work fine. The Cressi models have worked well for some fellow divers, too. As we age unless you're a Navy SEAL fitness level I don't see the logic risking injury for 5 more extra minutes of bottom time versus being cautious and conservative.. I want to dive into my 70s and 80s being currently 67 and been diving for 50 years. Computers have been the single greatest advancement for fun, safe comfortable sport diving in my opinion. But it's still just a tool to be used intelligently. Last thing would be transmitters. I've found them to be an expensive solution to a non-existent problem. I route a short braided SPG over my shoulder bungied to my BCD inflator hose. I confess I stole this from a firefighter friend looking at his SCBA pack and how his "contents gauge" was routed. I never liked hoses routed low and with my method I can see it without even picking it up. I do have a bungie holding the BCD inflator / SPG end close to my waist so it doesn't drag the bottom. SPGs are cheap and I travel with a spare hose SPG. I put 2 or 3 dive computers in thin neoprene beer holders and toss them in my backpack carry on. Just one old guy's opinion. David Haas
  5. John Wall was the Digital Doctor at Buddy Dive for many years. He was an excellent underwater photography instructor able to share shooting tips and more in easy to understand terms. His decades of experience was invaluable to people starting out and those who had been shooting for awhile but getting inconsistent results. He's retired now but still living on island. David Haas Haas Photography Inc.
  6. Please email me directly on the Inon S2000 strobe lists for $185.00. 

    Also do you have the small magnet and screw that comes with it?

    Any info appreciated.

    David Haas


    Stow OH 

  7. I long ago gave up shooting and traveling with any SLR camera so these insights are just meant for discussion. Here's another gallery while being landlocked with Glenn using his Nikon Z6, Nikkor 105mm Macro and a Kenko1/4X teleconverter. Plus an adapted Weefine Macro LED flash (!!!!!) https://featherandfins.smugmug.com/Bees-birds-other-beasties/ I realize many will say underwater macro is different. But with an adequate aiming light I will bet the results would be similar. Also the fact Glenn jumped into Mirrorless (he has a Nikon D810 too) and has multiple Nikkor (plus some long telephoto lenses) I value his real world shooting experience. Using his Nikon Z6 on several underwater trips seems to show the Nikon Z6 / Z7 as a possible choice at much less cost. In fact he got his Z6 and Nikon Z "kit" 24-70mm lens just prior to his shark trip. I think his resulting images are what many would hope to get after seeing Tiger Beach shots going back to 2005 when I first went there. I know he has the 14-30mm Z lens and prior to COVID-19 lockdown got some great shots on Grand Cayman with it. The fact camera companies will likely go this route in future development is something to consider if building a new system too.
  8. My friend Glen Ostle jumped in using a Z6 and here's his take: https://www.ikelite.com/blogs/reviews/in-the-field-with-the-nikon-z6-full-frame-camera and two of his galleries: https://featherandfins.smugmug.com/Sea-of-Cortez/ https://featherandfins.smugmug.com/Sharks-of-Bimini/
  9. Can you email me a few more pictures especially the label on the UWL-H100 Type 2 lens?



  10. Add on WA optics are impacted by not only choice of camera (and how wide the native lens goes) but also housing choice. Some compact housings with a fixed port even with threads (67mm typical) when a glass WA lens is threaded on require zooming to 28mm, 35mm or more negating any benefit. One other choice is what is termed these days as an "Air Lens". Basically it's an air filled dome that underwater restores most or sometime all of native lens FOV (field of view or focal length) refraction a housing's flat port narrows the FOV. They are usually less expensive and lighter and have been my choice shooting compact camera's like the Canon G7X II compact (native lens is 24-100mm) for several years. While 24mm doesn't sound that wide if you frame "tight" and get close I've found them to be another possible choice for compact camera underwater shooters.
  11. Evidently you cannot edit a post hence here is updated details. NEW used in a pool one time INON Z330 strobe with all factory accessories. Shown with YS style base mount for FLEX arms BUT NO MOUNT is included. Price - $585.00 USD plus 3% PayPal fee and DOMESTIC US shipping is included. Shipping in two business days after confirmed PayPal payment. Email directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
  12. NEW used in a pool one time INON Z330 strobe with factory accessories. Shown with YS / Z style mount (for FLEX arms.) Price - $625.00 plus 3% PayPal fee and DOMESTIC US shipping is included. Strobe alone without Z Mount $600.00 plus 3% PayPal fee. Shipping in two business days after confirmed PayPal payment. Email directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
  13. Offering for a friend in Salt Lake City, UT USA. As one lot: * Nikonos SB105 Package - Strobe, tray and arm, synch cord (turns on) * Ikelite Substrobe 150 with cord, charger (turns on, battery pack condition unknown otherwise.) * Ultralight Nikonos Flip Tay * Ultralight Arms and DUAL clamps * Sea and Sea 16mm .47X lens with 58mm threads (meant for use with Nikonos 35mm lens) $425.00 plus actual shipping cost. Prefer domestic USA, no returns. Shipping in two business days after confirmed PayPal payment. Email directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
  14. I forwarded your post to some friends of mine who each have Ikelite Canon SL1 housings. They are in Ohio USA and may contact you.

    David Haas


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