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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this viewfinder? Is it still available?
  2. One knob for focus the other aperture. The 18 performed very well. It focused to 10 inches which was a little short of the virtual image of the dome. I will take it on my next local trip to Florida and shoot some film. It probably would work with the Sony/Nauticam set up for the Nikonos lens.
  3. Here are some picks of the Aqualens. I think it was produced by the predecessors of the Aquatica Housings. If anyone has more knowledge I would like to know. I used it with the 24, 20 and mostly the 18 mm nikkors. Unfortunately the chromes I shot with this set up went underwater during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  4. Did you ever get the chance to use an Aqualens dome. It is a 6 inch dome port that you can mount lens with the F mount to a Nikonos. I have one I use with a n 18 mm Nikon lens. I will dig it out and post photo.
  5. That is for a new battery. Looking just to replace cells. Should be much cheaper. Also it is a waste too throw the batteries away, not environmentally sonic practice.
  6. With neoprene Nauticam cover and rear cap.
  7. 6 inch Nauticam dome for 7-14 f4 Panasonic or 12-35 for the N 85 housings. Dome and Hood body are in Excellent++ condition. Acrylic dome has very slight blemish, which will not effect the optical performance. Price $ 550.000 + shipping and PayPal fee. Will accept return(shipping on sender) if not satisfied.
  8. For DSLR or Mirrorless? Do you have the product #?
  9. Looks liked you jumped through a few hoops, but got great results. Sometimes moving a camera is the best way to focus.
  10. I will research a little further. I am learning to the WWL, because of the range in FOV. I will get back in touch if I change my mind and you still have it. I am currently using a 9mm Laowa iin a Seafrog housiong/ 8 inch dome and getting great results.The whale shark and sailfish were shot with this combo. http://flickr.com/photos/tobyarmstrong
  11. It is listed as on option with the Fuji 15-45 which not considered a macro lens does focus close. The WWL- 1 give a 130(widest) and the MWL-1 is 150 degrees. Just check the port charts, both work with the WWL-1 and the MWL-1 and the n1100 40 flat port.
  12. I am interested. I plan to use with Fuji 15-45 lens. Have looked at the option of a WWL-1 at 130 degrees. Which would be the better option. Do you have an estimate to ship to US((New Orleans)
  13. Here are some photos. Lens super clean, there is a minute(pequeno), marked by arrow. The $ 250 is plus Paypal and shipping charges.
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