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  1. I had (2) TUSA Liberator masks back in the 90's and I was quite happy with them at the time. Then about 6 years ago age caught up with me and I had much difficulty seeing the camera settings. After a little research, I purchased a Sea Vision 2000 http://www.seavisionusa.com/index.html with my custom prescription at Oceanfest. Make sure that you order it with the black skirt. I also have the Color Correcting Filter (magenta) shield that I really like. Never had a problem until last summer when I switched to a digital SLR. New strobes, housing etc. and could not believe how hot the strobes were!!! Started to change the camera's white-balance and realized that it was the mask filter. A few dives later I did not notice that the camera monitor is off with the white-balance. .....Leonard
  2. I think that it may be a failure of the “Light Metering FPC†http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp...essage=14808391 . It happened to my D70 about 3 weeks ago while I was on a Pop Photo Trek. The only way that the camera would work was by shooting Manual. I called Nikon and and they are repairng it at no cost to me. The camera is 16 months old.
  3. I had the same problem with the lock of the Sea and Sea DX-D70 housing not engaging in any of the ports. Called Sea and Sea. They had me send it to a Aurthorized Repair Center to correct the problem. I would not use the housing without the port lock. The port could easily rotate & come loose after mounting without the lock being properly engaged.
  4. Very important to dicharge the Sea and Sea nicads before charging! .....Leonard
  5. I have instructions for the YS-350TTL/PRO strobes that are very similar. The batteries should be discharged with the Sea and Sea AD-1000 discharger. Then it takes 12 hours to recharge the battery using the standard charger. Switch should be in the "OFF" position when charging. They sell an optional high speed charger that can reduce the time by 1/2. Information is also in "The New Guide to Sea and Sea" that may be available used from www.amazon.com . I intend to sell my (2) 350's with all extras since I've went to digital. Let me know if you need any further assistance. .....Leonard
  6. Check out Explorer-Ventures http://www.explorerventures.com/index.html I have dove with them in the past and have really had a geat time! Great diving, the boat is very comfortable, food is great, and I have no complaints with their operation. Intend to try to get some time off to go to the Bahamas with them this May or June. I must make up my mind soon. Great buy for $995. .....Leonard
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