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  1. WTB Used Ikelite housing D300s
  2. FS: Ikelite D200 housing + Nikon D200 body + flat port Used for the past two summers. operates perfectly. I have original box for ikelite housing (d200). Also included in sale is Nikon d200 camera body + battery and charger. Also included is flat port which accommodates nikon 60mm. The system works perfectly. Is in used condition. 1400 us Thanks for your interest
  3. I am looking to purchase an ikelite 8 inch dome port and a focusing light to complete my kit.
  4. I am selling my nikon D200. Ikelite d200 housing. with flat port. used with nikon macro 60mm. All equipment works flawlessly. $1500
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good dive internship? I am looking to get professionally involved in the dive industry. I am searching for an opportunity to work my way up to dive master certification. I don't mind hard work and I am willing to work off accommodations and certifications. I am a dive enthusiast and an underwater photographer. I have been open water certified for the past four years and I am comfortable diving at depths up to 30 meters. I have completed 23 boat dives and around 50 shore dives mostly in cold water. I would like the opportunity to work in the dive industry and further my level of certification. I am a 25 year old male based out of Seattle Washington, willing to travel. I have been employed in the ski area industry for the past seven winters and spend my summers as a student at the University of Washington. Scuba diving in the off season compliments my lifestyle well and I am looking to become more professionally involved in the industry. I am very proficient in advertising photography and mac savvy. Thank you for your time Portfolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jordos/sets/7...990875281/show/
  6. for sure keep you warmer. couldnt move well though
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