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  1. Hi Dustin, thanks for nice reply, I check your vimeo videos, good work, also editing is cool. Can you send the pictures of your snoot, how it looks like on Sola 4000 ? I want to use fibre optic cables, and put the snoot on the led, so it might be the way, but of course I am curious about ideas. For now, I dont want to invest another money to Sola 2000, if not needed.
  2. thats a good idea, I will think about that in my design, just make there 2 holes more
  3. Hi Peter, thanks for opinion, I can really imagine what you are describing, it might be fun to try, but I think in long-run, I would pick the FiberOptics with LocArm, one of the reason is, LED light from SOLA is not in the middle. I really like the idea how it is done here: http://www.divematrix.com/showthread.php?11303-Photo-Essay-Building-a-Fiber-Optic-Snoot My idea is to use LocLine 3/4", fill it with FO inside, and on the end of snoot using different size of cap, so that way I can control the size of the light and using just one snoot per light. But I am not sure, if it is possible changing the last piece underwater. He is describing it here: http://www.divematrix.com/showthread.php?11303-Photo-Essay-Building-a-Fiber-Optic-Snoot&p=112661&viewfull=1#post112661
  4. thanks guys for opinions, so result is simple: if you got money, buy XIT, if you can not afford it gorrila will make also job but it will not so professional. I think I will take XIT with twist clamps, I guess it will also not lose the price during the time in case of selling it. Well 725 USD...
  5. Hi, after my last trip in Bunaken and Lembeh I found out I need to stabilize my macro shots, so I am looking for tripod. I read couple of reviews and discussions and I can not decide, if I should buy Gorrila Tripod or XIT404 tripod. I like XIT404, because versatile legs, and it seems more steady, but it is soooo expensive - also I would like to know difference between XIT Ball adapter and Twist Kit. I got NA-GH2 Nauticam housing and like to shoot a video, so if somebody tried both and compare them, you are more than welcome to comment. Thanks.
  6. kun1, and how you was happy with white balance ? It was OK, blue water, true colours? If so...I have to do something wrong maybe not enough light.
  7. Hi guys, I just come back from Lembeh, shoot some video footage on my new GH2 with +10 dio, I am quite impressed with that camera, too bad I can not use manual focus. Now I check some other videos and it seems, I need to buy some tripod (for camera only) and make a snoot for lights. I was looking for some snoots for Sola 4000, but I can not find any, everything is DIY, which is also good, so one can use imaginations and skills. Do you have any tips, how to make good video adjustable snoot? I would like to change easily position of light (using LOC I guess), but I would like to change also the amount of light area, and if I understand correctly with fibre optics I can not do that (using for example this DIY http://www.divematrix.com/showthread.php?11303-Photo-Essay-Building-a-Fiber-Optic-Snoot ) I got 2+2 big nauticam arms on camera, so position Sola 4000 is quite OK, so in my mind comes some adjustable simple snoot using this technique: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-techniques/article/underwater-snoot-photography/ but adding adjust (somehow?) the length of the snoot. Any tips are appreciated.
  8. I will try in blue waters, setting manual white balance in Lembeh is not the best idea to try. But anyway, I got "feeling", that MWB works differently on Canon cameras. Maybe camera needs to be set up in Aperture mode (for example), I am using full manual.
  9. I got GH2 and "played" with Manual White Balance. I used before Canon P&S cameras and also Sanyo XACTI HD2000 and MWB works as expected - usually I just take the shot on sand, and everything was ok. With Pana GH2 it is different, I MWB on sand, and that sand is not white (in camera), but grey. For now I am ok, I am in Lembeh, and always shooting with video lights (sola 4000), so I use AWB, but there will be many situations, where I will use just ambient light and I want to be ready for that. I find Canon G12 as the best camera, which supports really nice manual white balancing - just set it up as shortcut, and with ONE press, you got white balance. On Pana GH2 one must made 4 button presses to achieve that. Oh well...also the results are not same.
  10. Hi guys from Lembeh Strai in North Sulawesit, just came from Bunaken. So I am fully testing the camera, got few things: - there is really problem to setup right white balance - is there any guide, how to set it up properly on GH2 ? Sometimes I want to take a shot from open sea, where is enough light and visibility is good, what I am doing is - manual white balance, choose 1, point at sand and shoot. WB changes, but it is greenish, not like on Canon camera I used to it. One have to use some white dive slate, or ? I really need proper white balance. - I set up few modes (c1/c2/manual), so far I like it, with ISO bug, when I set ISO to 160 on C1, I hope it is OK iso, not higher...sometimes I got grain there, so... - I am playing with Teleconverter /on/off, thats really fun, what are your findings on this ? - I set up fn3 for turning on/off teleconverter (shooting small stuff) - I got a little problem with stabilizing the camera, when shooting 2mm stuff, it is quite hard to not move it...it seems some underwater tripod would be great for that. I am using hacked Flow Motion 2 I think, so far it works nice, but I got problem importing it to FCPX, but I am doing workaround, and that works so far. Anyway, it is really big step up from my Sanyo HD2000 what I got before...and when the sun comes underwater, oh yes...
  11. Davide - yes I want to throw away that neoprene cover too, I saw your 8mm cover, nice one, do you got pic also for 7-14 dome ? Definitely I will go to kitchenware shop and look around, in my boxes I got one big plastic bottle, but it is 1cm less in diameter I would say. Which stickers are you using, both sided ? Also for 7-14 cover it would be maybe good if cover touch the housing, so it can not touch at all dome, if it goes beyond sticker. How do you find 8mm vs 7-14mm ? Are you always using lights with these lenses ? Today, in poor visibility I would get better video (maybe), if I dont use lights at all and use manual white balance.
  12. today I tried the camera underwater, we got terrible visibility (5-7 metres), no sun, so it was just test. Overall I am pleased with camera and controlling in port, everything is so easy. Setup lightning is quite tricky part, but it will go by time.I read discussion about focusing, very informative. With 7-14 lens I have to use biiig dome port, and I see you guys using custom made cover for yours acrylic domes, so I am looking around to made some, because sooner or later there will be scratches on the dome. Also when checking videos, I see reflection from the text on the lens, I guess you are using black pen to cover it? Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  13. Davide, really nice work in this video: - filming, editing, music. Great work. Thanks a lot of help, I will "play" with settings as you suggest, and I didnt know about ISO bug, thats quite strange. ScubaBob, we got similar setup, good luck with filming!
  14. Hi Kun, yes, flow motion v2 looks like nice hack, it is quite popular I would say. I got 64gb 90mb/s SD card, so thats also not a problem. Yeah, thats what I want to confirm - Manual Mode, HBR, 24p cinema. Magic filter with lights ? I used them before, when I didnt have lights, but now I dont think I need magic filter. Can you also tell me your settings for FN buttons?
  15. Hi guys, soon I will go underwater with my new set-up: Panasonic GH2 (hacked) with nauticam housing Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle lens, dome port, zoom gear Panasonic 14-42 PZ, dome port, zoom gear Diopter +10, lens holder 2xSola 4000 I got some questions on divers, who using Panasonic GH2 for filming and photo underwater: 1. How do you set up FN buttons? 2. Do you record on manual film mode - or which mode you are using? 3. Which hack you usually use (if any) You can write any hints and tips for achieving best results. I am looking forward to make some nice videos and photos. Thanks
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