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  1. Thanks Marc for the input, seems like its to be a new housing. I do use the Q button a lot and feel it would also be better to have acces to my set Conf 1/3 and the Manual Dial I also asked Ikelite if they would do an upgrade for that button but alas no luck.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the new Canon 7D MkII can fit into the old Ikelite housing for the 7D. Ikelite say NO !!!!! I guessed that, but can you tweek it in or not, otherwise another $1800.00. !!!!!!
  3. Hi Snappy, I have had my 8" port on my Ikelite body for a couple of years now and have to date had no problem. I did however feel as you do, that the port was a rather loose fit when I first got it. I was told the same as you that once in water it would be fine. I do what Steve has suggested as well, hold the housing down (with the port facing down) the first minute or two to see if there are any leaks as you would see water in the bottom of the dome. I have had amazing fun with the whole rig and wish you many safe and happy photo dives. Cheers mark
  4. Hi Nic, I have a Ikelite housing for my Canon 40D. I use a Modular dome on it and love the quality that I get from my 10-22 mm lens that I use. Extra pieces you might need are a Dome port which screws onto (into) the Modular which covers & protects the lens & zoom gearing sleeve that you would also need to get. But best for you, is to look up on Ikelite's sight, to get all the relevent pieces and part's you would need. As far as lights are concerned I have to DS 250's which are great. There are many good housing's out there but be 100% committed on what you want as they are not cheap, but that's what I have and use. Cheers Mark
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