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  1. Selling my trusty NEX 7 Housing and lenses

    Reason for selling: the battery door on my NEX 7 broke making it unusable. Also aiming to move my gear to full frame.


    This has been well used and produced some lovely images for me. It has been on plenty of dives. Never flooded. 

    Nauticam Housing 

    spare o-rings and grease

    Window for Nauticam external view finder

    Macro Port 45 for Sony 30mm Macro lens

    Sony’s 30mm Macro Lens

    Nauticam conversion port for Nikonos lenses

    Sony 16mm wide angle lens

    Sony Fisheye conversion lens

    *I sold the dome for the Sony wide angle lens awhile ago and favored the Nikonos lenes for underwater.


    Total package $600 - this would get you in the water with a macro set up and, if you have a Nikonos 15mm, a wide angle set up too.

    please pm me for more photos or any offers for specific pieces

    Thank you






  2. nothing is perfect in this world


    i think with all these wide angle options for the Sony system is a trade off between size, cost and image quality. you have to pick the things you are most interested in and stick to that.



    #2. some one else will have to jump in here but general consensus in uw photography is if you are going to do wide angle, do wide angle. if you are going to do macro, do macro.

  3. the same dome as the 16mm + fe adapter works fine. its almost the same barrel length


    I had a play around in the past and found f8 or f11 and set it to the minimum focus distance (remember with a dome port you are focussing on a virtual image).


    biggest issue with the nex 7 is the purple fringe. I think its not as much an issue with the 5n but its worth checking before you take underwater.


    I did some tests with it against the 16+ FE here.



  4. great start.


    for the first one I think portrait composition would be better but well done getting a clean water line on what looks like a narrow field of view.


    don't have time to go through each one. I would suggest you uploading one at a time for feed back. I think that would be easier for others to digest and provide critique.

  5. I believe the 16-50mm was largely panned as a poor lens with lots of distortion and required a lot of cropping when correcting the profile. I don't have any experience to compare it directly to the rx -100.'


    You may want to reconsider the nikonos 15mm. It might actually be a good option for you. at f8, it has great dof (so less fiddling with focussing, etc). you can still leave your camera on aperture priority and get metering to change shutter speed/iso. I think the downside is more likely weight (forward pitch) than settings. 15mm = c. 23mm on full frame equiv whihc would work out well with the subjects you were thinking.


    another option would be e-mount 16mm + wide angle converter which is c. 12mm (non fish eye) which would give you 18mm in full frame equiv. the 4.3in dome isn't hard to move around at all.

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