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  1. No longer available..........
  2. No longer available............
  3. Nauticam housing only still available. $650.00 or Best Offer including shipping to continental US. Extra for Alaska or Hawaii. Contact directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com Phone EST: 330-329-5981 Payment via PayPal or Zelle only. Shipment in two business days with tracking after confirmed payment. No returns. Email any questions.
  4. Nauticam NA-RX100 II housing complete with box, all factory accessories, manual. Housing only fits the Sony RX100 II which has Sony's 20 Megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) EXMOR sensor and camera's 28-100mm f1.8 lens. Housing is rated for 100M (330') and has accessory port you could add an external monitor. The M16 port can also hard wire a flash connection since the Sony RX100 II camera has a hot shoe. Or simply use the internal flash to trigger external strobes via the built in pop up flash Housing / Camera only - $650.00 or Best Offer shipped to continental US. Extra for Alaska or Hawaii. Contact directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com Phone EST: 330-329-5981 Payment via PayPal or Zelle only. Shipment in two business days with tracking after confirmed payment. No returns. Email any questions .
  5. Two wide angle glass wet lenses for compact housings with 67mm threads. Epoque DCL-30 - $225.00Includes box, instructions, Soft Bag, front and rear lens caps.Inon UWL-H100 Type 2 lens w/ 67mm threads - $275.00Includes box, instructions, Neoprene Cover, front and rear lens caps Shipping additional. Payment by PayPal or Zelle only. Shipment in 2 business days after confirmed payment. No returns. Email directly including name, address, phone to: davidhaas4596@gmail.com Phone / Text EST Ohio: 330-329-5981
  6. Philippines - Compact Canon G7X II using digital zoom, equivalent 160mm focal length. Fantasea housing, DUAL Inon S2000 strobes. Standard scuba waiting patiently before ascending to safety stop depth. I found 1.6X digital zoom is about the max I could use without too much image degradation. Also, the Canon G7X II camera with 20.1 MP 1" sensor has no flash synch limitation. Synchronizes up to 1/2000 of a second in manual or S-TTL flash. dhaas
  7. Sony RX100 VII camera with 4 genuine Sony batteries, Genuine Sony charger (plus additional USB charger), Small Rig grip, Padded case, USB charging cordFantasea FRX100 LE housing plus Inon WA lens.$1,350.00 USD includes domestic US shipping in 2 business days after confirmed payment.PM or email direct any questions.
  8. Yes, avoid this We all laughed including himself......
  9. I believe as Chris and I pointed out critique is fine, just talk tech please. As to the other issue yep, "hiding" on the internet is common and does devalue one's "opinion" (in my opinion If you believe in your points stand up and be counted! Healthy debates I'll bet if done in person say, enjoying each other's company on a dive trip do happen. So please try and think before hitting "send". One final issue regarding us "old timers". While still being enthusiastic underwater image hobbyists we participate because we feel we can help people make good choices and enjoy the activity. One example and comments relative to the various port / lens / wet lens choices....... Hundreds if not thousands of published underwater photos were taken with either a 20mm (about 94 degree field of view) rectilinear (non-fisheye) lens behind a large dome port or the water corrected Nikonos 15mm lens which is also only 94 degrees (being designed and corrected for underwater, it's really a 20mm lens.) Wonderful shots by National Geographic photographers and magazine, advertising and other PAID photographers were made with lenses having less field of view than new offerings. Many beautiful coffee table books were made with rectilinear lenses behind large dome ports too. I believe today's shooters fret way too much over "corner sharpness", specific field of view, etc. The prime point of focus, lighting and overall image impact is much more important than overly debated technical details. Phil and I differ on UW photo topics in some cases by 180 degrees. But I always value his opinion knowing it's from real world shooting and testing. Signed, old geezer diving 51 years and planning my next dive trips! David Haas Stow OH
  10. To readers, Phil Rudin has been around shooting underwater longer than 99% folks here. He and I met in Palm Beach "back in the day" 31 years ago for a photo workshop seminar with National Geographic's David Doubilet. Since then Phil has pushed the envelope in underwater imaging equipment testing writing extensively detailed reviews for the UWPhoto Journal and other publications. His pictures in this post showing the C-53 in Cozumel with different lenses, ports plus the relatively new low cost zoom lens / wet lens choice are guaranteed to help people make informed decisions. Having dived this wreck with many different combinations of gear I doubt few others have comparison photos to explain lens choices, etc. His detailed notes on what lens, port, etc. are extremely helpful too. Any post by Phil should be appreciated for the time and effort he's spent sharing with the underwater photographic community over 3 decades David Haas Stow OH
  11. I don't think Live View should affect flash protocol. It might be more which Live View focussing choice you've selected. Been a few years since I played with a T4i which is a good camera Try holding down both flash tray buttons on the housing back to switch your TTL circuit board to MANUAL flash and see if it allows you to trip the Inon Z330. Also be sure to set the Inon Z330 strobes on full manual control and not S-TTL. The Ikelite circuitry was designed to work TTL or MANUAL adjustment with Ikelite strobes and will not mate with other brand strobe's S-TTL or even hard wired TTL. Just a thought dhaas
  12. ISO (In Search Of) a Type 2 rear ring for the original Inon UW-100 lens. This is the first generation made to work with 35mm focal length of compact cameras. I've been advised the Type 2 rear ring for he Inon UWL-H100 28M67 lens designed for 28mm focal length is different. Anyone having one laying about please email: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
  13. dhaas

    Inon S2000 strobe

    No longer available.
  14. * Used Inon S2000 Strobe Head with diffuser, spare battery door o-ring $260.00 includes domestic USA shipping Compact Camera Package with lightweight tray, YS Mount and Flex Arm, Cord - $360.00 includes domestic US shipping. Confirmed PayPal payment gets shipping in 2 business days. No returns. PM or email questions: davidhaas4596@gmail.com
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