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  1. Inon S220 especially for one other reason..... If you ever move away from a RC camera (Olympus) the S-TTL of the Inon brand is very, very good. I've used Inon strobes with my Canon G7X II camera since 2016 and they have been great. I helped a friend who's diving Cayman Brac this past week and got two new Inon S220 set everything up prior to his trip. They're great units with a few upgraded features like larger control dial, the mount being FORWARD and sensor being REARWARD for connecting your fiber optic cord(s). He's also going to Raja Ampat with me in November so I'll get to try his for a dive or two in addition to my Inon S2000 units that just keep going, and going and going..... Just another thought in planning for any future use. David Haas
  2. Thank you sinetwo for your thoughts......... I think a resurgence or growth in UW imaging could happen but only if everyone is open to various image ideas...... Things go in waves. Recently it's snoots, or putting strobes on diver's tanks facing rearward or placing lights or strobes in cars, trucks, shipwrecks. Lately it's blackwater dives and colored backgrounds (the steel wool set up.) Who knows what might be new tomorrow? I think what I call "moody" shots whether B&W (which Ernie Brooks made a lifetime of images doing) or ambient light shots are totally under appreciated. Yes, we all can be "color fanatics" especially with the beautiful environment we try and capture. But I think we ignore images and techniques represented above water is all. Maybe discussing more of how a photograph makes us "feel" would help (mostly being a still image oriented web site.) After shooting underwater for almost 50 years I admit to being jaded..... Digital made it easy with a bit of practice to get sharp, colorful pictures which can be cropped and adjusted immediately raising the bar for a "stunner" shot within the first 10 years digital underwater photography came to be. In recent years I'd send these articles to UW photo friends. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/photography/winning-travel-photo-contest-changed-life/ https://www.parley.tv/updates/2016/5/16/the-underwater-realm-photography-by-anuar-patjane https://matadornetwork.com/notebook/photographer-racking-awards-check-uses-point-shoot/ I love Anuar Patjane's images as "new" and "different". Yes, I was biased reading his comments regarding compact cameras being his choice and why Maybe I'm just being contrary......With hundreds, thousands, and millions of images shot and posted DAILY of all subjects we're awash in interesting images even in the very small underwater photo world. Which is good as people are enjoying diving and underwater photography! I don't have the answers..... I just want people to keep diving, exploring and traveling. For them to get a thrill when they capture something they're excited about and hope they'll share and educate people what our wonderful undersea world looks like. Hopefully this discussion is seen as a positive one and not bashing any particular gear, technique or other topic in underwater imaging !!!!!! DH
  3. I agree with much of what has been posted but will add my 2 cents....... Please read it all and realize I don't intend my comments to be doom and gloom. I'm just sharing my thoughts so don't blame the messenger !!!! Yes, scuba and especially travel is expensive even to close locations. I'm in the midwest USA so the Caribbean is where most budget travelers go. Some spread their wings eventually diving the Pacific, Asia and Indian Ocean but being more expensive they limit new and even long time divers. Diving and traveling for 55 years I've seen a lot of changes in scuba instruction, dive and underwater photography equipment plus new and exciting dive locations. The reality of cost and time has evolved into a smaller and smaller group who participate regularly. Funding higher education, buying a home or raising a family usually takes priority. After those are taken care of it's time to go play and enjoy your own diving and photography if you can. As also mentioned high end photo people a "age out" and even frequent dive travelers don't make as many prints or coffee table books of their trips choosing mainly to share their adventures online. The last few years much of Wetpixel has debated edge sharpness of lenses, domes, extensions, lines of millimeter resolution at 300% pixel peeping, etc. Meanwhile the world moved on to smart phones. Look up the gigantic drop in ILC (Interchangeable Lens Cameras) comparing how many were sold from 2010 to now. Yes, new mirrorless models have brought a slight resurgence but only appeal to the remaining high end shooters (which continues to shrink.) I and people on my hosted trips bring less equipment but still enjoy diving and capturing pictures including HD video easily. It's simple to instantly share content too......10 years ago I'd have 50-70% bringing some housed SLR and one or two strobes, multiple ports, etc. Today barely 5% bring such systems. I don't