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  1. HI Steve,


    Thanks for taking the time to check out the images. Yes, I cannot wait to get back in the water armed with the Tokina..


    Had a look at your website too, I like the concept of what you guys are doing. Being a passionate about the fact that our seas last hope is educating the young, and then in time they'll be the ones making policy decisions, your work is extremely valuable in our goal of saving our oceans. Thanks and Keep it up.



  2. Great images. also, love the sunburst effect, i seem to fail miserably at that. I think the third one is my favourite. That shot evokes a sense of personality and charisma. almost like it is checking you out.


    Thanks for your good work.


    Loved the frogfish gallery also.. I have a couple of images of those critters to from Mozambique.



    You'll find one here.



  3. HI all,


    Well actually I guess I have been floating (excuse the pun) around for a few years, but really never introduced myself, nor really posted anything.


    Anyway, I have been diving for many years (damn, 14 now) and I am also a marine biologist, and get to travel the world doing it. I certainly lucked out there. So i have been shooting now for a couple of years (underwater at least with am slr set-up, guess I cut-my-teeth using an old nikon 5400 with nikons strobe, but was never happy with the results, and my last shot with that was in 2005) and many years shooting mainly rock climbing. But I wanted to share a couple of images with you all, just to introduce myself, and essentially open myself up to the wonderful world of constructive criticism (and if you really hate em' you can tell me, I'm thick-skinned!) from my peers, and especially on a website where I have seen some incredible images. SO no doubt, my images will only benefit from being a little more active on here.


    So here are a couple of images. At the moment, I am shooting Nikon D300, in Aquatica, with Sea&Sea Ys 110. My only lens config at the moment (will be adding to this shortly) is 17-55 2.8 in the biggish port (not the biggest aquatica one, I think mine is 8 inches, ha sounds like I'm talking about something else). My next addition is potentially the Tokina fish eye that people seem to be psyched about- the close focussing distance is what's enticing me.


    Oh yeah, here are the images..












    By the way, I work in Mozambique, Indonesia, Honduras and Cuba, setting up research programs using stereo-video techniques to survey reef fish communities. So if any of you are interested I'd be happy to chat with you about my work.


    Please enjoy, and feel free to point out the flaws and/ or recommendations to improve my images.





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