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  1. Interested in option 1. Can you share price details?
  2. Hi Nick! Thanks for your comment and the input. Unfortunately the music isn't royalty free. (O.T.) Do you know where I can find descent royalty free music? I have seen that many uw videographers use classical music in their videos, are these old tracks royalty free? I don't know about the Bull Sharks as I am no longer on the Island, but I heard that they have decreased. /Henrik
  3. Thanks for the input. I might just make another another one. With longer sequences and calmer pace. Cheers /Henrik
  4. Hi Mike! Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked it, cool! It's such a nice place huh... Cheers! Henrik
  5. Hi Wagsy! Thanks a lot for your comment I'm glad you liked it. Thats a good point actually, didnt think about that! Thanks /Henrik
  6. Hi Steve! This is all filmed with a Sony DCR-PC350 in a Gates housing, with blue water filter and a Fathom Wideangle port. I colour corrected it in FCP. Cheers! /Henrik
  7. Thanks a lot for your comment! That's right! Chumphon Pinnachles! This is my first one.... I have seen other peoples showreels as well and I thought some of them were a bit too slow with very long clips and slow music. Although you re right about the fact that it doesnt Really show my cameraskills, since the sequences are very short. I just wanted it to be colourful, intense, funky, fast and creative. To catch the interest of the observer. Cheers!
  8. Thanks a lot Dean! That's sort of the way I wanted to have it - fast, funky, fresh, colourfull, and hopefully original Cheers!
  9. Not really Just a blue water flter and color corrections in FCP! Cheers
  10. I just put together a showreel. Feel free to comment! All the best! Henrik
  11. Hi Michael Where is the housing located? Cheers Henrik
  12. Also interested.... Would you ship to Europe?
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