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  1. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pa...0-80854027.html hearing from folks here at CES that u/w housings are due out for autumn '10.
  2. Doh and Doh - hope vanquished! another update from Amazon that jives with what Alex has been saying. note: not that i doubted Alex's post or his source (Martin), was just holding out whatever hope was left. [We regret to inform you that your order will take longer to fulfill than originally estimated. Our supplier has notified us that there is a delay obtaining stock for the following items you ordered on October 15 2009. MARTIN EDGE "The Underwater Photographer" We are awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier, and will email you as soon as we receive this information.]
  3. Got this from amazon.co.uk today. Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on October 15 2009 MARTIN EDGE "The Underwater Photographer" Estimated arrival date: December 24 2009 - January 06 2010
  4. i can't sum it up better than that. i was very impressed and blown away by the discussions. Many thanks to all the speakers for sharing some great info.
  5. have been wondering about this myself. Is it something to do with distance of lens to the sensor? If so, what would be the right distance and could is not be compensated using different housing/port configurations? otherwise, the zoom technique seems the obvious solution.
  6. Simon, I saw your presentation at BSoUP a couple months ago. Was very interesting. I'm sure UWP readers will get a lot out of it, as I did. Sounds like it a bit more involved. so will be sure to check it out. Jason
  7. Thanks for some excellent feedback. John, I completely agree. I've been in tech too long to succumb to the notion that the old way will completely disappear. And you raise a very good point about different cultures will consume media in different ways and at different rates. I found your Russian vs. American diving magazine example particularly interesting. One could imagine a similar scenario in China and India with the rise of the middle class there. However, one scary question to ask is - From what regions are the bulk of print media revenue derived? If its from the US or Western Europe, then a change in business model in those markets will influence what content is available in other territories, Russia included. No doubt. This always has to be the case, or there would be not innovation in the image making space. What I am trying to open the debate to is that the mechanisms and distribution points may change radically over the next 3-5 years. Musicians are still getting paid for the music they create, but now its not in the form of CD, its concerts. I suppose a better way to have started this thread would be to ask 1) for professionals - do you see your customers changing radically over the next 3-5 years? 2) for aspiring professionals - is the way to "break into" the industry changing? 3) as consumer behaviour is changing, what role do still photos alone provide? This is why I brought up the fact that Esquire are pulling still images from Red One cameras. If, at some point in the future, stills are derived from video, then that has major implications, no? I accept there will be a role for still images but will it be commercial!? Exactly!!! Let's for argument's sake, assume this is now reality. The entire publishing business model would get turned on its head b/c of the extended capabilities vs physical print. LCD screens, E-Ink, etc are all poor replacements for paper. So if this world were to exist, the devices would have to sell themselves what they can do well beyond what a physical copy could do. Things like video, interactivity via internet connection, archiving, etc. Simon. I think you are spot on here. One only has to look at what Apple has done with its App Store to see the devaluing that can occur. There is a race to the bottom in application pricing. On one hand, its great for the consumer and more applications are being bought - some 35 per device - than ever before on mobile devices. On the other, developers are really struggling to make money. The same game on the iPhone costs a third to half as much as on the Nintendo DS. Same game, but to compete with the other 22,000 games on the App Store, pricing has to come down. In a world where everyone can theoretically capture images and potentially self publish, this is surely going to devalue the market for images too and especially so if a big corporation takes the view that scale in content (i.e. lots of it for a little price) is critical to their devices' or services' success. I read this about being upset regarding the soccer debate. but wanted to add, I'm not trying to upset anyone. Just to open a debate on where we are going with this. Using the music industry as an example again. Some artists just didn't make it. Those that cannot perform live, generally aren't getting paid. Many people on this board are the key influencers in the underwater photography/video world. Having thought through some of these issues before some future reality sets in, will let them have a say on how this industry reshapes. Andy. No doubt. But then that quality reporting and photography does become a much smaller market where only the truly exceptional get paid, if that? Fair point about the economy but does this not accelerate the inevitable? Simon, I think this is interesting. I'm sure its somewhat sensitive on what you mean by this, but this is what I mean about adapting in the face of this new paradigm. The challange lies, not in just ensuring our art progresses but that it remains commercial.
