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  1. It would be great if someone had a blow up travel/dip bag.
  2. It is soft, but it does have some rigidity from the insulating foam. I have not tried to crush mine. I would go to store and experiment.
  3. Came across this bag at Academy Sports in US, their Magellan brand. It is a 24 can beer soft bag. My Nauticam rig with WWL-C and the dome fits nicely. Can be used as a dip bag and a beer chest. Different color options. Cost $ 79.00, not bad considering alternatives.
  4. I wish they would have added a better depth rating.Something like 100 ft., like the TG-Tracker had(great camera by the way). I was at the B&H Bild 50th anniversary show in New York last week and asked about the TG-7. The rep at the OM systems booth said "no TG-7 but we have the TG-6". Like they did not know it was coming.
  5. It would be interested in ramping WB in Premeire or Final Cut, like one ramps speed, blur or opacity. It could solve problem you demonstrated .
  6. We all have to have something . If it keeps you thinking. it is good. Lucky you have good access to great diving.
  7. I think an important consideration is that the white balance is not only depth related but subject to camera related, In clear ocean water at 30 meters depth a subject 10 feet away will have different WB ant 20 ft away. If you get a WB for 20ft,the balance the light for that distance. WB will be different at 10 and at 30 ft. Some of the video I see, that is as close to corrected as possible seems to be a little grey(neutral) for my taste. It is all perception and subjectively. The only lighting that really bothers me is when a subject gets too red. I do not mind the saturated blue backgrounds.
  8. Have not tested, but box states up to 40 meters underwater IP68. I purchased a small one. Will test as soon as I can and report back. The kelvin range is 1800-10K. Not much throw , but could be useful with UWA close ups.
  9. Has anyone tried the Godox rgb light sticks. The are good to 40 meters. The color temp goes from 2800-10k kelvin. It also has a super blue effect color. https://godox.com/Dive-Lights/
  10. Looking to see of any used 23 ports are out there.
  11. One of the greats. I had the privilege of meeting Stan in New Orleans when he premiered a film on the Gulf of Mexico oil platforms. He was a big influence on my film making. What a gentleman, waterman and person.
  12. FreeCAD for design. Slicing is done in CURA. If you are interested in the viewfinder adapter I can post the FreeCad file or an STL.
  13. Most of shark week content is over hype. Some good shows but most are just entertaining baiting. Sharknado is much more entertaining and much stupider.
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