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  1. I would get travel insurance when I lived in the UK. My advice is to check the fine print, some permit diving to your certification and others limit you to 30ft/10m. Also you will need to check the amount they will pay out in case of an accident. But these are easy to spot once you know what you are looking for.
  2. Your home insurance will not cover med expenses if you get bent or have another type of diving accident. This is the main purpose of DAN. The equipment insurance available through DAN (H2O Insurance) is a separate, optional coverage for dive equipment and camera gear. Make sure that distinction is made when deciding to be a DAN member or not.
  3. disclaimer. I'm a nex nauticam owner. Sorry to add to your research, but port selection is another key issue to consider, in addition to ergonomics. in particular how fast a housing manufacturer will have ports available. I think this is particularly important with the NEX as lens selection is currently suspect and as new new lenses are introduced, new ports will be required. just an fyi
  4. ditto I've been meaning to write up a macro overview for the NEX. I have shot with the NEX 7 with a nikonos 80mm (+2 extension tubes). Uncropped image of a guitar fish eye.
  5. also, consider whether the lens will fit in your dome! I had the tokina 11-16mm and it would not fit in the type III subal dome I have. another thing to consider!
  6. I have the 8mm for the NEX 7 and there is slight vignetting with the 4.33in dome. See my post in this thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48094&hl=%2Bsony+%2Bnex+%2Bjmauricio regarding how it works behind the dome itself. don't worry about the purple fringe, this was a nex 7 specific problem and has since been corrected with a recent firmware upgrade. obviously with the EM5 may or may not vignette but you can get a sense for sharpness.
  7. Cuba does not stamp passports. its typically no trouble coming back but helps if you stay a day or so in Cancun/Cozumel on the way back. In the rare cases where there has been trouble, its Immigration trying to trick people into admitting they were in Cuba. The reality is they don't know so long as you aren't wearing cuban t shirts or coming back with a bunch of cigars/rum. Having receipts/photos of your "time in Mexico" always helps too.
  8. Edward, How did you find the 10-18? how would you rate it as an underwater lens vs the 16mm pancake & adapter? thanks Jason
  9. Very Interesting. What port combo are you using with the metabones and Canon 60mm?
  10. I do not have problem on win 7 using firefox
  11. I think its pretty creative, especially with the theme. Well done, I'm sure it took a lot of patience to execute. It does not appear that any wildlife had to be handled or taken out of their natural habitat in order to make the images. I think this is a key criteria for criticism.
  12. Arm tray is now sold. thanks all for looking.
  13. The camera and housing is sold as of today. The arm tray is still for sale.
  14. Hey Capt bill, yes I still have it. Will PM you
  15. I'm interested in acquiring a Nikonos Sea & Sea 12mm lens. Don't need the viewfinder, just the lens. Anyone have one collecting dust? located in the US...
  16. I'm selling a URPro Color correcting filter, used for restoring color in natural light images. The filter's optical plastic is in great condition, while the rim shows obvious signs of wear. Price is $50, shipping included to US destinations. Thanks for looking.
  17. I'm selling my compact underwater camera. I upgraded to an SLR awhile ago but kept this around as a travel rig/back up. It a great little set up. What attracted me to the DX-2G initially are the on camera controls. This compact has full manual controls for aperture and shutter speed via dials, similar to a DSLR. It has made learning curve to a DSLR much easier. If you want to start learning Underwater Photography without the high cost of entry for a DSLR, this is for you. The kit cost over $1,000 new. I'm selling it now for $400. Includes 1 Sea & Sea DX 2G Camera (12.1 megapixel compact camera with a 24mm-72mm zoom lens. F2.5-4.4) 1 Sea & Sea DX 2G Housing Spare O-ring Spare O-ring grease 1 Spare battery 2 battery chargers (US prong) 1 EVF (Electronic Viewfinder for land use) 1 Ricoh HA - 2 Adapter 1 Ricoh 1.88x TC - 1 telephoto converter (for land use) All instructions and manuals I also have the arm tray available for sale for an additional $50. Its the Inon Double Compact handle and the mounts are pre fixed for the Sea & Sea Housing. see photos attached. thanks
  18. Out of curiosity. How much does this adapter cost to build via 3D printing?
  19. Here is my favorite after a few dives at Blue Heron Bridge recently. A guitarfish was very patient with me as I attempted this image. Nex 7 + Nikonos 80mm + extension tubes
  20. Sweet. love to know what you think of the manual control capabilities and the pancake zoom.
  21. The most recent NEX 7 firmware upgrade is meant to fix this. I upgraded over the weekend but have since returned the lens. I've read online that WA Leica glass was having similar issues. But, similarly, I don't have any to test it with. I'm currently funding my NEX system with proceeds from my D7000 sale. if i have money left over, once i've bought all the essentials, i am strongly considering getting the rokinon.
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