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  1. I am looking for any pointers or helpful hints photographing while drift diving. We are taking a trip to Cozumel, and only had shot video in the past. This is my first time shooting stills while drifting. I have recently purchased a Sea & Sea DX2 with Sea & Sea YS 110a strobes.
  2. I switch from PC to MAC 2 years ago. I changed due to MAC is better with graphics then PC. MAC is more stable and reliable. If I had to changed back to PC, I would give up computing.
  3. I finally got to use my new Sea & Sea camera. I was using my duel strobes and wide angle conversion lens. I was shooting in fresh water with good visibility. I was about 5-6 feet away from my subject which was a fairly large subject. I saw both strobes fire, but when I uploaded my images to my computer I noticed the photos still have a blue tint to them. How do I fix this problem?? The camera was set on program.
  4. I just purchase a Sea & Sea DX-2G camera/housing with duel 110a strobes. Anyone have any issues with this camera setup, helpful tips. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  5. The best solution is laying over in PR is: DON'T. American Airlines sucks as an airline. If you read the travel booklet for Bonaire, it even states that loss or stolen equipment is very high in PR.
  6. I sympathize with you. I had my uw photo equipment stolen in PR also. I did the exact same thing you did. Packed a pelican case with TSA locks. We had an 8 hour layover before our hop to Bonaire. When we arrived, I noticed the locks were missing. Upon picking up the case it was clear what had happened. The case was quite light. Upon opening the case was empty. I was carring an Olympus 8080, Ikelite housing and 2 Ikelite strobes. I made notification to someone in Bonaire, which was to no use. When we arrived back in Newark, I spoke to the lost luggage personnel. I was told that it was not their problem. Luckily I had Dive Assure travel insurance. After filling out the mountain of paperwork, I was compensated by both Dive Assure and the TSA. The moral of the story is CARRY ON ANY ELECTRONICS OR PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT.
  7. As a new UW photographer I wanted to start off right. Several of my friends have the Sea & Sea cameras, housings, and lights. I thought would buy what I could afford. I ended up with the Sea & Sea setup, DX-2G camera / housing, YS -110a duel strobes, and arms. Now I have to learn all of this. I am still trying to learn UW video also. Maybe too much on my plate?
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