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  1. Hi Rob, I'm interested in the Amphibico system you have listed here. I sent you an e-mail to your Hot mail address. Geoff.
  2. Hi Mark, Thankyou for the excellent and detailed information. This invaluable insight from you and all the other guys will help to shorten a very steep learning curve. A question about viewing footage underwater. Using the controls to switch to media mode and then using the jog dial can you review and play the video clips underwater? If so, and if you are using the Nano Flash, will this trigger the Nano Flash to record the played back clips inadvertently? GG
  3. Hi Dave, Can the camera's menu overlay info still be displayed in the view finder when using the Nano flash, or does that need to be turned off too? GG
  4. Hi Thankyou for the great information and quick response. I have been shooting underwater for ten years. I have used an ikelite and a PD150, and for the last 5 years, a Light and Motion with the PD150 and a Fathom lens. I've been spoiled with the electronic controls on the L&M. I also know that after using a Fathom lens with my system, that the SWP44c is a must have, no other port would do. I don't have a Gates system yet, I've been pining over the Gates EX1 system since the day it was announced. Now that the EX1R is out with its improvements and the ability to put the Nano Flash into the housing, its a fantastic combo. I have used mechanical controls on the Ikelite housing and after using the L&M the thought of going back to mechanical controls was a little daunting. It sounds like with a little practice, using the mechanical controls again wont be hard. My main concern was the ability to focus and you have put my mind at ease that its achievable with not much trouble. Dave, that's good information about not being able to display the menus on the monitor when using the Nano Flash. I'm diving in the cold dark waters of B.C., so lights are a must. Thanks again for the great information, this will help me and hopefully others with the same questions. This is a dream system and would be a fantastic start for shooting HD. GG
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone shooting with the Gates EX1, and, or Ex1R could share there experiences with this system ? Its been out for several years now. I have searched the forum and I didn't see a real review.In particular interest is how people have been achieving sharp focus. E.g using the focus assist , flipping the switch to auto focus for a second and then back to manual, or looking through the view finder at peeking or expanded focus, then framing with external monitor. Has using the SWP44c wide port made focusing harder or easier? Mike L, Joe Holley, Mark SM it seems you guys have been using this system for a while. If there is any info, tips, or techniques you would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated. If asking any of you by name is inappropriate, then I apologize, let me know, and I wont do it again. Thank you. GG
  6. Hi all, Will the EX1R now send peaking, zebra, histogram and expanded focus info to an external monitor ? I know it didn't with the EX1. Thanks. GG
  7. Amphibicos Discovery 10 Watt Arc Light arms and the L&M Sunray 2000 arms appear to both be loc-line joints. If they are both the same size (I assume 3/4 of an inch) then you should be able to get the bottom joint with attachment from Amphibico and replace the bottom joint of your Sunray arms with that. That joint and attachment are designed for Amphibico housings. I believe it should fit the top groves in the housing and the ones in front of the handles as well.
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