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  1. I have a Canon G10 with a FIX housing for sale It includes: 1) camera, battery,charger 2) FIX housing with Fish Eye dome and standard port 3) dual Inon S2000 strobes, manual 4) dual handle tray 5) (4) arms 6) optical cables to fire strobes 7) soft camera case 8) spares/orings asking $1700 complete. items are in SE Florida. can ship world wide. buyer pays shipping and any insurance desired. can deliver locally. I have boxes and manuals pics attached PM me for any additional info.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. i have now set the internal G10 flash to "2nd curtain" this appears to work on the surface. I will dive it and find out. i will also try the pic in the mirror with both setups.
  3. I have a G10 in the Fisheye housing with dual Sea & Sea 110a strobes. i believe i have a TTL issue. most pics are underexposed. both strobes seem to be firing but still not enough light. i have set up the strobes exactly as indicated in the Sea & Sea manual with them set in the TTL mode, slave switches on, and full on the intensity dial. The camera is set to forced flash, 1st curtain. i have tried different iso's and f stops to no avail. My wife has the same camera and housing but with the Inon S2000 strobes. If we shoot the same scene with our cameras set up exactly the same, her results are much better exposed. The cameras shoot the same otherwise. i use dual optical connections, one each from strobe to housing. i tried a test where i took a forced flash pic of the front of the strobes with the optical connection removed from from the strobes. when the strobes were set in TTL, both strobes fired but my resulting pic did not show the blinding flash. When i set the strobes to the "manual 1" position and did the same, both strobes fired and i got the bright flash on the resulting pic. does this mean i will have to use the strobes only in the manual position and adjust output each time ? any help with this would be appreciated
  4. where in Martin's book did you find this about setting to macro when using the fisheye lens?
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