  8. Sorry for the sensational title. There are several changes happening in print media & technology that could prove impactful to our chosen past time. I should disclaim that I take uw photos (not video) and would not yet consider myself an amateur, more aspiring enthusiast. Still, I work closely with technology companies and as such am noticing some trends that might interest many on this forum. Its no secret print media is floundering (pun intended). Books sales are slowing, magazines are closing doors and major newspapers are in trouble. Lots of doom and gloom. Yet there are nascent technologies rising up, attempting to reverse this trend. EBook readers are being put forward as a solution - Amazon's Kindle DX and Sony's Reader Daily Edition are current experiments to distribute news content electronically. Let me emphasis "experiment"; the reactions of these Princeton students demonstrate, the technology is far from perfect. And lets be honest, as nice as ebooks can be, this looks and feels like a half step to something else - a blogger recently penned a great quote "But a horse with rollershoes can't keep up with the automobile, so why should we expect a digital book to keep up with modern media habits?" In my opinion, there is little value in going digital for the sake of it. If a transition to digital literature is not adding something new or compelling, what is the point? In the case of print media, if it does not change or enhance the ability to tell stories, what is the point? I particularly found this interesting. For the past two years Esquire has FILMED their Sexiest Woman Alive photo shoot with the Red One Camera - and pulled out still images for the magazine. But why pull stills? Why isn't video the new photography? This is what Outside magazine did recently. It is now experimenting with the moving magazine - where publishers can combine video with written text to tell stories. Some interesting stuff here and would give creatives a new/different mechanism for story telling. I'm watching products very closely, such as the rumoured Apple Tablet (planned Jan announcement) or Microsoft's leaked Courier product (rumoured mid '10 release) that could make this portable, multimedia story telling world a reality within six months. Touch screen tablets could let users interact with the media in a way people are accustomed while also giving them something different. I particularly like what this company www.issuu.com are doing. Right now its taking magazines and publishing them online. With page turning graphics. In the future, what's to stop the high priced magazine cover changing from a static image to a video? If this is the future, where to still images fit? Surely they will be a place for stills, but will it be a much smaller revenue opportunity? It seems the print media industry is on the verge of changing dramatically - fuelled by technical innovation. Are we as underwater photographers ready for such a change? Can UW photographers adapt to these changes and thrive? Clearly, most of us are doing this as a hobby b/c its fun and challenging. But I'm curious what some of the pros think given these changes could have a direct impact on them. I'm lightly touching on a lot of topics here (technolgoy, story telling, content creation and distribution). All thoughts, perspectives, insults, whatever around these areas would be interesting. Also, let's not lose the forest through the trees. This is not an eBook vs tablet debate. I think both are part of a new paradigm, not THE new paradigm. Nor should we argue that b/c something didn't work in the past (tablets) that it definitely won't work in the future. If history has taught us anything its that timing is often more important than the product. Finally, I think pricing is irrelevant. These technologies and products will all fall in price. We also cannot assume that the "value" to the consumer in these products will fully reside with the content we are talking about (e.g. digital magazines). I have a hard time seeing the mass market buying a touch tablet just to get digital magazines. Such a service must be part of the value, not THE value.
  9. Just bought (and received) this lens from soloaqua and wanted to say it was a pleasure dealing with him during the process. He was very communicative (and patient) while I attempted to get an international bank transfer right. I would not hesitate to buy from him again. Jason
  10. Wommby what do you not like about the 2G? all reviews for the camera suggest its good. is the uw performance not up to the land reviews? curious your thoughts as i was thinking of getting it. many thanks for your impressions Jason
  11. I came across this a few weeks ago and immediately bookmarked it. It's useful, but would love something more interactive. http://www.diveworldwide.com/information/calendar.html Good luck with your site. do let us know when its done. Jason
  12. Boje, I was a guest on one of the liveaboards you were guiding last summer. One of the most memorable parts of that trip for me was your excellent lecture on sharks, particularly your advice on oceanic encounters. Sadly we did not see any. From the sounds of it more talks, like yours, would help raise awareness of these sharks, particularly in the south. keep it up Jason
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