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  1. I happened to stop by Amphibico while I was in Montreal two weeks ago, and I looked at the Phenom it is VERY nice, I was more interested in the Endeavors that they have in stock. I was very impressed by AMPHIBICOs manufacturing facility, it was nice to see that they were manufacturing the majority of the parts in house. The Phenom, Z7U and Lights push the setup in the "not sure I want to spend that much money" category: until I get a little better at editing. Thanks for the info. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the help, I appreciate the leads, I may just continue to wait for a Sony prosumer to come out which allows me to record to hard drive, I currently have the 520 and love it but would like to get a little more serious(on a budget).
  3. I just read the post with the link to the storage device for the EX1 and EX3. I am considering purchasing a Sony FX-7 or possibly the HVR-V1. Does anyone know if I can use a 16GB memory stick in those units to record my video and if I would be giving up video quality by using that stick instead of tape? thanks for the assistance. Cheers, Roger
  4. Thanks guys, I will try the lighting technique and attempt to post a sample of my work.. BTW the wind is blowing this morning so I am excited to see if I can improve my technique.. Cheers, Roger
  5. Dear Esteemed Board Members, Sorry for this bone head question but I am pretty new to video and I am currently using a trial version of Vegas 9 pro. My problem is that current weather conditions are causing the sea to be a little churned and consequently reducing visibility due to all the particulate that is suspended in the water. Other than moving to another location is there any editing trick that I can use to make the water the look clearer.... Again the vids are truly reflective of the conditions. Cheers, Roger
  6. Andy, I am more of a warm water guy.... I have dove on and off in Va Beach but mostly head to warmer climes... maybe when I get back in August we can get together and discuss the different housings... Cheers, Roger
  7. OK, just read the post on Gates and thought I would add my short story about another manufacturer. In early May I purchased a new camera(sony 520v) and a housing the Amphibco evo buddy set up. I did not have time test it in Virginia Beach(my home town) because I was on my way to the Philippines to teach myself videography.... Well I went for the maiden dive in late May and it worked fine for the first 10 dives but early June the Monitor went dark. I did all the things one would expect, but to no avail. Contacted AMPHICO and they did not hesitate to ship me out a replacement monitor via international fedex and it arrived within 5 days I installed it and it has been working like a champ ever since(40 dives later). All that they have asked is that I return the failed unit on their dime when I return to the states in Mid August. So my Hat is off to Amphibco who really stood behid their product and customer. I did not have to pay for anything on the replacement part and luckily was not liable for any duty/custom fee on the replacement part. Just a quick note: I have been very pleased with the set up I purchased. I have just started putting together some videos and they are coming out reasonably well. Another month and I will be back in the states and hope to have a couple of finished products... Cheers
  8. Purchased Vegas Video several years ago, after upgrading my computer system and not really using the software, I find that I tossed out the box/w CD. I need to purchase it again and am wondering where you would recommend ordering it (in order to get the best price) as I would have bought it from one of the big box stores but the only one left is Best Buy. Cheers
  9. I think I would prefer a Cannon and my budget is 1 to 3k. I would like to get something relatively soon and have been lurking around looking for deals and just missed one on Ebay this week... Cheers, Roger
  10. Hi Im Roger Carraway and I am looking for a decent used set up, I would like to find a Digital SLR w/housing and two strobes, that is not tooooo difficult to master... I have not done any U/W Photography for quite some time and my last camera was a Nikonos IV.. So if anyone has any deals or suggestions please contact me at Rogersea "at" C O X DOT NET .. Thanks in advance for your kind replies.. Roger
  11. Hi I am also new here, hope to learn alot
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