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  1. Looking for aquatica housing for nikon d810. Best in Australia. Cheers Norbert
  2. I am looking for Aquatica port extension, 48458 and zoom gear 48728 for the Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR lens. For quick response contact me on : merbert29@gmail.com Thanks for looking Norbert
  3. Hi there, I am interested in the view finder. What is the best you can do in Aus $? I in Brisbane. Cheers Norbert MAybe best to reply on : merbert29@gmail.com
  4. Hi there, would you consider selling the Aqua-view viewfinder on it's own? Cheers Norbert
  5. Hi I guess I am to late, I am interested in extension and zoom gear for the 16 - 35. Just on the of chance, is it still available?? Cheers Norbert
  6. Hi there, Just checking, Do you have any port extensions for sale? Cheers Norbert
  7. No longer looking! Found a hosing. Thank you all !! Norbert
  8. Interested in the view finder. What is the best you can do including shipping to Australia? Please answer me on merbert29@gmail.com Kind regards Norbert
  9. Still looking! Cheers Norbert
  10. Interested. Can you please send me some pics and what would be your best price sending it to Brisbane Australia? Please contact me via merbert29@gmail.com Kind regards Norbert Trewin
  11. The whole system would have to be shipped to Australia. Thanks for looking Norbert
  12. I would love this! What would be your best price? Than I have to talk seriously to the wife. Just checking for now. Best to reply on my gmail : merbert29@gmail.com I check that every day. Kind regards Norbert
  13. I am interested. What would be your best price including shipping it to Brisbane Australia? Please contact me on my gmail: merbert29@gmail.com Kind regards Norbert
  14. To make it a bit more clear. I have the D 800 body and 105mm 2.8 Nikon as well as Nikon 16 - 35 mm. Would be nice to find a sigma 15mm 2.8 lens as well as all the lights domes and ports, ready do dive baggage. Thanks for looking Norbert
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