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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143423150047 I am selling this Nauticam NA-A72 Underwater Housing for Sony A7rII, A7II, A7SII. Right now it is listed on eBay, item #143423150047, as a complete system. I'm willing to sell individual pieces but wanted to first present my system as ready to go for someone with a camera body. It is listed with the Sony FE 16-35mm f4 lens, Sony FE 90 mm f2.8 lens, ports for each lens, adaptor ring and extension ring for the wide angle port, vacuum system, tripod with legs. The system has been used on 4 trips and is in excellent condition. The price of everything new from Backscatter was close to $13,000. The current list price $4250. I also have 2 Ikelite DS161 strobes with sync cords and Ultralight arms that I'll be listing. Thank you!
  2. My question is similar to "latest favorite" posted earlier today. I'm looking at the Canon Elph 300HS. It is f 2.7 to 5.9, 24mm-120 mm focal length, 12.1 megapix, focuses to 5 cm, HD movie 1080, and there is a housing available. A friend of mine recommended the GoPro but this looks like a better option. I shoot a film Nikon F100 in a Seacam housing and am very happy with it. I'd like to have a small video option to compliment my dive. Thank you!
  3. I shoot an F100 film camera in a Seacam housing, mostly macro and working on my wide angle. I have Ikelite 125 strobes and find them too bulky for macro. Do any of you have advice on a suitable replacement that is good for film? Thank you! Hopefully I posted this correctly!
  4. Drew, I've been curious about how David is doing healing from his injuries and if anyone is still diving the area. Any news?
  5. Dave, My youngest started diving at age 10. She was adorable, very comfortable in the water, and fearless. I would recomment avoiding the temptation and not offering a camera for a while. I would want her to become really comfortable with her boyancy and very aware of her air consumption first. I'm sure there are exceptional multi-task capable children but you'd never forgive yourself if something went wrong for her or the marine life. Just my opinion... Lauren
  6. Drew, I have a question about the crocodile farm in Bali. Is anyone or any organization doing anything about the abandoned crocodiles? I can't imagine them being left there until they've eaten each other even if they are furocious predators. It is facinating for me to read everyone's account of the incident. I'm very curious about the identity of the croc and whether or not he/she had an amputation. I thought that the croc might be missing a hand when he started swimming after me but forgot that detail until I saw my slides after our return home. (yes I love my film...) I wasn't physically attacked and had a bit of amnesia of the event. I can imagine details of the injury event could be difficult. Please let me know if you find out. I would have dove Misool again after my encounter. I don't think I would now. My camera was my barrier and probably not something I would want to rely on again. It is a blessing that the injured diver didn't sever his brachial or axillary artery. I may be a bit less macho in the future. Thanks for all of the information. Lauren
  7. Diggy, We've discovered a driver in Bali that we really enjoy riding with. His car is clean, comfortable and air conditioned and he speaks English very well. His name is Eddy, local phone 081 2381 5626. email eddybehappynet@hotmail.com. I can't help with local diving though since we've only been through on our way to live-aboards. Lauren
  8. The crocodile that I saw was probably 10-12 feet long. It was missing it's right front hand. My vet looked at my photos and thought it might be female. The crew on the Cheng Ho saw it surface swim back to shore and "marked" the area for avoidance. We entered the water in a pretty area that I had dove before. There was a strong current and an outgoing tide so there was pretty poor vis. I blew past everyone I was diving with and just went with the current. It was not a pretty area, no coral on the roots and I was stalking archer fish when it entered the water. The photo pro, Steve, aboard the Cheng Ho, has been way back in the lakes and has found stirred up water. I definitely wouldn't go there! The crocodile came after me, I shot four photos thinking that would irritate it and it would split and then swam like hell. I probably should have gone deep but my fear was that if he/she followed me that I'd be dealing with a deep attack and could risk getting bent. I surfaced only after I could no longer see it behind me. It did spot me in the channel though and then swam out to me. I held my strobe arm against its nose and it lifted its lips and did a little test bite of my strobe arms. I whistled non-stop with my Scubalert until the boat came to my rescue. I was wondering what I would do if it attacked me and am grateful it didn't. I am also glad that I saw the croc and that the 68 y/o woman snorkeler on our trip didn't. I had my camera and my ex-ER-nurse sense of adventure to protect me! I would dive the area again but only with good lighting and visibility. I would stay with my same-day-same ocean buddy diving spouse and would only venture up the wide mouthed rivers. I think in the day time the crocks probably hang on the surface and would most likely be visible from a distance. Maybe the boats can stay in touch with each other on locations to avoid. The area looks like such a crocodile habitat that I am assuming they are everywhere.
  9. I think we assume risks when we dive and that marine life shouldn't suffer our consequences. I believe the crocodile was there first and therefore should not be killed. I had a pretty significant encounter with one in the blue water mangroves of Missool Oct. 31st while diving aboard the Cheng Ho. I reportedly am their first passenger to see one. I was alone and surprised it. It entered the water probably less than 3 ft away from me. I have wide angle film photos as proof! It then chased me into the channel and stayed with it's nose at my strobe arm until the tinny came to my rescue. I have never been more grateful for my ScubaAlert. The crocodile had an amputation of it's right front arm. Does anyone know the details of this crocodile?
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