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  1. Brilliant Blenny Shots Alastair
  2. I have sold images in the past and given them away for free too for a good cause as previously mentioned. Anything I put on the www is low res and has my name on it (which of course could be photoshopped out) I must admit I do like seeing my images published and sharing this with friends.
  3. Like that bike shot, had a few Triumphs in my time back in the 70s before turning Japanese then German! Bike shot of me below from 1974 and last November 2010 on a boat at PG
  4. Wow, fantastic images here really enjoyed looking at them. My favourite shot of 2010 was taken at Puerto Galera in the Philippines last November
  5. Simon, and everyone else who reads this. I was discussing this topic with some Malaysian friends last night and was reliably informed by somebody working for Malaysian Airlines that check in staff are encouraged to charge overweight baggage allowance and receive commission based on how much more income they bring in for the airline. So now you know, fly with another airline if possible. It is always good to check beforehand as scuba equipment is classed as sports equipment with some airlines.
  6. Just noticed this post as I trawl through stuff I missed. Having just returned from a week staying at El Galleon and diving with Asia Divers I cannot commend them enough from the Gas Analyser to the crew that take care of you. Two speedboats with double Mercurys are up and running, and the hot towels after the dives is just like flying business class. Nudibranchs abound and that shot of the Nembrotha chamberlaini is stunning. I have already booked up for a return trip in February
  7. Good read Simon, I really want to go to PNG some day, but daunted by your and other people's experiences. Just returned from Puerto Galera flying to Manila on Emirates. My hand baggage usually weighs in at 25Kg (pelican case with housing, ports and strobes and backpack with bodies, lenses and laptop), never an issue. My suitcase only weighs in at 27Kg with remaining dive gear
  8. I recently bought the Tokina ATX 35mm f2.8 Macro before my recent trip to the Philippines and managed some decent results albeit some limitation with f22 being the smallest aperture. Good enough for a large turtle shot (or shark) and possible to obtain decent macro shots too. Nice all round lens.
  9. Mares Abyss, still have my old Mares MR12 MkIII though as a back up (purchased in 1986)
  10. Definately not a fake, the couple who own the boat were interviewed on BBC, very close call
  11. I tend to do basic cleaning when on trips as I am only changing batteries / CF cards, so visual inspection to remove any crap that may have accumulated after rinsing well preferably in a shower post soaking. I do re-grease when changing lenses / ports and grease the threads on the strobe connectors at the beginning of a trip only taking them off at the end for full disassembly for my return home. I left a strobe connected for week once and had some problems removing it due to corrosion, you quickly remember your physics lessons from school days.
  12. Depends on who I go diving with. My diving friends know that I am a photographer and will be in the vicinity usually finding some subjects for me to photograph, especially nudibranchs. However I do carry a redundant air supply just in case. On dive trips I travel solo the majority of the time unless my daughter is with me, and she is happy just to tag along and watch her dad play with his toys. When she is not with me it can be hit and miss, but usually I have found good dive guides in Indonesia and Philippines who understand that looking after a solo photographer can be rewarding too ($$)
  13. I bet it is really rusty or do your cover it with silcone grease
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