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  1. if you are snorkeling (primarily) with occasional dives. I would really consider NOT buying that housing for your canon. Instead buy a compact (used you can get cheaper) with a wide angle lens. Remember the number one rule for underwater photography. Get Close. A wide angle lens will let you get close to your subjects and get it all in the image. You can also shoot WA more easily with available light. Something you cannot do easily, if at all, with Macro or "normal" focal lengths I think if you look for a wide angle compact system, you will have a lot of fun and will get more images that you will be happy with. Although your canon has better quality than a compact, it will not take great photos with a normal lens (even at 18mm behind a flat port) with a lot of distance between you and the subject. Also, you can get spectacular photos with a compact, they are very capable today. also a compact camera will be easier to snorkel/dive with if you aren't used to it. A quick search in the classifieds showed this guys is selling something that would suit you very well (no affiliation) http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53123 In my opinion, i would highly consider something like this.
  2. Since I had such little interest, I decided to keep it and adapt it for my new gopro. sorry.
  3. I think the issue is it would be quite heavy fines if caught in the water with manatees if not in crystal river. I doubt any of the dive operators around riveria beach would attempt that
  4. Just north of Miami, ft lauderdale, and west palm beach on the east coast of Florida. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. you won't be disappointed with crystal river in Jan. its a special trip
  6. I was referring to two different lenses. Sony just announced a 16-35mm wide angle zoom (for FE). Additionally there are rumors of a 90mm macro for year end. This would provide the basics for the Full frame system underwater (i.e. wide angle and macro). Hopefully the wide angle will be suitable for underwater (i.e. close focus distance). also the nikonos fisheye lenses work well on the sony a7 full frame system. I did a post on that a while back. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51533&p=341634 fair point on costs for full frame. am in a similar position. I have a nex 7 and would love the a7 or a7r but am facing upgrade costs for camera, housing, and new lenses & ports (nex ports won't fit on an A series housing.) tough pill to swallow, even upgrading within the same system. just wanted to make sure you know what you were getting into. you could jump into an a6000 but make sure you only buy FE lenses, then at least its one cost you won't have to contend with later. good luck in your decision. Loads of people here to support you whatever way you choose.
  7. Manatees are highly protected in Florida. Unless anything's changed in the last couple years, Crystal River is the only place where it is legal to get in the water with them If you are in town next Jan, I would suggest Blue Heron Bridge as a very nice macro site. Also, Jan is Lemon Shark aggregation time. So diving in Jupiter would be very good that time of year.
  8. DecidedlyOdd's comment was very thoughtful. I would add that if lens upgrade-ability is a priority, then you should re-think your Sony strategy. Although the 10-18mm is available and the 50mm Macro is due soon, neither are full frame lenses so will only be usable in crop mode or with heavy vignetting. So you are still stuck moving to an A7R. Sony has a 16-35mm in the works as well as a 90mm Macro coming but both look like 2nd half '14 products at best. Also if you are thinking full frame in the future, why not just go full frame now, instead of paying twice (once for a6000 and again for a7 or its iterations)? I know that doesn't make the decision easier but more info can't hurt.
  9. since you have the raw, I would say avoid the channel mixer. Multiple ways to skin the cat. I did this quickly in Lightroom 5 Exposure +1.29 Temp: 20787 Tint: +150 Highlights -100, Shadows +100, Whites +24 Blacks -60 Clarity +17 Saturation - to taste - strong agrument to leave it a little "blue" given that is what we see underwater and what the viewer might expect it to look like. Reds: +81 Greens: -73 Aqua: -39 Blues: -9 noise reduction Luminance: +50 Color: +25 Sharpening +50 Masking: 90 and the spot healing brush on the diver and fish (Photoshop would have done a better job) raw https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78937/wetpixel/DSC00324.dng
  10. July is a great time for whale sharks near cozumel. Bonaire is excellent and so accessible. You will feel like you are on a live aboard. but is more mixed shooting. wide angle and macro no comment on little or grand cayman
  11. Sold! Pls check out my other listing. Thanks http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52781
  12. Yes, still available. I sent you a PM
  13. it can be considering your shooting style, particularly around getting dark backgrounds. i.e. black background for macros shallow or mid day or darker blues for wide angle. I've shot sharks and schools at 1/160 no problem but could be for faster action (i.e. dolphins, sailfish, etc). That said, I haven't seen much strobe use for those animals as has the preference has been for mobility underwater. others can weigh in. its definitely a negative but not a deal breaker.
  14. Very sad to hear. I heard him speak a couple times. Met him in person once. Was a true inspiration. RIP for sure.
  15. UW images really pop on aluminum or metallic paper. just watch your highlights! I believe the peter lik process is big metallic prints behind acrylic and optimized lighting in the showroom. nothing that can't be done by us at home.
  16. if you stay at buddy dive, i believe they offer packages that include truck rentals. I've gone before (solo) and either bummed rides or stuck to the boat diving.
  17. comments are on a version by version basis. you have an option to click on current version (default) or "all versions" 27 comments as of writing for the current version. 40 something for the all versions.
  18. it is part of the photographers package for $10/m. which i think compares well price wise. LR upgrades are $80 per year. I figure I just get photoshop for another $40. I downloaded it and it looks basic put a reasonable first start. Looking forward to how I might use this as part of a mobile workflow.
  19. Reduced to $425. obo
  20. Don't see OSS being so useful underwater.
  21. Horses for course, right? As the recipient of Phil's NEX7 I can say i never looked back. Between the zeiss 12mm, Sony 10-18mm, Zeiss 50mm and a 90mm macro rumored to arrive by YE, I think the NEX system looks to be slowly maturing. About right considering it is 18-2yrs behind m4/3 in terms of release. Would be nice to have a fisheye zoom but that is about it.
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