host dedicated UW photo trips but the majority of dive locations and resorts have customers mostly coming to dive. Even gear rental at resorts is up as people don't want to bring their own BCD, regulator, etc. They throw in a wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel and likely their own dive computer. Add a compact housing (if that) and smart phone housing and they're happy as clams UW image making software for quick color correction right on your phone is already here along with incredible Apps to create astounding pictures easier than ever. No one is shooting documentary or science photos so worrying about the exact color or whatever isn't even considered important like it or not. Earlier in 2023 I took a 2 day Kelby One series of presentations costing $149.00 including a 1 year video review of all presentations. It was mind blowing!!!! I believe I posted elsewhere on the forums and response was: Crickets.........Even when I mentioned an iPhone photographer printed a 72" (6 feet) tall image that looked fantastic not a peep....... I also fault camera manufacturers for not developing more AI and easy sharing features into new models. They saw it coming and similar to the film to digital transition stuck their heads in the sand After decades of hauling large systems around the world I sold it all in 2016. These days I only take my small Fantasea Canon G7X II housing, a pop on wide "Air lens" (my camera does great macro by itself) and one Inon strobe. Add my iPhone DiveVolk housing and a couple flashlights I'm diving with anyway and I'm set to enjoy myself. Another thing Wetpixel never developed, encouraged or promoted was shooting with compacts and now iPhone / Smartphones. People dropping in would read "no one can take a decent well lit in focus photo with anything less than $10,000 or more in investment". So they'd leave and go over to Scubaboard (which still has too much inaccurate, conflicting and simply bad information) and as several have said go buy a GoPro and now iPhone housing. The continual promotion to "upgrade" was also a failing plan in my opinion. Maybe encouraging and sharing insights to a wider variety of UW gear would have grown participation and overall numbers. Or maybe not........ I'm lucky to continue to dive as long as I have plus hopefully a decade longer turning 70 in November and in good health Along with what happens to all the archived information I do hope Wetpixel in some form survives. Perhaps some of my observations will be considered and even embraced encouraging people to get into scuba diving and underwater image making David Haas Old Long Time Diver
  4. Dual 67mm arm holder for Ultralight (or Ikelite) slotted style arms. Magnetic bases with 67mm threads to mount Super Macro or other wet lenses as shown for swapping underwater. (Lenses shown for example and not included with mounts.) $50.00 includes domestic US shipping. Extra for Alaska or Hawaii. Shipment in 2 business days after confirmed payment. No returns. Email directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com Phone text Eastern time zone US: 330-329-5981 David Haas
  5. Lens no longer available.......
  6. Used Nauticam CMC-1 Super Macro lens. Designed for APS-C and compact cameras produces almost 15X magnification. Glass is good, body has some rub marks. Includes neoprene pouch, front and rear lens caps and magnetic 67mm adapter parts (not shown.) $250.00 includes domestic US shipping. Zelle or PayPal Friends and Family payment only. No returns. Shipping in 2 business days from confirmed payment. Email directly with full name, address and phone plus any questions. Domestic US can also call / text. David Haas davidhaas4596@gmail.com 330-329-5981(Ohio, Eastern Time Zone)
  7. Bump...... See additional photos now has both YS and Ball mounts plus LED Snoot with adjustable length included.
  8. Two used Sea and Sea YS-D2 strobes, Japan model. Both fire in test shots including modeling lights. Includes 100 and 120 degree diffusers (5 total) Also ball mounts plus YS mounts and LED Snoot. $750.00 plus USPS Priority shipping and insurance. US domestic sales only. No returns. Shipment in two business days from confirmed payment. Zelle or PayPal Friends and Family only. Email or call directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com 330-329-5981 David Haas Stow OH 44224 (Eastern Time Zone for calls or texts.
  9. SOLD..............
  10. Backscatter MF-1 strobe with Lion battery. $250.00 plus USPS Priority shipping US sales only. Shipment in two business days from confirmed payment. Zelle or PayPal Friends and Family only. No returns. Email directly: davidhaas4596@gmail.com David Haas Stow OH 44224 330-329-5981
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    I got the same email from a jimmieworthman52@gmail.com In a follow up he did send some pics of Inon Z240 strobes and saying he's in Florida, USA. After continually asking for an address, phone, etc. no replies........ Strange........
  12. Sold................
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