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  1. Hey, guys Im looking to do some filming in the estuaries targeting crocs, barramundi and other animals that primarily live in the mangroves. In alot of the locations I want to film it is unsafe to get into the water so I will be filming from a small boat or kayak. I want to beable to film under the roots from two angles (above water and underwater) and am going to be building what i think is called a jib camera crane. I have no video experience nor am I the best with diy but will be giving it a shot. I have acouple gopro2 cameras lying around so I will be using those, maybe getting a gopro3 but not sure.


    Some of the things that Im am trying to do with my device are:

    -being able to manipulate the camera from ~20'

    -film multiple angles from a single rig and be able to view what the camera sees in live feed from the boat

    -be able to "pan" and tilt the underwater camera left and right, up and down (not as important for the above water camera.



    The last one is what im am having problems with. My current idea is to use wires and manimpulate the cameras similar to a marionette. This seems rather complicated though.



  2. hey guys im caught in a real pickle. ive purchase a 50d with a sea and sea housin under the impression that i would be using sea and sea strobes. if have resently desided that i may want to go with some inon z240 however im am worried that they will not be compatible with my 50d. i have been told that the Sea & Sea YS Converter /C TTL Converter for Canon should work but ppl for the most part are not sure. has anyone tryed this out? does anyone no if the inon ttl are the same as the sea and sea? i no the sea & Sea canon Converter ttl converter III works on the 40d but not the 50d

  3. before i edit these picutres i look at them and am very happy and think that there are alot of potentail but when i try to edit them these white lines just seem to pop up. ive realized that the white lines are there the whole time but when i mess with the contras the lines stay and everyhting else looks nice. what can i do to make this picture look better:


    the picture in this post is unedited the on in the next post in an example of the white lines.


  4. hi everyone, my last camera flooded during a cave dive. it got bumped and then came the bubbles. it was a cannon 20d with and ikelite housing and strobe. im pretty angry with my self but it was on a cavedive and i guess these things happen. so ive desided that im goin to be getting a 50d and was wondering how the different housings stand by each other. i am looking for durablity as i expect the housing to be getting bumped around abit.


    i have always like my ikelite however after thiss it has come to my attention that i would like somthing alittle more rugged. what do you guys think of the Aquatica 40D Underwater Housing for Canon 40D? all imput welcome


    edit: i shoot mostly macro so i will need automatic flash (ttl or ittl cant remember which)

  5. hey guys im completely new to the whole idea of photo editing. i got the trial version on light room goin on and have been playin with it for the last couple days. ive read martin evenings book on lightroom2 however i am finding it very difficult to follow. i have watched various videos online and found them easy to follow but not very thurow. i currently just go throw the list of buttons and nobes and move each of them until the photo looks better


    i need help with the whole developing process and have acouple question i was hoping the community here at wet pixels could help me anwser.


    1) What is the difference between hues, saturation, and illumincence? (hsl\color\greytone tab)


    2)in what order do you make the changes? (i am just starting at the top (whitebalance) and working down the the details tab)


    3)whats the best way to sharpen the image?


    4) what tools do you like best?


    5) are there any books or articles about lightroom2 that portaine directly to underwater?


    thanks guys any tips or hints or information and as to where i can find the information would be helpful.

  6. Hi Turbo,

    Looks like your having fun! It helps quite a bit to spend a few minutes to process your files. Definitely worth the time to learn. Sorry I didn't see where your gallery is located so I just could look at the images you posted. I really like the shot of the three fish, multiples seem to always have more power visually for me. Here is a version of the shot with about two minutes of processing work with Lightroom. I increased the exposure about a half a stop and bumped the contrast with the tone curve. Biggest change was modifying the hue of the blues to get close to a nice blue background. I also cloned out the little worm and did a little crop. See what you think. You can do better than this with the RAW file.


    post-4526-1252114525.jpg post-4526-1252114576.jpg



    My best advise is to try and get the blue water exposure right in the camera. Try shooting a few shots just to get the background exposure so you get the blues you like, (you can check the histogram) then adjust the strobe power to light your subject correctly with that base exposure. Lots of fun to play with!


    Shoot RAW and shoot lots of images. You're doing great.






    man photo editing is not fun\ very frustrating, wat do you guys think of these



  7. hey ive been taking some pictures under water for a while now, however i just got a case and a strobe for my cannon d20. wat can i say its frustrating. please critic these and explain the tequnics i can use to make them better. some of them where taken with natural light and but most are with the stobe. they are all taken with a 100mm lens because i really like to take pictures of blennies and small little guys. goodluck and i wish you all the best with your next dives



    ive attached acouple of them, the rest are in my gallery. please take a look and leave your critisims if you have time.


    thanks again and sorry for the crappy spelling


    ***edit***: all pictures are uncropped and unedited simpily cause i have no idea how :)









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