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  1. can you share how you made the custom profile?
  2. nothing is perfect in this world i think with all these wide angle options for the Sony system is a trade off between size, cost and image quality. you have to pick the things you are most interested in and stick to that. #2. some one else will have to jump in here but general consensus in uw photography is if you are going to do wide angle, do wide angle. if you are going to do macro, do macro.
  3. check out samples here https://nauticam.smugmug.com/HousingTests/A7R-II/
  4. jmauricio


    rich discussions in the mirrorless section. check'm out http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?s=f4cab3a4ca7f1d7d1bef2d78b85540a9&showforum=78 also check out Phil Rudin's Review http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56367 best
  5. what camera/system are you talking about? on the sony nex 7 the 8mm rokinon did vignette on the 4.33 nauticam dome.
  6. what size is your dome for the 10-18? that will have an impact. larger dome = less negative the set up will be
  7. I want to take the 10-18 out for a spin next weekend. anyone with experience with this lens suggest a diopter to improve corners or improve close focus?
  8. for some reason I thought i posted yesterday. I've used off camera flash triggers on my nex 7 and I can only get up to 1/200 speed before the shutter starts showing up in the photo. a6000 may be different so still worth finding out.
  9. Dome still available. $400. obo dome port includes neoprene cover, o-rings, and rear cap photos of the dome here; http://jmauricio.smugmug.com/Other/Wideangle/n-dcFGV/i-fLTwNdx thanks for looking.
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